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Posted 8/30/13
Kamen Rider Data" aka Jeffery Cho

Did you ever imagine, as a child, the wonders of being an adult? The joys of being able to stay up late, enter places your parents said not to, and so on? But, did you ever stop to think that you'd want to keep doing things that a child would do like take naps, eat candy and hang out with other kids your age? Behold Recorder and Ransell, a series that shows you exactly how badly and hilariously that would turn out.

Atsushi Miyagawa is a 5th grader who looks to be a man in his early 20's. His older sister, Atsumi, is a high schooler who looks like a fifth grader. As you might imagine, this causes both of them some slight…problems in their daily lives. For instance, Atsushi is never allowed to get candy from promotional deals for children and has a tendency to cause his androphobic teacher to freak out if he so much as touches her. Also, trying to hang out with friends his own age often nets Atsushi a one-way ticket to the local police station... In fact he's there so frequently the female officers all know him at this point and even make an effort to introduce him to new recruits for fear of him actually being mistaken as an unsavory sort. As for Atsumi, her short height nets her some extreme height envy, not to mention extreme exasperation from those around her who treat her like a cute little girl or the unwanted attention she gets from one classmate who’s particularly… “enthusiastic” about her size to age ratio.

Even though it is a light-hearted comedy series, Recorder and Ransell has its fair share of jokes that may go over the heads of less mature viewers. For instance, the female cops often have scenarios involving the dreaded "christmas cake" syndrome or lying about their ages at mixers. These jokes are part of what makes the series stand out, as they lift the series up from beyond just a cute and hilarious look into what life could be like if a child really were to have the body of an adult and into a show that people of almost any age could enjoy.

Overall, Recorder and Ransell is an adorable, easily-digested series that is perfect for anyone who wants to sit down, relax, and just watch what kind of situations might have occurred if their childhood dreams had been realized just a bit too soon.
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