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19 / The Moon
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Hoturi wrote:

Name / IGN Name :: Hoturi
Age ::30
Month/Date/Year ::23/9/85
Species :: fey which is elf that can teleport/qusi fire elemntal which is a humanoid fire elemental
Classes (pick 5) :: monk Master healer, cooking master summoner, rebuke or destroy evil magic
Personality :: she doesn't get on well with other women as a rule doesn't show much emotion calm and collected and intuitive
Weapons :: physic throwing charka's this weapon can used in chain form but can also be used with out the chain and thrown it also offers some resistance to mind and body type effects
Likes/Dislikes ::confidant men being lied or left in the dark and drunk people
Appearance Clothing ::

Height ::6 foot
Weight ::140 lbs
Hair Color ::white and blue when she's angry
Eye Color ::Dark blue and purple when she transforms
Family Members ::none
Family Background ::She training with her family in a shine for many years and cooked for the many people in the local area
Your Biography :: Since leaving the temple she has began to discover many things about herself and the huge world that she has ventured into.

Approved u do realize u can post your current ones instead of posting again.
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33 / M / london
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his name is rads sorry for forgetting that part
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(Apparently im on ipad)
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Name / IGN Name :: Ken Minazuki
Age :: 22
Month/Date/Year :: 02/22/1990
Species :: Human
Classes :: Melee, Summon Master
Personality :: Wise, Hotheaded
Weapons :: Bronze Gloves
Weapons Skills :: Energy Balls
Likes/Dislikes :: Training with Allies, Eat healthy foods.
Appearance Clothing ::

Height :: 5'9
Weight :: 1.42
Hair Color ::black
Eye Color :: red
Family Members :: None
Family Background :: Part
Your Biography :An martial artist who desired to help people and he came from a line of summoners but desired to help them with his fists. His parents abandoned him due to this. Yet he summons his own partner to channel rather using it.
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