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Introduce yourself here, to make yourself know to the other members. Let us know what your interests are, what kind of anime you like, and what kind of figurines you mainly collect! Make it short and brief, or long and detailed, that's all up to you.

I'll start it off by introducing myself. So here goes.

My (user)name is Victoryfraud, as you've probably seen already. Creator of the group, and an passionate figurine collector, and photographer. My country of origin is Norway, and English is my second language. If there's anything you want to ask, feel free to do so. If it's figurines, anime or something else, I'll do my best in answering your questions. I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys, even if i know some of you already ^^
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Hello~ I'n BasedonFiction and as you can see, I'm a fairly new CR member and also a new figure collector. I live in Canada and i'm currently enrolled in university and starting this September. My urge to buy somewhat overpriced figures started with Gunpla's (I guess they're more model kits than figures) back when I was 12 and they all got destroyed cause I always used to do dumb shit with them. I recently purchased a nendoroid due to my strong addiction to Monster Hunter and from that point, I creep through all of good smile's nendoroids. I currently only have one figure right now, but i'm pre-ordering Nozomu Itoshiki from the crunchy roll store so I guess being a member on this site serves as a reminder that I won't forget.
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BasedonFiction wrote:

Mighty pleased to meet you, BasedonFiction. I used to have some figurines when i was younger as well, but i mostly treated them like toys back then, so i don't have many of them left. I guess our situation is somewhat similar like that I see we have a common interest in Nendoroids, that's good! I mainly collect nendoroids as well, mostly due to my addiction to mini-girls in anime and manga
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