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Posted 7/31/13 , edited 7/31/13
#1 - Provide a denser list view without sceen shots that loads the entire history, it's a huge hassle to have to keep clicking "More"

#2 - on each history item, please provide a view date
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Posted 8/7/13 , edited 8/7/13

Will shoot this to design.
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Posted 8/13/13 , edited 2/12/15

Bjaker wrote:Will shoot this to design.
I have an alternate suggestion for handling the history...

Make the history page be displayed more like the queue, possibly with being able to select the appearance order to be a list of series, ordered by the last time an episode in one was viewed, or to be able to switch that to an alphabetical order by series.

Then, within each series, have the same dropdown arrow as is in the queue so that you can see the individual episodes you have viewed within a given series.

Then allow for deletion of the history by each series so that you can rewatch a given series and keep your place while doing so. Currently it's delete all history for all series, thus losing everything else, or just keep it all. which is a big pain to scroll through a page at a time as the OP in this thread noted.

Finally, make it so that you can choose whether to allow your history to be visible to other users (or not) somewhere in the settings so that you can share your choices (or not).

Result, improved history control, and less complaints about removal of the Watchlist feature.
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Posted 11/27/13 , edited 11/27/13
Glad I searched, I also wish for these abilities as suggested by Asharka. It is annoying to re-watch a series and having it jump to the end of the next episode when it starts. The only option I have seen for clearing history is all of it. It would better to clear by series and episode.

However I still want watch list or a favorites (better option and with comments) to be able to show to friends about what anime is about by emailing them a url. I know this method with the old watch list has brought a few paid subscriptions to Crunchyroll and dispelled others misconceptions about what anime is particularly when they consider anime to be hentai or simple Saturday morning cartoons. The suggestion of using other sites for this purpose is not acceptable to me. To me Anime == Crunchyroll.

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