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MAK & Kai Kakurega stories / Anime Discovery stories
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Posted 8/8/13 , edited 8/8/13

A few minutes after being stopped, MAK was being questioned by every police officer of any whereabouts about himself and the bounty of him being $6 million. Remember that MAK is wearing a unrecognizable disguise so no one will know his true identity. After a lot of questioning that left the officers baffled, it seems like he was home-free until one certain freelancer came who would say came from the pits of hell or just hell to deal with.

Kurai smiled as he watched the Police leave, and then came out of the shadows, seeing to have a strange power to be able to do that, "Interesting.... having a little trouble again?" he asked, seeming to have a the same teasing voice he normally uses for Angel.

"Oh, it's you again." MAK snapped at Kurai, "Don't you have any other people that's not me or Angel to stalk and then get slapped by them? Oh wait, that sounds like your normal self on a Friday night."

"Oh? And do you really need to be saying this to someone who actually could tell them who you are?" he asked, pointing to the one way window that looked like a mirror from this side. He didn't have a reflection in it right now.

MAK looks at the same one-way window and says, "Hmmm, that's funny. You have no reflection, you're ridiculously emo-ish and much like anybody from Twilight as in you don't fuckin' scare me. Now what the fuck do you want?" He sounded irritated.

Kurai shrugged, "You know, I hate that stupid movie and book combo as much as the next person.... I'm.... a shadow right now as it were... I just thought it would be interesting to see you locked up," he smiled a bit, "Of course...... if you do as I say, maybe I'll get you and your friends out of here."

MAK thought about what he said and that might've came out as racist (I don't think it did) but he really needed to get out of here to find more of the crew. He sighs and said, "Fine. What do I gotta do to get me and my two friends out of here?"

He smiled a bit, "Well now, you will owe me a favor.... but I don't think its time yet for you to do it yet....." he chuckled, then slipped into the shadows.

"WAIT! WAIT! What favor do I gotta do? Kurai? KURAI?!? You fucking bastard! What's the favor?" He shouted almost loud enough for others to hear.

There was no answer for a while, and then the door of the interrogation room unlocked and opened, Kurai standing there with a key he threw up and down in the air, "There ya go. Now you owe me...."

"Fine", MAK said silently as we silently escaped and got his friends Ani and GSXR out of there quick before anybody caught them in the act. Then MAK did the one thing he vowed never to do again.....he used his power to transport them out of the building.

Kurai chuckled as they got to where he transported them, "Thats a rather interesting power you got there...." he said leaning against a tree, "Why you never use that?"

MAK explained, "I don't use it as much because I'm trying to keep a low profile since they have detectors of the source I'm using called Blue Leaf. That and I need to save it for important things, which I guess this is." Then Ani walked up to him and said, "Excuse me, Hybrid, but who are you talking to?"

Kurai smiled, "I got something like that.... though don't use it for good reason. Anyway, its about time to get back to the little Angel...." he stretched his back out a bit, his little demon wings flapping a bit.

Then GSXR intervene and said, "Oh, this is the guy that you been talking about, Hybrid, the asshole stalker." and then MAK said, "Really? You can't go without a few minutes sniffing Angel about? I guess you are crazy for her...*in hushed voice* Just like you being engaged to her sister."

Kurai froze for a moment, then glared at him, "And how did you hear of that little bit of information?"

"Let's just say when they told me, I had a heavenly feeling inside my mind." MAK said as the girls watched.

"Ah.... so Angel herself told ya....." he said, shrugging, "It's not my choice about that...."

"Like it's not your choice to have her sister locked up for 13 years?", MAK retorted and Ani said, "Wait, so you have a crush on Angel and yet her sister that you are engaged to is locked up? Wow, you make a horrible husband!" and she ended with a unpleasant look towards him.

Kurai rolled his eyes, "Did I ask for your half-assed opinion of me?" he asked, "I'm out of here...." he said and walked away from them.

"Wow, I think you really pissed him off there." Ani said, "Me?", MAK said, "Aren't you the one that said he make a horrible husband? Anyway, forget about him. We gotta find a way to move to the next town, a car with gas and hopefully a heater, and find more of our crew."

So, after escaping from the police station, unbeknownst to anyone else, Hybrid, Ani & GSXR roam around the night looking for either a car to travel or a hotel to rest. “This is getting exhausting!!” GSXR said, “Why can’t you just use your power to transport into an empty room at a hotel….no one is going to notice us there.” Then Ani added that we can’t be exposed too much considering we used it once and somebody is bound to find them out. “This is going nowhere. We can’t rent a car because of Hybrid’s face and they’re closed at night, we don’t see any vacancies for a hotel within our mile radius, and we’re mostly wanted men….well, people.” As they continued to walk and GSXR agreeing with her statement, Ani noticed Hybrid was very silent (well, more silent than normal) and went to turn around and he was nowhere to be found and the reason was that he was feeling twice as exhausted from Blue Leaf usage and then some gang was cornering him with and knew who exactly he was and the leader said, “Yo, is that—Oh SHIT, it is! It’s that $6 million bounty guy!!” and then they pursue to track him and then they hold him down and knock him around until he’s unconscious in case he tries to escape and then they put in their car. I think this kidnapping attempt reminds me of some anime I watched not too long ago…..I can’t think of the title but it’s…I...I……oh, yeah...I’s.

Suddenly, Ani & GSXR noticed the gang members putting Hybrid in the car and they quickly need to think of a plan of sneaking him out. Then out of the blue, someone else in black clothing and mask had a crowbar to break into the car while the gang members went into the convenient store, then he hot-wired the car and swiftly drove away from there, while the gang find out, very pissed and frustrated, shouting “My motherfucking BOUNTY!!!!! You fucking prick!” and the black masked-man shouted, “Tanto tiempo, limp dick folla!” The car then comes up to Ani & GSXR and wondered, “Um, excuse me; our very tired friend is in that car. Can we at least have him back?” The car pulled up to them and then he took off his mask and the person revealed was…..Pancho. “So, what did the Hybrid dumbass done this time? I know all about the bounty and everything.” It seems like Pancho is about to turn him in but GSXR said, “Look, I know he hasn’t been a good fri—“ Then Pancho said, “NO SHIT, He isn’t a good friend. HE GOT ME SHOT!! IN MY ASS, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!! He deserved what’s coming to him and tell one reason why I shouldn’t turn him in?” Then Ani basically stated that if the person turning him in is a cop, they get no reward money. Pancho then said, “Well, fuck, OK……..But when he wakes up, can I just slap him around?” Both girls sighed and gave him permission but not too much.

It is almost 4:00 A.M. in the morning and Hybrid was feeling weary after being beaten and dragged into a car but luckily someone saved him at the last minute but unfortunately for him, the person that saved him is also the one that was some revenge on him. “Hey, Hybrid, you awake?” that voice answered. “Yeah”, he responded, “I’m not going to get raped, am I?” “No.” the voice said then a light shined on the guy and in case you didn’t know from the beginning, it was Pancho and he said, “But you will get hurt!” Then Hybrid’s eyes widen in the shock of him wanting to kick his ass. “Hey, man……did the wounds heal up pretty well?” He nervously chuckled as he tries to teleport out of there but has no Blue Leaf in him and then he prepared for the worst. While the screams of Hybrid getting the shit kicked out of him and with him saying “STOP!! Please!” Ani & GSXR are planning what town to seek out the crew next and to concentrate from Hybrid’s screams. “NOT THE PLUNGER! THIS ISN’T NEW YORK!! A RUBBER DUCKY? (*squeaky*) Why me?” They were weird out the whole time, especially on the rubber ducky *squeaky* but they thought out the next location and it was somewhere on the other side of the world….albeit they all have to journey into This Ugly yet Beautiful World.

*squeaky* “Will you stop with the squeaking?” Ani said, “It’s getting very frustrating.” Then Pancho walked out of the room, with a satisfied grin in his face, “What? I’m through with my revenge and now I’m cool with him.” GSXR said, “Then why were you still torturing him with a rubber ducky? *squeaks* STOP THAT!!” Pancho said, “Oh, I was just doing that for fun. *duck squeaky*” Then Hybrid appeared from behind and said, “We need to get into deeper beyond our grid. I heard that somewhere there are safe havens hidden in places like Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Greece, South Africa. We just need to gather the rest and place ourselves there but we got to do it by going into the digital grid.” Then Hybrid pulled out 2 laptops with helmets that have 4 USB plug/outlets ready for the others and preparing for explore within their limits……..

The place, setting and time has been set as our four mysterious and strange travelers head inside the Grid to find the rest of the crew that Hybrid swore to get back together. As they went in, they have been assigned to codenames: the first being GSXR, who was assigned to the name Black Rose; second is Pancho, who’s assigned name is Sakuma; then is Ani, who was given the nickname of Pleiades and then there’s Hybrid and his given username is….. “.MAK? I’m sorry but what the hell does that mean?” he replied after having his name. Pancho then asked him, “Wait, I don’t get the MAK name, unless it has something to do with this one guy that I heard of who was traveling with a wolf---“, Then GSXR interrupted him at that sentence saying, “Guys!! We’re close to arriving there.” reliving Hybrid on something that most people (meaning Ani & GSXR) already know, at least the surface points of that. So they started to search the first district for some answers and familiar faces and after an hour of searching, they ran into this merchant who was rushing back into his building due to an electric storm and that’s when Hybrid (or .MAK) noticed the bunny ears coming out of his head, so we decided to go into the building and then the next thing, let’s just say we saw a ghost today…………and now onto the review of .Hack//sign.

The group noticed that guy somewhere before as he walks past by Ani and she whispered into Hybrid’s ear and said, “Doesn’t that guy look like Tron?”, but Hybrid reiterated the fact that Tron is no longer alive but Ani swore that he just saw him coming around here. “But isn’t there the other issue that merchant that looks like a rabbit might be either Neon or Lucky?” Pancho said. “But you said it was a ‘he’,” GSXR pointed out, “And we all know that… know what, does anybody know if Lucky is a male or female?” The group either shrugged, wondered, or they didn’t know. Soon the four split into separate ways, which had Ani & Hybrid looking for the rabbit-eared merchant and possibly Tron. “Hey! You with the rabbit ears! I need to talk to you!” Hybrid shouted at him (or her) and then the merchant kept running and running from Hybrid with him throwing things at him including a banana peel and yet, the rabbit avoided the cliché trap of slipping on one but yet Hybrid didn’t. “OW! Dammit.” As Hybrid felt the pain from the fall, Ani was tracking down possible Tron and remained incognito, that as until a grim voice being whispered into Ani’s ear and said, “You can’t escape the FATES, my dear Ani-chan!” and then after being creeped out by what she think is some random guy, Possi-Tron spotted her and deliberately asked her why is she following and/or stalking him. Well, that’s saved up for the next episode and it does involve FATE........

“Now can you please tell me why you are stalking me?” Possi-Tron asked Ani as she was spotted by him. Ani had no choice but to stop making up a story and just tell the truth, “Well……..okay, I’m sorry, but you just look a friend we once knew and we have been trying to find most of our friends, me and couple of people including—“, Then he interrupted her when he saw Hybrid lied down from slipping before and ask her if she’s friends with him or not and she responded with a yes and then Possi-Tron revealed his true identity and it turns out to be Chaos Emperor in a clever masking disguise. “CHAOS!!” Ani whispered, “I thought you got out of your business. What are you doing in the Grid?” As they went to help up Hybrid, Emperor explained that he recently found out about some personal files revolving Hybrid and the connection to how he encountered Blue Leaf and him as a superhuman being overall and even though Hybrid is within earshot of this, he couldn’t make up any dialogue from them. Chaos also explained that he had warning signs telling him all the fates heading his way, the same thing as Ani has experienced earlier and she asked him, “Tell me, Chaos, what are the FATES that you speak of?” As the two talked, there is one FATE to speak out from this point…….FATE STAY NIGHT that is.

As they need to put Hybrid in bed rest and Ani had to call back GSXR & Pancho to meet at Chaos’ digi-palace, he addresses the existence of the FATES, these shadowy figures who look upon your life, watching your every move and throwing some obstacles at you to prove that you are destined for whatever you become. Then Chaos said that for Hybrid, the FATES made a special case for him, placing a FATE-on watch in his earlier teenage years that even continues throughout his recent life. “Wait, you mean these figures predicted that Hybrid was to be what he is now?” Pancho asked. “But starting with him as a teenager?” Chaos then said, “Yes. According to the files I got from a local tracker, Hybrid wasn’t exactly the most optimistic of teenagers, but then again, who isn’t? Plus, he had over 4 FATE-on watches during his time, including here, The Madhouse a year ago, One Blood, and some location which I can’t make out to read.” Ani then asked him, “Do you think it’ll explain more about Hybrid?”; “With anything in his past life that can do us any good?” GSXR concluded Ani’s sentence. “Well, we have 6 files on that but which one can we start with?” We get a close up on the files and the names of it listed as follows: Ballistics, Offense, Nature, Efficiency, Synergy, and a 6th file that is to be remained unnamed.
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As the Hybrid is awaken from his coma, he noticed Professor Chaos, Ani, GSXR & Pancho gathered in a bunch reading the files about Hybrid’s past, as his alias of MAK, and as soon as Hybrid got up, he instantly collapsed to the ground and the others heard it as well. “Hey, hey, HEY,” Professor Chaos said, “How long have you been up and can you still even walk?”, Then Hybrid responded with, “Apparently not long enough. Now what the fuck are you guys reading over there?” The rest of the crew looked worried as they are keeping something very secretive of him. He first went to Pancho and tried to get some answers out of him but Pancho remained his poker face intact and didn’t give anything away, soon he went to GSXR and she also told Hybrid that nothing is going on there but as soon as it got to Ani, Hybrid wasn’t going to be fooled and just teleported out of her way and looks at the notes of his past and as he looks, his reaction wasn’t a happy one. “OK, some of you got some explaining to do later.” And with that, his body glow blue out of anger and just ported out of there. Speaking of something that glows or have flames of BLUE…….

Hybrid was running far, far away from Chaos’ place and felt like he wanted to give up and then the rest of the crew kept chasing after him but he kept using his power to evade them and screamed, “You LOOK into my files? MY PERSONAL LIFE? How in the fuck dare you?!?!?” Then he threw some garbage at them, mostly hitting Pancho and for retaliation, he threw some back at Hybrid but he misses and Hybrid even counter throw some garbage. As he kept running on top of buildings, he stumbled in front of a guy standing in the way, wearing sunglasses and he said to him, “Excuse me, are you the Hybrid?” Then Hybrid got frustrated even more, “Look, I don’t care what you want from me. Just the fuck out of my w—“ Then he got interrupted and the guy said, “My name is SOTY 16 and I have come to warn you of a threat.” “Let me guess, THE FATES?” Hybrid said, “I heard more of my equal share of them. Now will you please get out of my way?” Then SOTY16 put a sleeper grip on him and proceeds to carry him back to whatever he’s from, despite Hybrid being a tall and obviously big guy and with that, he manages to grab the other three and got them out of the GRID and instantly arrested all of them, put them in bags and driven them into an unknown facility for human beings with extraterrestrial powers, which has all the fixings for the next anime to review……

As they got into the unnamed facility, Agent SOTY was not in a good mood after hearing the constant complaining from our bagged suspects, including Hybrid. “Hey! When’s the last time you washed that bag? Where in the hell are you taking us? I’m too young to get sold by Europeans in the sex trade. Take Pancho, he’s a week younger than me!! Where’s Liam Neeson where you need him?” After hearing all of that within 20 minutes, SOTY began to slap and punch Hybrid several times and then he told him while choking him, “Look, we’re just going to ask you and your friends some questions and then after we’re done, you can leave as you wish because right now, I feel like snapping your neck and making it look like an accident. You get it, man?” Hybrid shook his head ‘yes’ and they all went inside for questioning. Inside the facility, there were cameras in every position and angle, watching any person’s move so no one would try to evade to any blind spot and it even prevent Hybrid from doing his stealth mode and can instantly tell from a normal human to a super powered figure and since we’re on the subject of that……

So everybody is now being questioned by SOTY one on one. First, he questioned Ani about her recent agenda from a few months ago, her life before meeting Hybrid and so far, she didn’t give much info about Hybrid’s powers or his recent past of getting the Blue Leaf. GSXR didn’t say much about Hybrid, except that she almost beat his ass once because she thought he stole her bike but other than that, nothing about his past and as for Pancho, well……he didn’t have any nice words to say about Hybrid, but it didn’t involve the Blue Leaf, just him getting shot, beaten, and multiple hospital visits and once it got to Hybrid, SOTY wasn’t bullshitting around and he wanted him to tell him about his powers or him and his friends won’t be getting released and will remained here permanently and with that, Hybrid was ready to tell all about the Blue Leaf and the struggles we went through but suddenly the lights went out and the red alert came on and sirens blaring all around the building, calling it a Level 3 threat and while there, he heard the shout of the word “FATE” and he knew what he was going against……..

As the lights go out and the sirens are blaring out, every member of the facility including SOTY went out with guns and other weapons blazing but as they ready their weapons, the others has begun their escape out of there and as the FATES came swarming in, the agents began shooting at them and every time they hit one, the bullets has no effect on them and they swoop up the guys and then keep beating them on the wall into a bloody pulp. Several others have been beaten to killed so far and then SOTY call for a retreat and then finds out that the Crew have escaped and he put on a level 4 alert for escaped containees but soon after, they have made their escape and now they are wanted by them, too, if only Hybrid know what the name of the facility was, he would be on watch for them. Suddenly one of the FATES said to him in his mind, “You….need….to….hideaway…escape….from….your…..daily….routine,” and soon all the others disappeared without a trace but before that, they swear that the next time they met, it would be on a non-dramatic note but before that, the dramatics continues with…….FATE STAY NIGHT: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS.

One escape and re-locating later, Hybrid was found in an abandoned apartment sleeping the day away and for the time being, it’s been over 4 months since the FATES went into his mind and told the others to go their separate ways but as they went. Hybrid had to perform some amnesia trick with the Blue Leaf for the agents and he needed to dissociate himself from Ani, GSXR & Pancho mainly because he doesn’t want any more harm coming to them since it was his fault and he dropped the mission as a failure and so he’s now back where he started, writing reviews for freelance with no control from any entity. He sighed at the fact of that but is grateful nevertheless. Then he found an old blind box marked, “The Anime FolderHolder” and he just grabbed the first title out of there and the title he’s going to review next is……

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As The Hybrid gets accustomed into his new lifestyle without having anybody to interfere with his work, he decided to review a special anime that most of his reviewer friends already review. Some loved the anime for what it is while the others aren’t that fond of it but they didn’t hate it as much at all but when Hybrid received the package, there was a note that said “this is best viewed under the influence of alcohol and/or weed” and it even included a pound of weed to go along with it. “Well, I better get on this anime and light up, too.” And so he rolled up, light up a joint and begun to experience the utter close-to-GAINAX-y craziness that is…….DEAD LEAVES.

After watching the movie and consuming half of the weed Hybrid used, he suddenly felt sleepy and as he got up to go to the kitchen, he then fall fast asleep on the ground and slept all night on the floor of his apartment. A few hours later when he woke up, he had some severe stomach pains and had the need to quickly use the bathroom and while there, somebody came knocking on the door and Hybrid said, “IN A MINUTE!!”, but the knocker wasn’t that patient as they kept knocking hard and furiously, “I SAID IN A MINUTE!!”, then the knocking turned into just beating the door and then Hybrid became furious and said, “Look, motherfucker, you don’t have to act like a little bitch, I’m going to answer the door….” And when he did, tentacles went and grab Hybrid out of there and then the question occurs: Who was that person that grabbed him and don’t tell me you’re reviewing a Hentai? Well, no, it’s not a Hentai but it does involve tentacles.

As Hybrid woke up from his kidnapping, still wrapped in tentacles and they came from this girl’s hair and she said to him, “HA! I know of your true identity, Mr. Hybrid, as I, she who shall not be named will use your power to rule over the Earth and those humans will forever be ruled under MY NAME!!!” and then does the routine evil laughter and Hybrid just looks bored from listening to her and as he grew more bored, he finally said this to her, “Look, you don’t look that powerful to me. You look like somebody to poses a threat rather than delivers on it and if you don’t find someone that fears you right away, you’re going to be an entire joke in front of your peers.” The tentacle-hair girl looked furious and angry at his outburst and as she feels more pissed off, she said, “Well, do you want to know what I think about that?”, and then she began to tear up and said, “YOU’RE RIGHT!!! I am a FRAUD!!” She then let go of him and began crying to the ground. Now Hybrid could escape from that but after hearing her sad cries, he wanted to calm her down a bit…….but first, let’s talk about SQUID GIRL.

After hearing the girl cried her eyes out about being useless, Hybrid needed to calm her down and then he apologized to her but she kept crying saying, “What’s the point? People only used me for carry out orders for that shack, everyone doesn’t take me seriously and worst of all, I can’t even face off with the mighty Hybrid himself. So what good has been brought upon me?” Then Hybrid calmed her down some more and said, “Well, look on the bright side, you have lots of people that like you, especially one person who legitimately fears you (although she’s paranoid as hell) and you got a close friend and others with you. You’re not useless at all but why did you attack me?” The girl then showed Hybrid info about him and his interloping past and present doings and said, “Lots of people are after you and they still are. I just thought since you were worth a lot of money, I can cash you in and use that money to rule the world.” “You do realize that $6 million isn’t enough to rule the entire world, right?” As Hybrid asked that rhetorical question but she didn’t mind it at all, “Well, you got a point.” And then after that, she freed him from her tentacles and recommended me that I see a friend of hers from the card she gave me…..and yet, this person is also my next subject to watch……

After his encounter with the Squid Girl, Hybrid went ahead to find this next person called Kuragehime to help with his reviewing skills but once he opened the door to find her, some crazy residents’ storm from their rooms and immediately boot and fight him out of the apartment complex, since Hybrid missed the big sign that says, “No Men Allowed”, which the Squid Girl didn’t tell him in the first place. So he went back to his apartment to think of another plan of getting in but he wasn’t going to like it… other words, he’s going to have cross-dress his way in there and masquerade as a girl to get some info. So, the second day came and he/she came in disguised as a woman in order to see the Kuragehime…..or as the English calls it PRINCESS JELLYFISH.

So Womanized Hybrid went into the complex to find the Kuragehime and answer some questions about his reviewing skills and his stance as a reviewer of all media. Then Kuragehime appeared from the room and it is, in fact, a talking jellyfish floating around the room and what she said first was, “What is do you desire to know, young lady?” Hybrid could have reveal himself as a man but instead he refer himself as a friend to the jellyfish and ask her, “If you ever seen his reviews, I feel like recently he’s been staggering the past few months, like he’s run out of ideas or going through a severe writer’s block.” Then the jellyfish asked that if he struggled with his other media reviews, but he answered it, “Well, he just reviews them like any other movie or TV show review. For his anime reviews, they held an important piece of his work, which is what he created and stuck with.” Then the Kuragehime suggested something for him to review, “Look, tell your friend that you must review these five pieces of material…..starting with these two entries that most of the Western audience should know.” So she hands him a briefcase and as he got out of there, a strange crackling was heard from there, saying something about “iron”………..

So Hybrid (back to his own self, that is) returned to his apartment with the briefcase he received with some reviewing material that he needed to do and as he opens it, all he did was….let out a huge sigh. Obviously, Hybrid has heard of the anime before as some collaboration between an American company & a certain well-known Japanese animation company but he groaned at that because of the many people warning him about it, saying that it’s bad and Hybrid doesn’t judge an anime if he hasn’t seen it yet but with this and the remaining two anime of the same collaboration (he already reviewed one 6 months back), he could finally get a say in this. The anime he’s chosen to review is from the collection of MARVEL ANIME and the next anime on that list is IRON MAN.

After that, Hybrid was relieved to be done with the anime itself but instead of throwing the DVD away like it was a cancer, he just put it back in the briefcase and marked it a D+. Why? Well, Hybrid isn’t really a caustic critic as you think he is but for the next one, he warned himself to keep his expectations really low or down to none while reviewing another MARVEL anime, but this time, it was a movie….an Iron Man anime movie…..and with that, a new rise coming along the way for Hybrid and it’s not that far off……

As the Hybrid completed Task 1 of uncovering that anime, he had one more task to do in order to get his answer but as he heard somebody at his door, he put the DVD up and went to the door, looking at the peephole (well, he first used a stuffed animal in case somebody tried to shot him through the eyehole) but the guests didn’t need to use the door as it was the FATES that came in there. “You didn’t think you would forget about us, right?” they said. Hybrid sighs and then said, “OK, what do you want? I gave up on the journey and back to my regular reviewing job. What else do you need me to do?” Then one of the guys showed him a golden box that looks very tempting. “You may receive what’s in the box….” Then they close it before Hybrid could get to it. “….after your review, that is.” And so Hybrid agreed to that and started his review of the movie adaptation of the Iron Man anime…..RISE OF TECHNOVORE.

“Well, I have finished with the review.” Hybrid said, “Now can I see what’s inside the box?” The FATES gave their permission for him to open the box that is bestowed him. He opens it, with a shining gold aura around it and what in the box is……”A Key?” he said, “It’s just a key.” Then the head FATE said, “Correction, my boy, it is a key but it is also a symbol of great status as you are on the verge of becoming a…..” Then Hybrid interrupted them with a smile on his face, “A God?” “A GOD!?!? What are you kidding?” one of them said, “You’ll be somewhat of that. You’ll be untouchable from any threat including your old enemies and your word will be law. So what you do say?” Hybrid thought about having that kind of power and is the semi-ultimate reviewer of all the internet and it took him all 5 seconds, “Of course!!!” He grabs the key and then one big transformation sequence that is probably longer than any Sailor Moon transformation and it’s so long, I’m going to end it on that.

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In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will.

After the transformation done by the FATES, Hybrid looked at myself in the mirror and notices him donning some new attire with everything being black and chrome, just the way he likes it. “Whoa!” Hybrid said, “I’m really digging the new look, fellas. It really suits me and very slick and stylish to say the least.” As the FATES approached and asked him, “Well, You did want to have a god-like status for your reviewing and you are almost to that level.” Then he thought of something in his head that might be too devious but he really this to come into fruition. The FATES knew what plan he was coming up with, which is almost similar to one man journey and his legend, who longs to pursue his dream and yet he’s tortured by it…..and that is the legend of BERSERK.

As the Hybrid was readying his arsenal of weapons including for injecting more Blue Leaf than before and slowly practicing his power of levitation for deadly tricks and one of the FATES asked, “Are you sure about this, Hybrid? You realize with this power you have, they can track you within a minute?” Then Hybrid smirked at that remark, laughed it off, and said, “I know. I want them to know. I want them to know.” He then stares at the wall, thinking of his past with the ones that put him in this situation. “Believe it, those guys have been slipping past me for way too long and I know I couldn’t kill them….that is, until now. I can denounce them of their immortality and then ended their lives……in other words; I will kill The Anime Gods……FOR GOOD!!!!!!” He screamed out that last remark as he really meant that last statement and he intends to make it so.

Sometime later after getting ready, The Hybrid with the help of the FATES sneaks in to the Anime Gods’ palace and as they scoped the place around, there was a massive bound of bodyguards surrounding the place and his plan is to de-immortalize and murder them one by one. ”Well, well, well…..” Hybrid said, “Looks like I found my first target.” He never did bother to know their names considering they never said it to him, so he called him, “AG1” but he did recognize one of them, even from afar and soon, Hybrid cloaked himself with his stealth mode, having the FATES to stun the bodyguards as he passes them. He got in the place but he didn’t want to sneak in, kill him, and leave without a trace. He wanted to face his adversary and off him by his sight. “AG1….I come for your ass and your immortality.” He screamed that out loud for everyone to hear and then he closes the doors so no one can come in. “I came to do what I should’ve done a long time ago.” And speaking of re-doing something, the journey into the world of BERSERK continues with THE EGG OF THE KING.

“Do you really think you can just come in here, get past my guards someway, and then have the nerve to try and kill me?” AG1 said, “Hybrid, you fucking idiot!!! It will take more than just more bullets to end the life of an Anime God. You are a very foolish man to try this and yet….after we attack some of your friends, put a price on that head of yours and discourage you over and over again, you still try to attack us? WHY IS THAT?” While AG1 was giving his speech of how Hybrid is an idiot, he was too busy mixing something up inside his pocket. “Are you daft or deaf? What in the hell are you doing while I’m talking!?!?!?” Then Hybrid said, “Well, while you were talking about nothing at all, I managed to mix a little something like….” And then Hybrid threw some liquid right away AG1’s face and then a strange gray glow was arising, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? SOME SWAMP JIZZ OR SOMETHING? What-wha-wha-what’s HAPPENING TO ME?” AG1 screamed as he begun to go under the liquid’s power. “It’s the power that relinquishes your powers as a God. After that, you are just as mortal as me, meaning that you’ll eventually die…..and by eventually, I mean a few seconds.” And soon after the liquid sucked up AG1’s powers, Hybrid uses his new telekinetic powers to use the swords that AG1 had hanging in the room and stabbed him everywhere in his body and lastly, Hybrid picked up a sword and then said, “You are no longer my ruler. Not even a god can take me down.” Soon he beheaded AG1 and threw the corpse down the balcony where everybody can see it and a note pinned and said, “I’m coming for you!!” and with that, Hybrid with the FATES vanished to get to their next target, preparing for a battle they will never forget and speaking of battles they’ll never forget……

As soon as word got out that Hybrid de-immortalize one of the Anime Gods and then beheaded him, sending a message to the other ones that Hybrid will not rest until every one of them is killed by his hands. Next up, he went to find the second Anime God or as he calls him AG2 but unlike the last time, there were a lot of security armed with infrared goggles, Red Mist bullets, regular guns, pretty much the whole nine yards of taking Hybrid down. AG2 signaled them to start firing as he saw the Hybrid approaching the facility. The bullets seem to slow him down and as it looks like he’s taken down and the guys are about to reveal his face, it was a fall guy. Startled, AG2 looked nervous as angrily ordered to have the whole place on battle lockdown…..and the battle is still going on, just like in the world of BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC II: THE BATTLE FOR DOLDREY.

“Well, well, well…..” a mysterious voice said in the dark, “Your precious traps, use of Red Mist, and gunfire didn’t work against me.” As he comes from the shadows, it was Hybrid who’s holding all the ammunition in his hands and quickly loaded and as he began to fire, he said, “You got any last words, fools? Oh, and.....” After that pause, he threw some of that liquid to AG2’s face and he, too, was about to his powers, the same way AG1 did and now he’s mortal and powerless, Hybrid then begin to aim at him and then smirk as he said to him, “2 down—“Then he kept shooting AG2 until he had drop dead from the gunshots and the shock, “—2 to go.” And after that, he grabbed the sword he kept in his coat and begun to hack AG2’s head, then he torched the place with gasoline, symbolizing another message to the remaining ones.

Next up, Hybrid now has 2 remaining Anime Gods to de-immortalize as he approaches the next target or AG3 (Yeah, he still don’t remember their names of if they have any.) but unfortunately and stupidly of him because he gave warnings to them, AG3’s guys came prepared lock and loaded with much ammunition and ready to kill and the FATES were not pleased. “You just have to give them a warning, didn’t you? I thought you were the silent, stealthy type of killer.’ One of the FATES said. “Well, I’ll admit, it was stupid for me to tell them but I have a little secret to their downfall and let’s just say it involves Rock, PAPER & Scissors and speaking of paper……..Apparently, it can be used as a weapon. What’s the proof? READ OR DIE THE OVA.

Meanwhile on the other side of the fight, AG3 was watching everyone’s move in case he thinks there is a traitor in the mist. He suddenly frightened by a movement in the hallway while he was writing a note to the last member to get out of town and I guess e-mail wouldn’t have been quick enough for him…..that and the their internet was shut down due to in case of computer viruses. He sensed nothing there and as he went back to write the note, he felt a slight paper cut in his finger and tries to stop the bleeding, but after that, he starts to bleed again and the only thing he did was touch the paper, but unknown to him, the paper was traced with the de-immortalization serum that Hybrid had and as he touched it, he was getting weaker and weaker, like he was about to vomit and as he did, he looked at the bottom of his chair and there was a bomb strapped to it and only got about 10 seconds left and he tried to run quickly out of there, but……KABOOM!!!!!!! The place went up in smoke to flames to in an instant, meaning that Hybrid now has one more target to declare the end of the Anime Gods’ supremacy and one more title to complete it.

At last, The Hybrid went to his last target of the fourth and final Anime God to neutralize and kill; only this time he asked to do this one without any help from the FATES, saying that he wants to finish them off with his own hands, rather than relying on them and his powers. So he bid them farewell, even saying they will meet again. Soon afterwards, Hybrid entered the room, completely out of the open where conveniently, no guards were there, as it was made to look easier than he thought, but Hybrid was too good to fall for a trick but then a voice said, “You can come out now. No guards are here or lasers, guns, tricks, bombs or other shit you think we got? We’ll have a fair fight, you and me, Hybrid.” Then Hybrid came out of the shadows and said, “All right. We’ll duel. For the very last time,” As AG4 smirked at that he said, “If you win, I will give you my life. However, if I win, you must give up being a reviewer.” Hybrid shook his head in agreement and began his trick by a planned paper cut but AG4 spotted it fast, “My, my, my, you have been watching Read or Die, haven’t you?”….and speaking of that, this is READ OR DIE….THE TV.

Soon, the fight escalated as AG4 draw the first strike against Hybrid with his sword. The two kept dueling swords, ducking and dodging each other’s moves and attacks. “You think you’ll be able to defeat me? You must be out of your mind!!!” AG4 shouted and then kicked Hybrid down, “You will forever be ruled by one of us, even if we’re dead and gone.” Hybrid moved out of the way from his attack and counterattack by tripping him and slamming him to the ground, “You call yourselves Gods? You’re nothing but traitors to amateur reviewers like me!!! Only benefitting the pain and torture from them and then you reap their pain and misery from your excitement.” Hybrid proceeds to stab him in the legs while sticking his finger in there to make it worse as it did as AG4 screamed really loud, “Ooohhhh….I think you need a doctor for that!!” Then AG4 pushed Hybrid off of them and then gave him not one or two, but 3 knock-out punches. “Had enough!?!” He said and then Hybrid kicked him in the jaw, “Actually, I’m full, you want my seconds?” And he continued to throw and punch him out until he grabbed the sword and as he went for the kill, AG4 stop the sword by pushing his hands to it. “I guess you lose for life… about that, boy!?” It may seem as Hybrid was done for, but soon he began to draw a smirk on his face and then AG4 is greatly concerned on his part, “Hey, why are you laughing? I stop you!!! You’re finished!!! What the hell are you laughing for?” Then he looked at his hand with blood and what it turns out to be the Anti-God serum that evidently Hybrid traced the sword with, along with his shoes and hands. AG4 looked distraught at the fact of that and came down to his knees, knowing that in the next few minutes that he’s going to die. Hybrid grabbed the sword, held it high towards AG4’s head and said to him, “Any final words?” AG4 was looking scared and nervous, he only gave a squeal. “Close enough.” Hybrid said as he went for the kill, leaving AG4 saying “No!!” as his head is sliced open and in half, spewing blood all over the floor. He soon left the place and then began to burn it to the ground. “From now on, there will be no Gods to reckon us all.” He walked away from the fire and continued from there, not stopping for a minute and knowing that his mission is done once and for all.
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(NOTE: Takes place after this story --

"So, MAK, how’s things been going since your parents split up? Your mom doing okay?" Kai asked him but MAK didn’t want to think about the last words he said to his mom ever since the Blue Leaf discovery and so he said, "Yeah, she’s doing fine since the split." And then he smiled as if that was a piece of cake. Kai looked at him weird for a minute and also said to him, "Hey, did you ever hear what happened to those asshole brothers, um….what were their names again?"

"Oh yeah, Rick and Dice, those assholes…." He tried to go without flinching for a minute there. "Speaking of which, I heard back then, those two have been messing with you since I moved." MAK then went without a word exchange to her and Kai did suspect something about his reaction but she sighed and added, "MAK, just be glad that we aren’t within an earshot of those guys. Personally, I’m glad I didn’t have to stick around them but for you, I was afraid for. I mean, the stories I heard about them, their hustling kids out of their money and hooking up with these girls left and right. If I ever met them in public, I just want to slap the hell out of them for the cause of it."

MAK then chuckled and said, “Yeah, I’m glad that they aren’t around that much anymore.” Even though he heard from not too long ago. “So you want me to show you around the house and where you’re sleeping at?” Kai then said, “OK. Sure thing.”

So MAK is showcasing the house and explaining to Kai, “Well, you see, we only been owning this house almost three weeks now, so we’re still sort of new ourselves…even though I cleaned every nook and cranny in here.” Kai then said to him, “Well, y’all got ourselves a very, very nice deal on this place with it being secluded in the forest, no noisy neighbors, riffraff, none of that shit. Just relaxing in peace and enjoying the scenery.” And after that MAK went and show Kai what room she’ll be sleeping at and she liked it with the comfortable beds, the arm chair and with the window view. Soon Kai went to try out the bed and sigh in relief on how comfortable it is.

"Hey, MAK?” Kai asked, "So what’s the deal with you and the owner…Angel?…gasps…are you two dating?” Then MAK had to correct her on the situation, “No, me and her are just good friends, that’s all and we are also anime reviewers.”

"Hmmm…That’s very interesting. How long you been doing it?” Kai said and with that MAK replied, "For about 2 years now." With that, Kai responded with, "SWEET! But hey, I actually did think y’all two were dating from the looks of it….unless it was that other guy that was dating her." "Wait, you mean Kurai?" MAK said, "Actually, he’s with her sister Akuma or something like that. Either way, the girl is really horny with the guy." Kai laughed very hearty at that comment but MAK really had to ask this question, "Well, what about you, girl? You got somebody to love?" Ignoring the obvious pop song reference, she hesitated to answer that because it felt like she had some bad experiences, "Maybe we should ignore that question for later…..but can I see your room though?" MAK didn’t know what to make of that but he agreed to show her his room.

So MAK then decided to show Kai his room, which he custom-made himself with a light of LED lights that makes Tron: Legacy look like a $10 laser show compared to his room. “Oh my god, I always did say you were a much digitalized guy. How much did you shell out of this and do Angel and the others know?” Then MAK had a sneaky grin on his face, “Well, the thing is, as of now, only you and me know about these Tron-esque lights.”

Kai spotted a suitcase on his bed, not knowing that inside there is his Blue Leaf material and that was the last thing that MAK wanted Kai to know. He wanted to teleport there quickly but that would’ve blown his cover anyway, so he decided to distract her with something quick. “WAIT!!!” he shouted without hesitation. “Huh?” Kai said, “Is something wrong, MAK?” He shook his head in saying ‘no’ and she then turned her head to discover her and MAK’s favorite videogame called “Shell Crisis: Journey of the Core” and the squees from Kai came in full swing. “Holy shit!! Where did you get this?”, as Kai was fully overjoyed at the sight of this. “I thought this game was forever out of print. We got to play this!!! NOW!!” MAK was relieved that she didn’t see the Blue Leaf and eventually join her in playing the game, but in the meanwhile he’s going to have to answer some of his own questions: Will he ever tell Kai about his other “identity”? How we will encounter Rick and Dice with them knowing his powers? And of course….will the others find out about him wasting money on LED lights for his room?
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NOTE: Takes place after this story --

In the early yet sunny morning at Kakurega, MAK was feeling a bit under the weather as he had developed a slight cough and a sore throat overnight. He looks at the alarm clock and he groans as it goes off, “Oh, come on…….” As he said that, his voice was sounding hoarse and deeper than usual, “Dammit, I hope I didn’t caught what Angel got the last few days.” He then coughed like he hacked a lung out of there and the more he coughed, the worse it got but he manages to stifle himself and reduce the coughing to a minimum.

Ever since Kai moved in, much to MAK’s happiness and chagrin, he has to hide his Hybrid powers from her and not use as much Blue Leaf as possible in order to keep it hidden from her. He does plan on telling her soon enough but he doesn’t want anybody else (i.e. Angel, Akuma, Kurai or anybody else) to spill the secret for him accidentally and speaking of Kai, she happened to just came in from her walk around and just noticed MAK and his coughing and hacking, “MAK, you doing okay there, man?” MAK kept on coughing while trying to reassure her that he’s fine but obviously, he wasn’t. “Well, it doesn’t look like it. You’re actually looking pale and…feels his forehead…you’re also very warm in the head. Oh no, you need to rest today. Your anime reviewing will have to wait until you get better.”

“Come on, Kai, I’m not tha—“, then MAK had to go to the bathroom immediately in need to vomit and lots of involuntary noises were heard the minute MAK reached for the toilet, “OK. I really am that sick!!” Soon after that, MAK got back into the bed while Kai was helping taking care of him and as that happen, MAK tried to sneak some Blue Leaf to cure him a little bit so Kai would think he was improving and as he did, the TV was turned on and a local station was spotlighting Rick & Dice Cain for being the top bounty hunters in Eastin City, despite them being bitten by “wild animals”, as the news report it and MAK sneered at that comment, “Wild animals….yeah, fucking right. Rick & Dice….forever the assholes you both are.” MAK then thought of what Angel & Kurai told him about their run-in with them and how MAK never told them (well, never told Angel about the bounty, Kurai knows about that, though) about those two.

Then Kai came into his room with the thermometer, “Do you remember all the times you took care of me when I used to be sick a lot? Now it seems like I’m doing you a favor after all these years.” Then Kai smiled as she got the thermometer ready to take MAK’s temperature and feel his forehead again, noticing the slight difference from that last time. “Wow, MAK, you are a fast healer. Your temperature is decreasing back to the regular.” And without her noticing that MAK used a little of Blue Leaf to make him feel better, he also thought that he should tell her right away. “Look, Kai, the thing is that why I suddenly got better is that—-“Then he got interrupted by Kai noticing the Cain Brothers promo ad on them promoting a nightclub, with them surrounded by loose women and lots of drinking.

Kai then aggregately sighed at the image of those two and said, “You know, for a couple of bounty hunters, they don’t know shit about keeping a low cover.” MAK then shook his head at that remark. “And to think, these fools, who used to pick on you, rob you, humiliate you, and beat up on you, are now the fucking law? I swear, the more I hear about these guys glorifying them, the more it makes me…..feel jaded.” Then MAK asked this question to her, “Kai, do you think that I can’t protect myself from them?” Kai stood silent as she thought about it, “Because that one time, I didn’t get robbed by them….even though Dice and his boys chased me all through town but this truck crashed, which separated me from them but yet that truck did offed two of his boys.” “Well, damn,” Kai said, “That was fucked up.”

Then MAK needed to reassure Kai of his protection but then, something moved from the shelf as MAK moved his hand towards Kai’s shoulder. “What was that?” Kai said, “That just moved by itself.” MAK then hide his hands from sight and acted like he didn’t know either, but then he said, “But I know this. I know you were worried about me when you moved. I know this but Kai…..I can manage to take care of myself but I’m glad that you care for me so much, Kai. I really appreciate that in you.” Kai then smiled at that remark and hugged him for that and said, “I’m very glad to hear that, MAK, because I do care about you, too, and I’m really glad that you’re my friend.” And then she said under her breath, “And hopefully we can be more than friends, too.”
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(Takes place after this story --


One afternoon on a clear day, Kai went to the market store as a favor to everyone in the house and that she wanted to contribute to something while she lives there. “I wonder if the guys like this type of coffee. I probably surprise Angel to it, who knows? She might like it.” As she smiled with hope for that, she suddenly spotted a familiar face, or at least, familiar to the rest of the crew and not one that Kai wants to meet anytime soon and it was Rick and Dice Cain at her sight. “Oh, fuck!! Why did I have to shop here, especially when they happen to appear here?” She then needed to get out of their sight so they won’t spot her and then Dice noticed something, “Hey, Rick! You see something by the aisle?” Rick looked around the aisle for what Dice was talking about. “What do you mean?” Rick said, “You’re seeing things, little brother, it’s just some regular-ass people shopping.” Dice then looked irritated, “I know that, fool, I meant that I saw some girl looking at us and then avoiding us.”

Kai then went to the other aisle, thinking that she led them astray but after not looking the other way, she would eventually run into them, “Ahem!!” they both said as Kai screamed at the sight of them. “Just who in the hell are you? Do we recognize you before?” As Kai looked at them, hesitating to give them an answer without mentioning MAK, she easily said, “No. I’ve never seen you before but anyway, got to go, BYE!!!” She was about to jetted out of there then they instantly now recognize her face. “Oh wait!” She then stopped at her tracks and thought to herself, “SHIT!!” and then Dice said, “Aren’t you that girl that one of our crew was dating at the time?” Kai then gasped at that remark, bringing back bad memories of that time and then Rick and Dice suddenly remember one specific detail about her and suddenly now was the time to worry, “Oh….you were also friends with that motherfucker…..MAK, is it?……Oh wait, you are his “wittle” friend that always hangs alongside him!! I mean, a girl like you hanging around with a fucking loser like that? What a fucking charity case!!” Then they laughed and laughed at her face.

Kai really didn’t appreciate that remark towards MAK and she really gotten angry over that and then slapped Dice, “OK, you know what? Yes, I’m friends with MAK and guess what? He’s a better friend and human being than the two of you assholes combined!! You fucking jerks have the nerve to pick on a guy like him all through high school?” Rick then laughed at her about that, “Um…did you left the school at 10th grade, meaning you left him there?” And then Dice finished that statement, “So wouldn’t that be your fault that he’s like this?” Then Kai slapped him again and said, “You think it was my choice to move out of Eastin City? You think I wanted to leave most of my life and friends here? YOU THINK I WANTED TO ABANDON MAK THERE WITH FUCKERS LIKE YOU?!?!? I WOULD NEVER WANT TO DO THAT TO ANYONE I WAS CLOSE TO, ESPECIALLY MAK!! EVER!” After she calmed down from yelling at them, they offered a rebuttal to her response. First, Rick said, “If you never wanted to leave him, how come you never talked back, email, text messaging, or whatever the fuck people communicate nowadays?” and then Dice said, “I guess you two weren’t that close after all, especially since MAK got those powers of his.” Kai then looked at the two strangely and vaguely confused, “Powers? What are you talking about, powers? MAK isn’t some superhero. We would have told—“Then she was interrupted by them as they show him in action via iPhone with the powers and as she watched it, she couldn’t believe it. Her best friend possesses these powers beyond her existence and then after that, they are footage of the two of them being attacked by Angel and Kurai. “Oh, did I forget to mention his friends are the one that attacked us? You did notice the bandages, right?” Kai was also shocked by that, too, but she didn’t want them to know that she knows them, too. “Wait, you know them, too, and that your boyfriend here is wanted for $6 million bounty?” After seeing that, too, she had to run from them, while tears were streaming down her eyes, knowing the full truth about the people she was staying with and how painful it was not knowing much about MAK the last few years.


Meanwhile, at Kakurega, MAK was still practicing his combat mode with the Blue Leaf as the others weren’t there that day, meaning he now had the time to do it. Suddenly, MAK heard a car approaching and he checked the security cams and notice that it was Kai coming home from the store and as he went to help her with the groceries, she looked more unusual than how she usually is. MAK then asked her if she needed any help with the bags, but she didn’t respond to him and just said to him, “Just help with the bags and don’t bother me.” MAK was surprised to hear Kai, of all people, to say that and as MAK went to her and said, “Do you find everything on the list okay?

“I found them just fine!” she sounded a bit irritated and was trying to fight back tears again. Suddenly MAK noticed it from a distance and was about to ask her but she did said, “Before you say anything, let me see it.” MAK then looked confused at that remark and said, “Um…see what?” Kai then angrily said, “You know DAMN WELL WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!!” She then pulled MAK’s sleeve to see the glowing blue marks on him, from all the times he had to inject the Blue Leaf in his system and after that, “MAK, just show me already.” MAK then tried to look like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, “What do you mean?” However, that made Kai angrier, “DON’T PLAY DUMB WITH ME! JUST SHOW ME YOUR POWER ALREADY!” But she couldn’t fight back the tears and let them flow, “OK. I know all about what you really are, MAK or Hybrid or whatever you’re called nowadays.” As much as MAK didn’t want to see Kai cry or more pissed off, he has to show off his powers to her and so he did. “So Rick and Dice were right…..” she said with a sad slight in her voice, “…..we’re not that close after all.” And with that, she began to cry her eyes out as she was heading for her room and slammed the door and to cry in her pillow to muffle the sound. “KAI!!” MAK said as she knocked on the door, “Rick and Dice were there? What did they do to you, Kai? Because I swear on my life, I’m going to get those motherfu—“Then Kai opened the door and grab MAK into her room, slapped him and said, “LOOK! I get that they are still the assholes but you, on the other hand, didn’t even bother to tell me about it!! Not even a mention!! I thought we were friends!! We should be able to tell stuff like this to each other. Also, you’re wanted for $6 million? Just what the hell did you do to have these people, including the Cain brothers after you? And now that I know this, I feel like I offer nothing when it comes to here like how Angel and Akuma can cast spells and both are angel/demon wolves, Kurai is a devil lynx who has almost the same powers as them and now, you can teleport yourself and use it to fight off your enemies and as for me? I’m the typical sidekick/damsel-in-distress member of the group.”

She then continued to cry on the bed and MAK really wanted to comfort her and so, he went to her and he said, “Kai, I know saying I’m sorry isn’t going to help much but I didn’t know what to say about this to you. I was scared that I was going to lose you twice in a row and after what happened in 10th grade, I don’t want that to happen again and as for the $6 million bounty, yes, they are people after my head but luckily Angel told me the house can protect us against whoever wish us harmed so, we’re safe here.” Kai then wiped the tears from her face as MAK continued, “And for us not being close? True that we don’t try to communicate after you moved but it doesn’t mean I don’t think of the good times we’ve shared and that I didn’t know how to use any of those sites back then.” Kai then begin to chuckle a little at that remark, “OK, OK, I’m not much of a social networking person myself.” Then MAK still continued, “Also, when were you ever the damsel-in-distress? Most of the time, you saved my ass from trouble. You were my savior from time to time and vice versa. We look out for each other, which is what most people should do in a group and that’s what we do here. Sooner or later, you’re going to find your strength and use it well.” Suddenly, Kai began to smile a little bit, but MAK knows that he’s not off the hook with the secret, “And I should’ve told you about the secret earlier and this wouldn’t have happened and I want to promise you that I will never keep any secret from you ever again, because the one thing I hate to do is lose you as a friend.” After reassuring Kai that, she then have to something to MAK, “Well, MAK, I think both of us have one more secret that we need to air out.”

MAK then have clear the air more with, “Wait, if you meant with how I got the powers, it was from that story with the trucks and the chasing and—“Kai then interrupted him by covering his mouth, “Not that, but good to know. I meant the other thing that we both have to confess about each other.” And soon as she mentions that, Kai then grabbed MAK’s hand, then she sweetly whispered to him, “Can you please put your arms around me?” And suddenly, Kai closed her eyes and then she kissed MAK on a full passionate lip lock and as she didn’t want to stop, she then said, “I think both of us have been holding back on that.” MAK then smiled at her, saying, “You felt that way about me, too?” Kai smiled and nodded “yes” and soon he began to kiss Kai on the lips as they both embraced another kiss.
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(Reader Discretion is Advised)

(NOTE: Takes place after this story --

Part 1: LEAVING Kakurega

“Wait! Are you serious!?” Kai questioned MAK about this fast decision, “I get that you’re in a funk, both reviewer and personal-wise, but why the sudden change of heart?” As MAK was still packing his bags, he said to Kai, “Look, I’m not going to permanently leave here. I just need to get out of there for a while and….I still don’t know if it got anything to do with that drama earlier but nevertheless, it’s something I need to do.”

Then Kai questioned him again about where he will go and she also reminded him about Rick and Dice and the $6 million bounty on his head but then MAK thought of something, “Well, you’re right about that and it’s also the reasons why I seldom leave the house. But I thought of a place where they won’t even go to and that’s…….PARISH HEIGHTS!!”

Kai’s eyes then widened at the mention of that city, “Wait, Parish Heights? Why would you want to go there?”

MAK then said, “Because rumor has it that Rick and Dice won’t step inside that place considering they once got their ass whipped by this gang and they are banned from there, so I’m safe and sound. Plus, I heard that your sister stays there, right?” That thought did relieved Kai there for a moment, “You don’t mind visiting my sister, MAK?” MAK said, “Sure. Why not? Aside from you and the guys back home, your sister is actually a cool and nice person. ” Kai then smiled at him, “Well, OK, we can try to visit her, but we can’t just drop in her place out of nowhere. I would need to call her to see if that can happen.”

“All right. That’s fair enough.” MAK said, “By the way, how she’s doing nowadays?” “Well, I should mention that she was just named lead detective in the Parish Heights Police Department.” MAK’s eyes widened as that comment, “She’s WHAT!?!?!?”

Kai then went to talk to the others about MAK taking a temporary leave from Kakurega and considering that after all what happened, she doesn’t know their initial response to this. “Hey guys,” Kai said, “I got a little announcement to make.”

Angel looked back at her, “Hmmm? You two are finally dating?” Kai then blushed and said, “Wait, I thought all of you knew that from the beginning—-but that’s not it.” She then sat down and said to them, “MAK has been feeling stressed lately, not that it has anything to do with you, and he is thinking of taking a temporary leave from Kakurega to Parish Heights.”

Angel shrugged and looked away from Kai back to the TV, “Figured partly it was going to happen…” Akuma on the other hand nodded, looking a little sad, “Alright… tell him to take care.” Kai then explained a little more about the situation, “I think with MAK being stressed with the reviews, his Blue Leaf intake, the whole Rick and Cain situation and that he never left the house since he’s been in it.”

“Look hun, no offence to you or MAK but I really couldn’t care why he wants to leave. It’s his choice like anyone who comes to this house. It’s your own problem, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else, then you don’t have to say a thing….” Angel said.

Akuma looked down, “She…. does have a point… but please… don’t take my sister the wrong way….” Kurai walked out of the kitchen with a platter of food for Angel and Akuma. He had not heard what was going on. “Wait, wait, wait!!!” Kai panicky said, “He doesn’t want to leave permanently. He just wanted to clear his head. I wasn’t trying to——” Then MAK walked into the room and sulkily said, “Look, it was my idea to do this. Kai was just telling you where we are about to go. Hell, I should’ve told you this instead of her doing my thing. The reason is that I felt like I was being an asshole the past few weeks and I didn’t like what I was becoming.”

Angel shrugged, “I know that…. I don’t care if you are coming back or not but you do know that you’re always welcome back if you don’t mean harm….” Kurai’s eyes widened slightly, “You leaving? Don’t fucking tell me that I’m going to be the only male here again!?”

MAK then looked at Kurai, “Well, it looks like it, man. It’ll just be the three of you for the next 4 days and yes, Kai is going with me, too, and we’re going there to see her sister. But look, man, I’ll be back in the matter of days. It’s not going to be a long time.” MAK lifted his bags as he and Kai walked to the door. Kurai walked over and whispered in MAK’s ear, “Come on man…. you’re leaving me with them. Do you understand how crazy I will be if you aren’t around to break them from beating me up?”

MAK then calm Kurai down for a bit, “Man, its 4 days, I’m sure they’re not going take their focus on just beating you up. I mean, Angel’s hands got to be tired from doing that all the time. Kai then talked to Kurai, “Kurai…..I may not know you that well, aside from Angel thrashing you all the time, but I don’t see Akuma doing that all the time. Plus…” She then whispered to his ear, “I think that’s a sign of Angel liking you.”

Kurai blushed, but sadly looked away from her, “Doubt it. I have a feeling it’s just because I used to troll her…. still do once in a while kind of without thinking.” “OK…” MAK said in an awkward voice after hearing Kurai’s last sentence, “Well, we about to set our destination to Parish Heights. If you need to call us or anything like that, you got mine and Kai’s cell phone number to call.”

Kai then said, “Then that means we’ll see you after the weekend,” and then she went to hug Angel, Akuma & Kurai goodbye.

Angel and Akuma hugged back but Kurai gave a more awkward hug goodbye since he didn’t really feel alright with hugs.

All three waved goodbye to MAK, one a bit more wanting him to stay to save his ass then the others.
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(Reader Discretion is Advised)

PART 2: Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City

A few hours later after saying their goodbyes, MAK & Kai set their destination to Parish Heights, although at first they have to walk down to the bus station first and MAK also have to don a disguise in order to not being recognized as that guy with the $6 million man and assume under the name of…..”Marco Antonio?” Kai reacted strangely to the name, “Really? Who’s going to think a name like that would exist around here?”

“Welcome aboard, Ms. Barrett and Mr. Antonio!” the ticketholder said as they easily got in without any trouble. “Well, this was easier than I thought.” Kai said. After they board on the train, they have been talking about what they are going to do there in all 4-5 days.

“So I guess aside from meeting your sister, what else we are going to do while we’re in here….” Along with that remark, MAK had this amorous look in his eyes, “you know, this one thing that we couldn’t do back at Kakurega….”

“MAK, first off, don’t ever do that look again.” Then MAK’s look turned into a simpering puppy dog look and then Kai gave him a very dirty look, “and second, we’re going to be at my sister’s, as in, I’m sure us having sex in her house is a little more disrespectful and sneaky.” MAK then gave a disappointed look but Kai wasn’t finished with that sentence, “We just have to be slick about it. Plus, it’ll be our first time as an official couple and I want it to be special.” MAK then turned the other foot, “Well, OK, you’re right. It is important for us to develop our relationship before we actually cemented it with….well, you know.”

“Well, I’m glad you see that way,” Kai said as she lays on MAK, “Because we don’t want anything to spoil that, now would we?” And after that, MAK just kissed her on the head and lips as they both go to sleep.

A few hours later, they arrived at their destination and as they got off the train and as they got off, they see a woman with long black hair with blue shades, blue lipstick, and a green star tattoo on the right side of her face. “Kai!! Over here!!”, then they both (well, mostly Kai) got a good look at her and realized it’s her sister, “Cyan? CYAN!!!!” The sisters both hugged each other in embrace. “Oh, Kai, how long has it been since we last saw each other? Over a year or 2 ago?” Cyan said. “I don’t know but it really feels good to see you again”, Kai said as she went for another hug. “Oh, and I want to re-introduce to someone you know. Remember this face?” She showed her a picture of a 12-year-old MAK and compares it to MAK right now. “Wait….MAK?” Cyan said, “Little MAKky?” Then she went in for a hug and also pinched his cheeks (his face cheeks, mind you.) “You’re here, too?” As MAK tried to say something with being coddled like a long-lost little brother, she also said this, “Oh, I remember when the two of you always play with each other all the time. You two never wanted to stop hanging out with each other until we had to move, that is.” MAK and Kai then awkwardly laugh at that statement, “Yeah, but that’s in the past now.” Kai said and MAK continued, “And besides, all that matters is that we’re reunited right here right now.” Cyan then noticed the facial features on MAK, “Man, you look different with a beard and a mustache. It definitely suits you.” Then they begin to walk out of there to view around the city for a bit.

Meanwhile, in the seeder part of Parish Heights inside a large apartment complex, there is a session where an amateur half-human/half-zebra drug dealer has his ass on the line for selling tiger-line cocaine in Parish Heights. “You know there’s a reason why cocaine isn’t dealt with in here, however, we can deal with that. No biggie.” The dealer looked nervous and a bit scared. “So am I off the hook, right?” “Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!” the man furiously screamed at him. “This may be cocaine, but this is laced with tiger bones and skulls!! You have people doing blow from an animal!! It’s also like doing coke where there’s human semen in it. It’s fucking DISGUSTING AND YOU DISGUST ME!!” Then the dealer yelled, “Wait, wait, wait, man……just relax…..I didn’t think it was a big deal. It’s not like you’re a tiger. Come on, Lex!!” “Not a big deal. Well, if it’s just cocaine, then all that matters to you is the police, but when it comes to shit like this…….Oh, I give a shit and you fucking with the Darksiders, whose members are also HALF-TIGER by the way.”, Soon, the man called Lex opened up a briefcase, looking like he’s getting a gun to shoot him but it was just a toothpick. “Now, you thought I was going to kill you but I got somebody else for that. AKA! Your man needs you for a bit.” Then, two girls came in the room, one of them was a tall and aggressively assertive woman with full red hair and the other one is a blue haired girl who’s more aggressive and less subtle than the other.

“Well, what do we got here?”, Aka said, “A pusher who selling some shit with grounded tiger skull and bones in them? My god, man, I’m surprised tiger blood isn’t in this shit.” Albeit the dated Charlie Sheen reference aside, she was not happy with this and her friend actually wants to be the living shit of this guy, “So you like bashing tiger skulls, do you, mother fucker? You want to smash my skull in?” Then she went in to grab a blade from her pocket and began aiming for his throat and all Aka did was watch and said, “Now you see, my friend here Nanashi, she’s actually a violent and wild girl there. Now I would do the same thing to you only I wouldn’t be so quick with it. Her on the other hand…..” He quickly glared at Nanashi and her menacing smile. “……she’s basically that girl who would probably chop your dick off because it’s cheaper than buying a dildo.” The guy kept pleading for his life and to spare him from getting his dick chopped off. Fortunately, Lex called it off just in time but gave him a warning to never sell animal-infused drugs ever again or else he’ll deal with Nanashi again.

Anyway, the main leader’s name happens to be Lex Jaga, and he’s in charge of Parish Heights’ biggest gang, The Parish Heights Darksiders, or the PHDs. However, they are not like the average gang you see in early ‘90s movies. They are more organized and follow a strict code within the entire district to keep the peace between rival gangs and doing business as usual without causing shit to go down. His first lieutenant/second-in-command is Aka Taiga, who happens to also be his girlfriend. The crazier girl mentioned earlier, Nanashi, is Aka’s right hand woman & Lex’s top enforcer. Alongside her is Magnum, the other enforcer/bodyguard to Lex; Aron, the Darksiders’ inside man; Rolo, the fast-talking tech expert & Devo, the rookie member of the group.

Soon after the whole tiger cocaine deal, two familiar suspects came into that room looking to make a deal with the Darksiders. “Yo, bud?” Magnum said, “You here to see Lex?” “Man, what the fuck you think, n---a?” One rude voice said to him but Magnum retaliated, “Dude, why in the fuck are you so rude?” Then another man approached him and said, “Don’t worry about him. We just want to discuss business with Mr. Jaga, if you will.” Magnum did let them in, but he wasn’t too thrilled with that other person, “And keep your damn brother on a leash, my man.” And those two people that came in?

They are none other than Rick and Dice Cain in Parish Heights, no less. As they approaches the desk of Lex with Aka sitting on top on it and Nanashi standing by in case something goes down. “So, you two fuckers are here again? I thought I told you the Darksiders doesn’t want or need any of your business here. “Rick then assured him it’s not about that, “Well, Lex, it’s not about the past but I’m trying to coerce you with this bounty.” Lex then rolled his eyes at the sound of that and with that, Aka replied, “You mean, we got help you catch another sucker with a big bounty, which none of us gets a cut?” Nanashi added her own 2 cents, “Yeah. It sounds like some ‘ol bullshit to me.” As she gets closer to Rick to tell him off, Dice did the dumbest thing to her; he grabbed her ass and said, “Look, girlie, this is between the businessmen and you really are just some measly bodyguard.” Really pissed off, Nanashi then pistol-whips him and said, “Just so you know, I really hate you the most and touch my ass again…..” Then she slaps him again, “……and you’ll never jerk off with that hand as long as you live.”

Lex then try to calm down the situation, “Look, if you got nothing to show, then you need to be on your w—“ Rick then show a wanted poster for a bounty worth $6 million, “Will this get you to shut up and listen? Now, we are thinking of expanding the bounty to $60 million but we only just told you guys and you know you need some of that dough….especially in this rinky-dink rundown operation.”

As Rick kept talking, everyone started to wonder a pleasurable moaning noise in the next room, “Now this could make y’all rich…. (Moan)….I mean, very rich… (Moan)…So satisfyingly—(loud moan) OKAY, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT FUCKING IN THE NEXT ROOM?” Then as they came out of the room, there was this pixie-fairy looking tiger girl with white long hair and purple eyes and another girl who was kissing her goodbye and left without making a scene. “Bye Nola. I’ll see you another time.” The girl screamed waving goodbye. “Saki!” Aka shouted, “What did I say about you inviting your friends for a quick fuck in this building?” Murasaki (or as the others call her, “Saki”) Taiga is the younger sister of Aka Taiga and serves more as a mascot/figure for the Darksiders. “Well, you said don’t make any loud noises in here. You never said don’t come here at all.” As they continue arguing, Rick continues about his bounty deal, “The bounty’s name in question is MAK…..”

“MAK? MAK!? MAK!!!” Cyan called him as he was been asleep the past trip to her apartment and on Kai’s shoulders no less. “Oh, sorry about that, guys. I sometimes drift into sleep every now and then.” “Do you always drift to sleep and drool on their shoulders?” Kai said as she noticed her drool-saturated shoulder. “So, Cyan, from what Kai told me about you lately, you just made lead detective.” MAK said. Cyan then explained that whole situation to them, “Well, yes, it wasn’t an easy thing to accomplish, especially with last year that so many cops and detectives were tied to corruption with that Attack on Rail Gate and the shock of that made us lose half the force thru either deaths and/or jailed for treason and I don’t want to end up like them.” Hearing that made things even harder for MAK to cover up the fact he has these powers, not to mention he is, of course, a bounty for $6 million himself and if somebody associates with him, they’ll be in hot trouble, too; Albeit, he has been living in seclusion for the last few months in Kakurega but he really have to be very careful, not only for his sake but for Kai and Cyan.

“So who is this MAK?” Lex said, “And why he is so important to you?” He then have Rolo look up him in many search engines around the internet but he said, “Um, Lex, there is no records of a ‘MAK’ recorded here.” Rick then explained to them, “That’s because he’s basically a digital phantom. He has never surfaced his identity and actions in the public world. He’s mostly the target of underground figures, like the fallen Anime Gods, and yet we don’t know where the hell he lives. We got associates, people that got his back and one possible person who might be very close to him.” Then both Rick and Dice gave out portfolios and blueprints of MAK from his date of birth, addresses, cities, friends, anything about this guy. Nanashi was the first to ask a question, “So according to this dossier, he is a hybrid-like being? He glows blue? What is he, a fucking Watchman?”

Aron was looking at the associates’ folder, “You know, MAK does know a lot of cute girls in his times, especially these half-wolf girls.” Devo then said, “So, old dude might be also that shit? You know the reason anybody come to P. Heights is to get some tail, both figuratively and literally and who’s this other guy with the red streak locks on his hair?” Murasaki then took a look at Devo’s folder and see the picture, “Hmmmm….I don’t know but that guy is kind of cute, though.” As Lex looked through the folders, he spotted one familiar face in there and as he kept looking at it, making sure it was that person. “Yo, my man?” Magnus asked, “You see something of interest?” Lex said, “Yeah. It’s this girl right here.” As it turns out, it was Kai’s picture in there.

“Lex, you know that girl?” Aka asked, “If she of any importance to you?” Lex cleared his throat and make sure that Aka doesn’t freak out at this. “You promise not to overreact?” Aka said while drinking some ice tea, “I promise……” Then Lex spit out the secret, “I used to date this girl way before you.” Aka then did a spit take and said, “DATE HER?!?!? Used to date her?” Lex panicked and said, “I thought you weren’t going to freak out.”

“I lied!!” Aka screamed, “Please don’t tell me you got this girl naked and in the bed because I know you did the same thing to me when we first started dating.” Nanashi then took a look at the photo, “Well, this girl is sort of…cute.” Magnum added his comments, “Yeah, this girl is gorgeous! I’m surprised you let this one go.” “I didn’t,” Lex said, “She actually left me….well, she ran away from me and I haven’t heard from her since……and no, Aka, I didn’t get her naked or even had sex with her.” So, after reliving Aka of that, Rick then asked them that if they want to take up that offer and they have accepted it. Rolo and Aron later heard word through the grapevine that MAK has been spotted in the neighborhood along with Kai and then Rick and Dice left to pursue after him. “Hey!! Don’t forget about our cut!!” Nanashi screamed out as they left. “Should we even trust those guys, Lex?” Magnum said. “Well, we’ll play it by ear and if they fuck with us, we counteract on them.” Lex said, “Til then, just fake it for a while.”

Meanwhile, MAK, Kai & Cyan arrived at the apartment complex that Cyan stays at and as they got into the elevator, there are a few neighbors that appeared out of the blue. “How’s it been easy, C.B.?” one of them said, “Oohhh….and I see you got some company there.” “Hey, Seiki. Well, this is my little sister Kai and this is her friend MAK and they are visiting me for the weekend. Guys, this is my next-door neighbor and friend Seiki.” Seiki said, “Hi, nice to meet you both. I have been some good things about you, Kai, and they’re true. You really are a little cutie.”

“Gee, thanks…” Kai said awkwardly and Seiki continued with, “And MAK….I hasn’t heard much of you but from the looks of it, you look like you two are dating …..You know, both of you are holding hands very closely.” Both of them did blush at the sight of that, although Kai did smiled a bit at that. “Seiki got a point. Y’all have been touchy-feely since I’ve seen you earlier. It’s not overbearingly cute but you do make a nice couple.” They entered the place, which looks very laid-out like it was part of a lavish hotel and Cyan show them around the place and where they will be sleeping for their time here and Cyan did showed them where they’re going to sleep at, most likely in different rooms and Cyan once never did mention to not frequently have sex. They all go into the front room to unwind for a bit to chat for a while and relax but then Seiki knocked on the door, telling Cyan that they need her down at the station at the night shift. “OK, guys, Seiki and I are going to head my way out to work. I’ll be gone all night so don’t wait up for me. Here’s money to get you something to eat and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. “

“All right, talk to you later, sis.” Kai said. “Yeah, the same here. I’ll see you when you get home.” MAK said. They said their goodbyes and she left. Now MAK and Kai are all alone in this apartment, “Well, here we are. Just us”, MAK said, “All alone.” Kai then said, “Yep, all alone.” Both of them sigh in sync and MAK was giving signs of wanting some “alone time” with Kai, especially by leaning on her shoulder again but Kai knew what he was up to and she said, “Come on now, we just got here, MAK. We will eventually get to that but for now. I am kind of hungry and Cyan did leave us some money for some food… can you do I a favor and pick up some food for us?” MAK wasn’t sure about that as he was feeling tired himself but Kai knew what to do with that, “Please, MAK?” She then started to kiss his arm, working up to the shoulder, “It would be nice for you to do this……” Then she started nibbling on the ear, “…besides there’s no Rick or Dice, so you got nothing to worry about. Plus, when you get back, I might let you…….” The whispering obviously meant what MAK think it meant and as soon as those words were mentioned, he grab the money, kissed Kai , told her he’ll be back ASAP, and he’s on his way out.

At the Parish Heights Police Station, things were the usual around there like any other police station that you know of. There was this hotshot cop named by the name of Carter Reeds, who manages to make it through the Rail Gate scandal clean even though he was suspected of receiving money from top gangs from Eastin City and BellaDonna. “Hey ladies!” he said to Cyan and Seiki entering the room in a flirtatious way. “Oh, Reeds, you’re doing this shtick again?” Seiki said without any hesitation. “What? I can’t make any good conversation with some of my fellow officers?” Reeds said. “And by conversation, you mean occasionally checking out our asses when we’re not looking. Oh yeah, I noticed.” Seiki said. “Um, Reeds, have you seen Det. Barfeld today? I need him to go over these forms and I need his signature on there.” Cyan asked him and pointed that he’s in a meeting with Mayor Letchin right now and he doesn’t need to be interrupted for anything. Then Reeds’ cell phone ring and he said, “Well, girls, I got to take this call. If you need me, you know where to go.” Seiki said at that and looked at Cyan for her reaction, “Well, you are about as calm today. I would’ve thought Reeds would get on your nerves.” “I don’t know,” Cyan said, “Maybe just seeing my sister and her friend today just got me in a better mood than usual. Plus, Reeds may be a dick but he can’t even fuck this day up.”

“Hello. Reeds speaking.” “Hey, Reeds!! My homeboy n---a in blue. How the fuck you doing? HAHA!!” That was Dice on the phone in a bar, in Happy Hour no less. Reeds sighed at that comment, “Dice. You just had to call me, didn’t you? Where’s your brother? I think he needs to speak with me about that deal.” “Hey Rick!! Rick!! Phone for you, man.” Rick grabbed the phone from Dice. “My god, man. Shit. Rick Cane here. Reeds? Man, about time you call. I was just about to give up on you.” Reeds looked left and right to make sure he wasn’t watched, “Hey, did you talk to those DarkSiders about that large scale bounty of yours?” Rick smoothly said, “Yeah, man. They fell for it. I didn’t even tell them the real amount of the bounty. I told them it was $6 million but really, its $60 million thanks to our hire supervisor and I got a word that bounty is right here in Parish Heights.” Reeds’ eyes grew wide, “$60 million? Holy shit, he’s worth that much?”

“Believe that shit, man”, Rick said with a smile, “Plus, even if they catch him, your police buddies will arrest them anyway and they get none of the cash and you will get a cut as well, just like what happened a few months back.” Reeds gave a smirk reassuring for him that everything is under control, “All right, Rick, just do the job and I’ll be satisfied….and next time, make sure you call and not your brother.” Reeds hang up the call and immediately were called by Barfeld for control a shooting at progress.
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(Reader Discretion is Advised)

Part 3: Shooting Trance

At the same bar where Rick and Dice are at, unknowingly to them, MAK comes into the bar to buy some drinks for him and Kai for their rendezvous tonight. “Hey Dice, guess who just walk in here today?” As Rick said that, Dice took a glance and saw MAK is there, “Oh, shit. He’s there. Hmmm…..I guess his little saga is about to over soon.”

As MAK got his stuff out of here and he is heading outside to go back to Cyan’s place, he had a sense that someone was following him and as he kept walking back, the suspicion was getting closer and closer and that’s when both brothers came right out behind him and said, “Oh, did you miss us, MAK? We know we miss you.”

MAK was absolutely terrified as he saw those two standing right in front of him, here in Parish Heights, the last place MAK would have thought of them appearing. MAK wanted to run from them or even disappeared from them but he couldn’t risk exposing his power to the public. “What? You’re not going to use your power to run away from us again?” Rick said, ridiculing him and then Dice followed it up with, “And guess what, n---a? Your friends aren’t here to help you. You know the ones, that fucking wolf girl and that mopey lynx boy? I know you know they attack us.”

MAK then laughed at that and then Dice punched him in his lip. “But guess what? Those wounds they think might be permanent? It’s all clear up now. You can tell your smart-ass friend that shit.” MAK got up from the ground and said to them, “You know what? I know of the fucking bounty that was put on me. I’m worth $6 million but you fuckers coming back and what did I found out about you? You’re harassing my friends and my girlfriend, and yes I know about that, too. You want to take me in? You are going to have to fight me for it.”

Rick and Dice just shrugged and began to charge at MAK with a switchblade. “I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO DO THIS FOR A LONG TIME!!!” Dice said as he tried to cut MAK and he’s evading from knife’s edge without the Blue Leaf but it didn’t help much as Dice got his arm and it started bleeding. He then grabbed MAK by the neck and pin him to the ground and Rick then dragged MAK from the ground to the wall and kick him in the sides and made him lose his balance. “Well, n---a, we aren’t going to kill you since it would be a waste of a bounty, especially since that part about you being worth $6 million? Well, I lied. I managed to turn your bounty from $6 million to $60 million!!!” MAK widen his eyes as he heard that, meaning what he was running away from has come back to bit him in the ass, only this time, things are gotten worse and with that, he heard police sirens coming here and MAK had no choice but to use his Blue Leaf power to get out of there.

“Officers!!” Rick said, “We need your assistance here. We are bounty hunters.” Then as they arrived, the cops asked them for identification. They showed it and they explained that there has been a scrap in the back alley, shown by the blood marks on the walls and concrete. One of the cops in there now is Lt. Barfeld. “Well, Rick and Dice Cane, this is some good investigation work you did there. It seemed like you are there when it happened.” Barfeld shook their hands and Rick then said, “Well, sir, I got a sixth sense about these things; Just the day of the live of being a bounty hunter.” He then noticed Reeds in one of those cop cars as he give Rick a signal meaning MAK was spotted and escaped, but the thing is they weren’t planning on capturing him…..yet.

Unbeknownst to Rick and Dice, someone saw the whole thing from afar and knew all about their prices and as soon as they know more info, they’ll stay within the shadows of the streets.

Later on, MAK was running from the Cain Brothers even though he did use his power to get away from them but he ran not just because of them, but from the stress he is dealing with right now. “AAAHHHH!!! Why?? WHY!?!? Why in the fuck did they have to come here? Just fucking great!!” He screamed in anguish and in pain from the beating that Dice laid him on. Thankfully for MAK, he didn’t forget the food and the booze that he bought. He really didn’t want to tell Kai he ran into them but he doesn’t want to lie to her again after the last time.

“You got the digital ledger, man?” Rick asked Reeds and he showed it in a small USB stick containing the records of every wanted bounty, including the known and unknown to the public bounties, as in MAK’s now-large bounty is on there. “Cool, I’m going to keep this in a safe—“Then somebody quickly snatched the stick from them and quickly ran off with it.

Meanwhile, at the DarkSiders facility, Nanashi came in barging in the room, unfortunately at a bad time where Lex and Aka are having sex in their private room. “Dammit, Nanashi!!!” Lex said and while Aka was covering herself, “Ever heard of knocking on the fucking door!?” Then Aka was blushing red, hiding in the covers, “Come on, not cool, girl!!” As Nanashi rolled her eyes, she said, “I just saw those damn Cain Brothers with the police and they almost got that guy! That MAK guy!! And those dumb fuckers let him escape and luckily, I snatched their USB sticks with some info on him. Rolo, can you check some info on that?” Rolo shook his head and said, “Sure.” Then Murasaki came in the room, wondering what’s going on there and she sees Aka partially naked. “Um, you were getting on me about having sex in the building but all of a sudden, you and Lex fucking in the room is fine?” Aka then sighed and rolled her eyes but Aron did said, “She got a point, you know?” “Please shut the fuck up, Aron.” said a very irritated Nanashi. “What she said.” Devo agreed with her as he was reading a magazine.

As MAK got back to the apartment feeling broken, he was replaying the incident in his head and wanted to use his power to fight them off. He entered the room saying, “Kai! I’m back from getting food, “He walked to the kitchen to place the food there and grab the wine from the bar, “I also got some wine for us and a little something for Cyan to show my appreciation for letting us stay he……re……Whoa!” That expression meant that as we walk towards Kai, who is wearing some very sexy and suggestive lingerie, all scantily clad in black and blue, along with stockings. She then came up to MAK, smiling at him and said, “Well, I know I said it would be disrespectful to have sex in my sister’s apartment and I still stand by that, but there’s nothing wrong with a little making out, right?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong with that.” MAK said as he embraced Kai in a loving hold, “I just hope I wasn’t rushing you to do this so soon, even though I’m very happy right now in many ways.” Kai said, “MAK, some of the guys I dated at the time wanted to rush me into having sex but I didn’t and they never lasted that long. You, on the other hand, are more of a gentleman when it comes to this and you’re just not some guy that wanted to be my friend only to just fuck me and get it over with. You are one of my very true friends and that’s what I love about you.” Then Kai snuck in a longing kiss with MAK and the two proceeded to make out on the couch, getting lost in their romantic bliss.

At that moment, Kurai showed up out of the shadows, “Hey guys!” he said waving a bit with a big smile on his face.

Then both MAK and Kai screamed out of nowhere, causing Kai to cover up and MAK to get dressed quickly, “Man, what the hell you are doing here?”

"Hmmm? Just visiting a bit… whats going on?" he asked, shrugging, "I needed to get away from Angel for a moment so I thought I would pop in on you guys. Thats the fun of knowing how to become a shadow," It seemed that he had done something to piss off Angel again.

"Um, Kurai," Kai said, "MAK and me were in the middle of doing…….well….something very intimate between me and him, since we are dating now and you did killed it with you showing up."

Then MAK said to him, “Let me guess, Angel is beating on you again for what? Breathing? Akuma looking at you in an usual way? Remote stealing?”

Kurai gulped, scratching his head a bit, “Um… not exactly…. and Angel doesn’t hit me for breathing…. just… I guess when I just end up trolling her….” he bit his lip, “Not sure how to get her to understand at all…. anyway…. see ya!” he waved as he backed up into the shadows and disappeared.

After that interruption, MAK and Kai were about to continue making out until they heard a knock on the door and it was Cyan about to enter. “Hey guys, I’m back!” Both of them have to think fast about not being caught in the act and all Kai did was push MAK back into the bathroom and her to get some pants or shorts quick before any suspicion is made. As Cyan entered the apartment, Kai was seen lounging on her couch, listening to music. “Hey, Cyan! Long time no see,” she said with in a hurried and rushed way. “OK….” Cyan said awkwardly, “All we did today was report on some attack near this bar that some bounty hunters witnessed and reported to us. They said that Reeds know them.” Kai then got interested in the story, “That sounds intriguing. Wait, that guy who got off easy during that Rail Gate scandal?”

“Yeah,” Cyan said, “But by the looks of his friends, they look more untrustworthy than him or even as untrustworthy as him. They’re those bounty hunters, Rick and Dice Cain.” Those four words uttered from Cyan sent Kai in a shock, considering she now knows that they are here, especially thinking everything was going to be alright. “Hey, have you seen MAK?”

“Yeah,” Kai said, “He’s in the bathroom, taking a shower.” Exactly, MAK was just shoved there via Kai’s kick and he also has lipstick all over his face and the upper part of his body, meaning Cyan can spot a few kisses elsewhere aside from the obvious. “MAK, are you decent?” Cyan said and MAK answered ‘yes’ as she checks on him to see for herself and he wrapped a towel around his face for obvious reasons. “Um, Cyan…” he said in a muffled voice, “I’m doing a deep cleansing thing that I heard about somewhere and it does help—“she took the towel off to see the lipstick smooches on him and she figured it out, “Look, guys, you don’t have to keep a secret of both of you kissing while I’m not here but don’t tell me you decided to—“Both MAK and Kai shouted that they didn’t have sex in the apartment and told her that they wouldn’t do that to her after all she’s done for them. “OK, OK, Maybe it’s me or because of Kai’s past boyfriends, I have to be extra cautious about this, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you’re like them. You’re exactly a better person.”

MAK shrugged and nodded with, “All right. That’s good to know.” Then he came out of the bathroom and sat down with Kai with a discorded look on her face, still shocked about knowing Rick and Dice’s whereabouts. “Well, guys, I’m about to take a quick shower and change. So you can talk among yourselves about things…..and stuff….just no freaky shit, all right?” So Cyan went to take a shower and as Kai got out of her shocked mode, she then grabbed a pillow and then covered her face to scream at it.

“Oh, fuck!! Why? Why? Damn it!!” Kai cursed out in anger and misery and MAK tried to calm her down, “Kai, you know your sister knows that we didn’t—“Kai then said to him, “It’s not that, MAK. It’s something worse that I found out,” Then she grabbed her ankles and starting to rock herself in fear, “Rick and Dice are here in Parish Heights!! My god, why in all the screwed-up cities, they have to come here.” Now MAK knows that Kai knows about this and as much as he wants to tell her, he doesn’t want to increase that worry. “Damn. I should have known.” Then Kai looked at him like he knew something, “Wait, what? What do you know about this, MAK?” She then grabbed him by the neck collar and said to him, “MAK, did you knew about this?”

All MAK did was uttered “uhhh…..” most of the time meaning that he definitely knew and Kai was not pleased at that and she turned away from him, “OK, look, I didn’t know at first. I was just getting some food and something for us and that’s when I saw them. I thought I was hallucinating but here they were.” Kai still wasn’t looking at him but she was listening to his word, “Look, Kai, I swore I didn’t want this to happen either. We’ll find a way to avoid them at all costs.” Kai wasn’t so sure about how it’ll work out and to keep this from Cyan. “I don’t know. I’m just thought….the trip would be something to take off your stress and now….it’s even worse. I’m just going to sleep for now. “And so, Kai went to her guest room to do that. MAK sighed in even more stress at the result of this and Cyan just got out of the shower and already changed, “Hey! Is Kai asleep?” she asked and MAK shook his head that she is. “She’s probably just tired from today. That’s all.”

Rolo was looking into the digital leader to see most of the bounties and how much they are worth. “Wow, they are a lot of people on this list that we never knew about and Cain was definitely right on the money on that MAK guy. He’s the most popular name on there.” Devo said, “You think he might know where the ledger is?” Nanashi then scuffed at that remark, “He wished he knew. If he even tries to come by here, he wouldn’t want to mess with me.” She smiled viciously as she pulled out her piece. Aron and Rolo were scared shitless of her and the dangerous ways she got but Devo was more intrigued by her. “So, I’ve been in here for about 4 months and I got to ask…….is Nanashi single?”

“Dude, what the hell is wrong with you?” Aron said, “You forget who you’re working with. That chick is a no-go as she might make your penis go no-no.” Rolo had a different opinion about Nanashi, “Come on, Aron, Nanashi’s not that crazy. She’s just a little creative in combat. It’s—“Then Aron interrupted him and said, “She almost chop a guy’s penis and said that she would use his DICK for a DILDO!! That’s FUCKING CRAZY TO ME, ROLO!!”

Unaware that Nanashi can actually hear the whole conversation, she was annoyed by Aron’s ramblings about her and said, “Well, don’t worry about your dick, Aron. I don’t think anybody would want to use it, let alone me.” As Aron did felt insulted (“HEY!!” he shouted), she got to Devo and said, “Kid, I do admire your taste in women and who’s to say that I might actually let you see me in the bare flesh but right now, let’s keep this on a partnership level, then we’ll see what happens.” She then walked out of the room, maybe even giving Devo some hope and to show off both Rolo and Aron.

Nanashi knocked the door to Lex’s main room to discuss about the ledger with him and Aka. They are both in there, along with Murasaki and her lover from earlier, Nola, who happens to be a half-cat/half-angel girl. “Hey, Lex and Aka, I think we need to talk about the whole MAK situation.” Then she notices Saki and Nola as they get close to having sex (again) and said, “Can you two take it outside of here, please? I need to talk to her sister and Lex.”

Nola asks, “Is that about that guy that has a $60 million bounty?”

“WHAT THE FUCK, SAKI?!?” Nanashi screamed at her, “You told her girlfriend/fuck buddy about this? This shit can’t leave this building so other gangs can beat us to it!!” Saki then yelled this at her, “Well, that may be the case to you, but I don’t keep any secrets from Nola, so don’t bitch out about this!!”

“What in the fu—“Nanashi said as she was interrupted by Lex and Aka as they see what’s with the commotion about. “Um….everything going all right, guys?” Aka said, “Because Lex is on the phone with Cain right now and we need to hear about every detail.” Nanashi’s temper toward Murasaki will have to wait after Lex is done finalizing plans with Rick and to not mention about the digital ledger. “Well, Cain came up with a plan tomorrow after their meeting with Mayor Letchin at the police station and some new info about one of our targets that I should’ve mentioned.” Lex round up all the guys for a little meeting with some info, “About the police station, I’ve found out that MAK might have a connection to one of their officers and it might unknown to me that it was one Cyan Niko Barrett, as in, she’s Kai’s sister.”

“WHAT!?!?!?!?” A collective round of them said and Nanashi added, “That girl who you didn’t screw has a sister cop?” “Yes, Nana. She’s a cop,” Aka said, “And rumor has it that she doesn’t know about MAK’s powers and only Kai does. Matter of fact, here’s some photos of them arriving from the train station to meet her.”

Lex then said to all of them, “Anyway, the point is that at the station, we do a precisely planned ambush only looking for those three and nobody else. Everyone got that?”

“Gotcha.”, Magnum said; “Sure thing.” Nanashi said; “Yeah” Rolo said; “Yep.” Devo said; “Whatever, nig—(Magnum slapped him)—I mean, okay.” Said Aron, “Did you really have to slap me for almost saying that?” and Magnum shook his head that he did.

Aka then called Saki and Nola for something, “Hey, I might need you two for something during there tomorrow, so listen up.” Nola then said, “OK, I’m all ears.”
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PART 4: Bullet Roundabout

The next morning after, MAK was woken up by Kai to talk to him about something, “Hey, MAK?” she said, “I know that when you saw Rick and Dice, they attacked you since you use your Blue Leaf to heal yourself and there’s the glowing scar on you.” MAK then got up to her and said, “Once again, I managed to screw up something, either it’s Rick and Dice attacking me or other things in my personal and/or reviewing life.” Then he tried to go back to sleep to avoid more disappointment but Kai pushed out of the couch and got on top of him, “Look, I don’t blame you for them being here. It’s just more that you trying to keep it under wraps from me. I just……I thought that we both agreed to not keep any secrets from each other.” He looked disappointed in himself for heading towards that way again and he doesn’t want to that again. Then Kai tuned in her cheery voice and said, “Now, come on and get up because we got a busy day today!” MAK seemed confused as hell to what’s going in and then Cyan came into the living room and said, “Well, MAK, in case you forgot or if I didn’t tell you, I’m taking both of you to my job and on a special occasion, too. The Mayor of Parish Heights is coming there to promote Lt. Barfeld to Chief of Police and that means most of us, including yours truly, may be a bonus and honorary stances to the city.”

“Well, it looks like protecting this city does have its perks.” Kai said and chuckled a bit. “But, yeah, I’ll be able to go with you at work.” Then MAK also said that he’ll go with them, “So, do I need to dress in a certain way? Casual? Formal? Anything particular?” Cyan said that it didn’t matter as long as it isn’t anything like “Fuck the Police” or anything negative about it. So after a good 30 minutes ( or 45 depending on who’s the last one ready), the trio along with Seiki rode down to the station in their formal wear, although MAK decided to bring tennis shoes in case he gets tired of the dress shoes he had to borrow from one of Seiki’s brothers.

They arrived there a few minutes earlier than suspected and Cyan got to introducing MAK and Kai to Barfeld and the other cops, detectives, and miscellaneous. “Lt. Barfeld, I mean, soon to be Chief of Police, I would like to introduce you to my little sister, Kai Barrett and her boyfriend Ma…rco …..Marco Antonio. As Barfeld shook MAK’s hand and hugged Kai, he said to them, “Well, it’s nice to meet Barrett’s younger siblings and her boyfriend and I’m proud to know your sister around here.” “Oh, well, thank you, sir.” Kai said and smiled at him. Barfeld also talked to MAK for a little bit and he did speak a little, although MAK is known to be a little shy around people and doesn’t say much. “Sorry if I haven’t got much to say, sir. I’m not really much of a talker.” Barfeld didn’t exactly mind it that much, “Don’t worry about it, son.” But MAK did say one thing to him, “But, congratulations on your promotion to chief of police, sir.”

Barfeld give his thanks to him again and Seiki examined MAK a bit about his shyness, “Hmmm, I didn’t know you were that shy. I never would have suspected.” Cyan said, “Come on, Seiki, he was being modest and that can be a good trait to most guys.” Then Seiki said, “I know. I know.” MAK never did mind their whole conversation about that but Kai did add her own thoughts about that, “Well, it’s not that uncommon anymore that people can have trouble to adapt in different settings….I often have difficulties with that before.”

Reeds then came into the scene with a few guests of his, “Well, Barrett and Argento (Seiki’s last name), I have seen you’re arrived just in time as well.” Seiki looking less flattered at him said, “So, this is what, like the fourth pair of girls you going out this week?” Reeds and his dates laughed, “See? Didn’t I say she’s actually funny? What a fucking jokester.”

“Hey, Reeds,” Cyan said calmly, “I would like for you to meet Kai, my younger sister and Marco, her boyfriend.” Seiki then said to him, “And yes, Marco is her boyfriend (and she whispers to him) so, no checking her out from behind.” Reeds clear his throat and said to the both of them, “Well, nice to meet you both (and in his thoughts) Well, this girl is pretty hot and has a nice body figure for sure. Why is she with this guy? Wait…..oh yeah; this is that guy Cain was telling me about.” At that time, Reeds was signaling Rick and Dice to come over there as everyone is taking their seats to get ready for the ceremony.

“Hey, Barrett and Argento, I would like you to meet the bounty hunters Barfeld noticed yesterday”, Reeds said, “This is Rick Cain and Darius Cain, but he goes by Dice.” Rick then kissed the ladies’ hands and said, “Morning, ladies. How are we doing right here today?”

“Doing good…..” Seiki and Cyan said awkwardly. “Um…MAK and Kai, here are some more people that we sort of know.” MAK and Kai then looked back to see who and as they suspected, they are shocked that they are here but it has to be played subtle since they are in public so they decided to play it cool. “Cyan, me and Kai got to freshen up before the ceremony/conference.” “OK, but why do you and Kai need to go together?” Cyan asked. “I’m sure it’s not crucial to him and his friend,” Rick said and Dice concluded, “Let’s hope you get back here without missing a beat of this, you heard me?” MAK and Kai nodded yes and they said that they’ll be back in 5 minutes or less.

“Fuck me sideways,” MAK said, “It’s bad enough I saw them recently but right here, right now…..AT A POLICE STATION?” Kai was pacing around in circles about this, “Well, they do associate themselves with the police…..unfortunately.” She uttered that last word in a graved voice. “But as long as we stick together and Cyan and Seiki watches us, we’re going to be fine. Plus, you’ll be sitting next to me during the meeting and…..well, you know….” Then Kai went in to hug MAK to ensure the whole thing is going to be alright. MAK then calmly said, “All right, at least being near you is worth it.”

Meanwhile outside the police station, Aron was checking surveillance around the area while Rolo is looking through any security camera around the neighborhood to know which ones to avoid so nobody will suspect anything. Lex then told the plan to the rest of them as followed: Murasaki and Nola will distract some of the police officers via car “trouble” and to flirt with them a bit, Aka will be crowd control and as for him, Nanashi, Devo & Magnum will handle getting MAK from there.

As the ceremony started, Mayor Letchin is getting ready for his speech as MAK and Kai returned from freshening up and they needed to find two seats together but as they find only three left; they rushed to get there but Dice ended up taking the middle seat. “FUCK!!” entered the minds of MAK and Kai. “Well, you two got to be apart sometimes.” Dice slyly said. MAK didn’t look too happy with him taking Kai’s seat and the fact that other seat is between him and Rick, MAK felt right if he sat between them but Kai decided that she wanted to take the plunge for him and so she did.

It finally started with Mayor Letchin delivering his speech, honoring the efforts of the Parish Heights Police Station with Reeds, Seiki and Cyan standing beside him and Lt. Barfeld the right of him. While that’s happening, the tension between The Cain’s and MAK and Kai are getting very close to call. “So, I see you’ve been playing house with your lady, huh?” Dice said with a silent and threatening voice, “Did you really think you were going to hide from us any longer? Oh, and that goes to you and your girl, too.” Rick got in on the conversation as well, addressing this to Kai, “So, it is true. You and MAK have been more than ‘just friends’. Hell, I can tell both of y’all were making out last night.” She looked nervous and a bit frantic from his appearance and she felt the need to respond this, “Look, I think you need to get my love life out of your head. What me and MAK do is frankly none of your fucking business and furthermore, I swear, if one of you threaten anyone, from me, MAK, Cyan or anyone close to me, you will regret it.” Rick and Dice didn’t take that too seriously and try not to laugh to draw attention to themselves, “Really, the only member of your little group who isn’t a half-animal or someone who’s more bluer than a Na’vi. “ MAK then got up to their faces and silently said, “Well, Kai did slap the shit out of you at the store that one time, as I recall,” Kai smirked at the both of them, “And she’s right. You try to do something here, we as in me and Kai, will make you pay for that. Believe that shit.”

The plan that Lex laid out is now taking into effect as Nola was recklessly driving with Murasaki in the passenger side, holding for dear life and to make it look real enough, but unknown to them, somebody else was also planning something with this. After Letchin finished his speech, he went to introduced Barfeld as the recipient for his award with the whole force clapping and cheering, which did stopped both Cain, MAK and Kai from arguing and speaking of that, Rick was secretly dialing his phone to begin the plan and as it did, a car came crashing down but Saki and Nola bailed out of there before it crashed near the station. Everyone took notice from that and as the officers went to check it out to see any bodies or survivors there but when they smell gas, as if it’s about blow up, every officer told the people to back away from car and run for cover.

Suddenly, when something has about to blow up, it wasn’t the damaged car but the same person that was spotted earlier put a car bomb on one of the cruisers and created an explosion frenzy, which causes Rick to go, “What in the fuck? That wasn’t in part of the plan. I’m going to kill those fucking kids.” He thinks that this was all the Darksiders’ doings.

Aron and Rolo were surprised as well as they needed to run from the explosion debris falling, “What the hell happened?” Rolo said and as he called on his walkie-talkie, “Saki! Nola! Did you know about a bomb plan?” Both of them said, “No! We swear we didn’t know. You’re lucky that we ditch the car before it all happened.” Saki panted from the thought of almost being blown up but Nola tried to calm her down, “Saki, baby, Don’t worry. You’re safe with me. “She then came bearing tears and crying down to Nola’s chest and said, “Nola…..Why did we take this job? If I haven’t known this would happen, I wouldn’t have said yes. I just…..I don’t want to lose you…NOT TO THIS!!!”

Everyone had to split from the smoke and fire while all the officers round up all the people that made it out safe and sound and as they are counting, Seiki noticed two people missing, “OK, that’s everyone……wait, MAK and Kai are missing!! Cyan!! Your sister and her boyfriend are gone.” Cyan looked back at the people, “What? Oh no, oh no, oh no. Where could they’ve went?” Rick and Dice didn’t know and neither did Reeds as Cyan asked them first for some reason.

But in actuality, Kai and MAK ran into the station where it was safe and sound, or at least, that’s what they think. “OK……I can’t believe my stupid ass would’ve thought going here was a good idea and apparently car bombings and meeting those guys are the highlights of this trip.” Kai objected to that statement, “Hey! Just remember this was your idea to come down here. You wanted to get away from your stress but yet this isn’t the best way to do that.”

“Hey!!!” Lex in a mask said while aiming his gun at him, “Are you MAK?” MAK thought about responding and he said, “Who wants to know? But the question is…who the fuck is you?” Then all of a sudden, Magnum came behind him and said, “I believe you are in no position to talk back, man.” Then Nanashi put a grip on him, pinning him down on the ground. “MAK!!” Kai shouted as Devo came to hold her down, “Let me go! LET ME GO, DAMMIT!! That’s my boyfriend you got pinned down.” Lex approached to her, looking up and down at her, “So I guess you move on, haven’t you……Kai?” Kai’s eyes widen as the masked one knew her name, “How in the hell you know my name?” Then Lex takes off his mask to reveal himself for their eyes, “Lex?” Nanashi then added, speaking to MAK by the way, “Oh yeah, let me catch up on this. You see, that guy Lex, he used to date your girl there. Don’t worry; they didn’t fuck so there aren’t any worries for you there.”

“Wow, thanks for the unwanted news, Nanashi,” Lex said, “Next you want to tell them that I sleep with a retainer because I grind my teeth violently?” Kai said, “Actually I already knew about the teeth thing, but aside from that, WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU BLOW UP HALF THE SQUAD CARS?” Then Aka came into the fray, heard what Kai said and she responded, “We didn’t plan that shit! All we were told to do was to get you and we get paid with that bounty.” MAK said, “Let me guess, Rick and Dice Cain?”

Lex then said, “Really? You think we would work for those fuckers?” All of them stared at him, thinking he was some kind of dumbass, “OK, yeah, but he came to us for some reason.” Speaking of those two, they happened to just came in the room and Lex was looking pissed at them, “What the fuck’s going on? Why did Saki’s car blow up? Who’s planted those other car bombs? And why right now are police bulletins are saying arrest after every DarkSider member?” Dice went up to him and said, “Let’s just say we need another deal with someone and your services are no longer required.” Then Rick and Dice pull out their guns aiming at everyone and then Rick went to where Kai was and Devo went in trying to cut him but Rick knew his trick, grabbed his arm, and held a tight grip on his hand and knocked him down on the wall. “Fucking rookie.”

Magnum then started to aim his gun at Rick and Dice’s heads, “I wouldn’t be so sure of that……n---a.” Dice then grabbed his gun and shot at Magnum, “Not so fucking tough now, aren’t you, n---a?” Nanashi then choked Dice with a cooper wire but Rick grabbed a tranquilizer needle to eject some in Nanashi but Devo grabbed him and tried to get the needle from him. Lex and Aka tried to help Nanashi as she was thrown by Dice and he has her pinned down until Aka jumped on him and then Nanashi got back into it.

While that’s happening, there was some strange woman with green hair and a panda hat were skulking in the room and Kai was the first to notice as that woman was telling them, “Hey, you! Yes, you and your friend there. Come on, you need to get out of here. Just follow me and you’ll be fine.” So MAK and Kai escaped from there without a trace.

Devo was still incapacitated with Rick at the moment with Lex throwing in some punches at him but Dice and Rick both jumped on Lex as a swarm of police is about to come on. Everyone else was about to jet out of there but Aka tried to pull Lex out of there, “Aka! You need to get out of here! NOW!!” It looked like Aka didn’t want to leave and would rather shoot it out but she thought it would be too risky to take a chance, “OK! I’ll go. But we’re bailing you out the first chance we get!!”, and so, she left before the cops caught up to him and instead they arrested Lex.

Meanwhile, Kai and MAK are 2 blocks away from the police station running from the outrage and in need to hide. They picked one in a dank and wet alley and begin to hide there until the heat dies down. MAK panted and panted until he had this to say, “So, you think we lost him?” Kai went to check on the situation and she said, “No. We’re pretty good here.” The green haired woman then said, “Fantastic, now if we can—“but was interrupted when MAK had to let out something, “You….dated somebody from a gang…and you never told me about this?”

“I didn’t think it was the right time to tell you about…….WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Don’t put this on me!! Aren’t you the one who lied about your powers?” Kai said to him then sassed him for his lies. “Hold up!! This isn’t about me. You dated some guy that’s coming for my ass? That is actually more important than my past right now.” For the next few minutes, Kai and MAK argue and argue about the whole situation, going back and forth on this whole thing until green-haired girl had enough of hearing it. “Will you two please shut the fuck up right now? I’m trying to tell you something important here.” They begin to shut up and listen, “OK, those guys have a digital ledger containing all the bounties that are hidden from every police station in the city and it contains a certain bounty that’s worth $60 million and once you’re in control of the ledger, you can do anything to do it, even erase the bounty from existence.” MAK liked that last part of erasing the bounty and wiping his slate clean. “But unfortunately, The Darksiders got it now in their building.” That sudden hope on MAK’s face turn into disappointment meaning he has to do what he really doesn’t need to do.

Back at the Darksiders’ house, Aron and Rolo were waiting for the rest to come back while Nola needed to comfort Murasaki after that car bomb incident as Saki was holding Nola tight in her arms. Rolo asked if anything’s all right and that can he do something about it but Nola said that she was fine but Saki definitely needed her. Aron showed some concern for her, too, and this time he wasn’t acting his usual self and then came the rest minus Lex into the home. “What’s up, guys,” Rolo said, “So anything good came out of this? We finally got that MAK guy?” But Rolo may have chosen his words wrong as Aka was feeling sullen and depressed coming back there. “Hey, where’s Lex at?” Aron said, “There’s got to be good news to this.”

“There isn’t,” Devo said, “Those bastards The Cain Brothers betrayed us. They got Lex arrested and held him responsible for the bombings today. Plus, MAK and his girlfriend escaped without a trace.” Aka out of anger punched a wall and said, “Shit!! I should’ve gotten Lex out of there. Why did I have to leave him? I could’ve gotten him out. I know I would’ve….but……FUCK!! (She punched the same wall again)” Nanashi then tried to calm her down, “Aka….Aka…….AKA!!…..Don’t worry about Lex. I’m sure he’ll be—actually, never mind.” Saki got up to see how Aka is doing and seeing how Aka is dealing with this did provoke Saki to show concern and care for her as well.

“I got to get that ledger tonight.” MAK said at the alley. “That’s the only choice I got here. I can’t live like this anymore. I need to fix this damage.” But Kai wasn’t too sure about sneaking in there, “But, MAK, even if you do get the ledger and erase your bounty, how’s that stopping them from hunting and killing you?’ MAK said, “Well, the key here is mostly money. No one wants to kill someone for free. It’s the circle of urban life. You have to pay the price to be an assassin.” Kai pondered more about this, “I don’t know about this, but if it’s the only way, then you got to try that.” And before they left, the girl decided to introduce herself in case they need to contact her more, “Well, I must be off. I have a city to look out for. Oh, I’m sorry for the delayed welcome but my name is Tomoki Miayama or by my moniker, Midori Hybrid and I are of a higher calling than you know of, MAK/Blue Hybrid and Kai Barrett of Kakurega.” Then she disappeared without a trace in front of their eyes. They wanted to question that existence but Kai’s cell phone rang and it was Cyan on the phone.

“Cyan?” Kai said and Cyan responded, “Kai! Oh, you’re all right. I was getting worried there. Is MAK with you?” “Yeah”, she said and she’d gotten MAK on the phone for him to say something, “Don’t worry, Cyan, I’m right here.”

“Look, I’m sorry we had to split out of there but we had to get out of there qu——“, before Kai can finish that sentence, Cyan said, “Look, I’m not mad at you for thinking a way to escape with your lives. I’m just glad both of you are safe and sound and we got the suspect in custody.” Kai gulped at that moment, “Well, did he confess to anything yet?” Cyan answered her, “No. He kept saying some bogus answer of ‘they were framed’ or ‘someone set him up’ but we weren’t falling for that. Hell, Seiki keep smashing his hand for a confession (Flashback to her actually cracking Lex’s hand; “OWW!! Dammit! I keep telling you that….cracks hand again Oh, FUCK that hurts.”) But he’s not saying a thing.” Kai did seem relieved that he wasn’t confessed to anything that’s linked to her and/or MAK, “Look, I want you and MAK to go back to the apartment. It looks like I might be here all night, investigating this whole ordeal.”

“All right, I’m heading back there right now. Talk to you later, Cyan.” “See you later, Kai.” As both of them got through talking and hung up, MAK was heading the opposite way, “Wait, where are you going?” Kai said, “Cyan said that we need to head home.” “Kai, you heard what the Midori girl said, DarkSiders got the ledger. I’m going to sneak in there, get it, erase the bounty off my head, and move on with my life.” MAK said in a determined fashion but Kai disagreed with his statement, “MAK, NO!! We can’t get caught up in this again! We got away once and we need to stay that way.”

“And what do you think I’m trying to do with this?” MAK argued with and he also added, “We just can’t keep hiding for the rest of our lives. Besides Cyan is going to be at the station all night, I can get there in less than an hour or two.” Kai is fully against the idea and she was getting really worried for him all over again but then she thought if the idea could work and that way, she wouldn’t have to keep lying to Cyan since the lie would eventually die. “I heard that police are looking for every DarkSider member in the area, so you can infiltrate there to get it and once you get the ledger and delete the bounty, you get back here and we can leave this behind us.” MAK then said, “Kai, I promise you I will get back to your arms and I will stay there for the rest of my life.” But first, MAK took Kai back to Cyan’s place to drop her off, kissed her as he left again and went on to precede the plan.

Then in the shadows, two hybrid girls were watching MAK as he prepares himself for his mission, “Do you think he can be the next one amidst us?” one of them asked, “He wasn’t born a hybrid, but he has the style, wit, and determination of one.” Then Midori/Tomoki spoke up and said, “I know he’s ready. I think after this, we’ll know.”
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(Reader Discretion is Advised)

PART 5: Thousand Isle Chase Co-Op

“So we need to hit one of the strip clubs tonight?” Dice said as he counted his dollar bills to throw, “Yeah, yeah, I need to get my mind off that fucked up mission.” Rick said as he continued with, “Those fucking Darksiders, the whole force, not to mention fucking MAK and Kai gave me a migraine, but yeah, I need some titties and ass to cheer me up.”

Later into the night at one of the clubs that the Darksiders have part ownership called the Indo Silver Club, where the ledger happens to be hidden and all the members (the ones that are not jailed) happen to be there as Aka is knocking a few drinks to calm her down from today; Aron and Rolo are hitting on women on the dance floor; Magnum was getting lucky himself on the dance floor, too; Saki and Nola are doing their usual deal and Devo was trying to hit on Nanashi…again. “So…rough day, huh?” Devo asked, “Well, I’m still alive, aren’t I?” Nanashi said, “I’m glad I was able to handle that Dice idiot, although my back still hurts like hell.” She went to stretch her back while Devo was staring at her chest. She notices him staring at that moment but Devo played it cool like he accidentally glared off somewhere. She wasn’t falling for that. “Come on, Devo, you didn’t think I would notice?” Devo then got into the “don’t slap the shit out of me” phase but she didn’t go there. “What? I don’t mind you checking me out like that. You’re one of the few guys I don’t threaten on a regular basis, aside from the rest of the guys.”

“You talk to Aka lately?” Devo asked, “Yeah, she’s been moody for the last few hours. Me, Saki and Nola talked to her earlier, she just wants to get her mind off Lex and only thinking about him makes it worse.” Nanashi then offered Devo something else to do here, he suggested dancing but he wasn’t much of one but she got something else in mind for later. Outside of the club, MAK stakeout the place and scope out to see where the ledger was located at and he had a hunch that it was in the master manager room luckily he can turn on his stealth mode and sneak in there like easy.

Back at Cyan’s place, Kai was watching coverage of the whole bombing for any development or mention of someone in particular then she started to fall asleep and that’s when Cyan came home and she looked rather a mix of pissed and disappointed. She called Kai to wake up three times until she poured cold water on her and it was very surprising to her, “Cyan, what the hell? Why am I all wet?” Cyan really couldn’t care less as she said, “Save it. As it turns out somebody in this home is keeping a secret from me….better yet, two recent somebodies in here.” Kai tried to act dumb to her as if she don’t know what she’s talking about, “Kai, I know you dated Lex Jaga and everything…..and I mean everything! The fact that Rick and Dice are after MAK for a large bounty in a digital ledger and you never told this to me?” Cyan looked less angry as she turns to a sullen voice, “I get you want to protect your boyfriend and I like MAK, too, but you know that I can’t keep this from my superiors. I don’t want to end up like the ones in the Rail Gate scandal.”

Kai said, “But those guys got arrested for dealing with gangs and money laundering.” Then Cyan said, “They still got caught and now they’re rotting in a jail cell. What would Mom and Dad think of me doing this shit? I just……I……wait, where’s MAK? I need to confront him about his.” She then went to check MAK in the guest room, while Kai tried to stop her but it was too late. She knows MAK isn’t in there and she took a guess to where he’s at. “He went to erase the bounty from the ledger, did he?” Kai shook her head in defeat and then both of them heard the police bulletin that Rick and Dice are headed for the Indo Silver Club to arrest all of the Darksiders, which where MAK is at right now.

Meanwhile in the Club, MAK get in there without being spotted and we went to look for the digital ledger in the master manager room. He got there in the room and he log in with a passcode that was left in the desk to track down his name in the ledger. After 62 searches, he found it listed as “MAK The Hybrid; net worth - $6-60 million” and as he was about to delete it, the door handle was jiggling meaning MAK needed to go back into stealth mode and the people who came in was Devo and Nanashi.

As they entered, Nanashi grabbed and kissed Devo very hard and aggressively rough, as he was really getting into it. Devo needed to breathe for a minute, “Whoa! Damn, you’re a good kisser.” Nanashi chuckled, “I did practice a lot when I was younger.” Then she proceeded to take off her jacket and her shirt as she kept making out with Devo even more. While that was happening, MAK was hiding in the desk, trying to escape without them noticing although he’s invisible.

It seemed like he can escape right now and say it’s the wind but a few moments later, he did try to escape but the Blue Leaf was starting to wear off a little and just when Devo got Nanashi topless, MAK was exposed and out in the open. “YOU!!” Nanashi shouted as she grabbed her gun from the ground, attempting to shoot him but he jumped out of the window. Devo pushed the silent alarm to get the others’ attention. They came here quick and Aka said, “What’s going on here? Why did you push the alarm, Devo, and why is Nanashi half-naked?” Devo said, “No time to explain. MAK is here!!” Aron and Magnum took notice of Nanashi’s appearance but Aron was the first to open his mouth, “Wait, if Nanashi and Devo saw him in here, why are they……Wait, did you—“ Nanashi shut his mouth and said, “We got a runner on the loose. Focus on that and not on me.”

Outside the club, Rick and Dice were waiting at the door, “Man, I didn’t understand why you had to grab that stripper to your lap. You forgot about that ‘no harassing the dancers’ shit?” Dice then said, “Well, she promised I can touch them. She should’ve kept it.” Then they somewhat notice MAK running from the back alley and following that was Aka, Nanashi, Devo, & Magnum getting in their bikes to chase him down. “Him again?” Dice said, “Yep” Rick said.

“Calling all officers, I just spotted Darksiders in motorized bikes off of Midway Lane. Rest of them might be in the Indo Silver Club, I repeat, in the Indo Silver Club.” MAK kept running from them until a black Escalade came at his path and it was Tomoki driving, “Quick! Get in!!” and so he did and she drove off. Also in the car were the two girls that was with her earlier watching MAK’s every move; the cat girl on the left side was Loyuka and the wolf girl on the right side of the car was Cassie; they are Tomoki’s assistant partners and fixers of the Hybrid World.

“So, Ao Hybrid, did you erase your bounty files or did you manage to screw that up?” Loyuka said, “HA HA HA (he laughed sarcastically), I almost had it but the two members fucking notice me as I escaped……..and what does Ao Hybrid mean anyway?” Cassie said as she lean up to him, “Well, Ao is Japanese for Blue and you happen to glow blue when showing your power in action. Just like how Moki Moki’s nickname is Midori because she’s green and her panda-like traits.” Tomoki did seem aggravated by that comment, “Cass, why do you always have to call me Moki Moki?” Then Cassie went to the baby-talk route, “Because Moki Moki is an adorable name for you.” Loyuka interrupted the small talk, “Guys, we got more things to worry about, like those guys shooting at us.” Then she yelped from the bullet ricocheting and MAK grabbed one of Tomoki’s guns and started to shoot them.

Aka was deflecting the bullets and reiterated by rimming her bike into the car, “Eat some of this shit, fucker!!” Then throw some daggers into the car, cracking the back window and broke the rearview mirror. Devo then got to the passenger side and tried to grab MAK by the neck, choking him for a few seconds until he got a pen and stab him with it. “You fucking prick!!” Devo said, “Yeah, well….says the guy that shot at me” Then he punches Devo, almost making him fell off his bike but Nanashi got him at the last minute, “Thanks”, Devo said as he panted from almost being in an accident and then Nanashi drove around the driver side to take out her, “Bitch, stop the car unless you want a fucking bullet hole in the membrane!!” Tomoki wasn’t paying any mind as she stop the car just in time to back up and reverse into a different direction and then she pushed a button to split the car into 4 motorcycles and all 4 of them drove off in different directions. “Shit.” Magnum said, “Which one do we follow?”

Nanashi said, “How about the one that doesn’t have boobs?” But Magnum replied, “I think the guy might have them, too.”

“Oh, fuck off, n---a, you’re about as big as I am!!” MAK said in a distance away from them. Aka told those to split up in the same directions are found them off there. At the Indo Silver Club; Aron, Rolo, Murasaki & Nola went to evade the spot as the police arrived to arrest them. Luckily, they sneaked out the back way away from the commotion. Aron wanted to call the others to check on the MAK status but Rolo was against it as the police could track their cellphone but when they tried to leave, Dice showed up and said, “Now, um….I believes that the exit’s the other way.” And then they tried the run the other way but Rick was behind them the whole time, “Oh, this is the other way I heard about.” And then he uses a stun gun to shock Aron and Rolo but with as they went for Murasaki, Nola knocked Dice out and had to fight Rick off, “Saki, get out of here now!” Murasaki refused as she didn’t want to leave her side, “Dammit, girl, you need to go now!!” Then Nola screamed as she was shocked with the stun gun and was hit with the tranquilizer Dice had in his pocket, “NOLA!!” she screamed out and as soon they went for Saki and at the last swoop, she was grabbed by one of the motorcycles that Tomoki had and left smoke to distract Rick and Dice.

His cellphone rang and it was Reeds who made the call, “Cain, did you apprehend any Darksiders?” Rick said, “Yeah, just three of them. One of them was a fighter, though, but the rest went out to chase MAK. “Wait, man, where the fuck are you at?” Reeds sinisterly said, “Oh, I’m right where I need to be.” And where he was is at the apartment complex Cyan stayed in.

As he went in, Seiki was right behind him, “Reeds, what the hell are you doing here? The rest of the police are at the Indo Silver Club, arresting the Darksiders.” Reeds stood silent and he begun to smirk, “You know, Argento, I always thought you was a bit of a bitch,” and as he said that he pulled a silencer out on Seiki, “Reeds, what the fuck’s going on? Please tell me you’re just playing.” He kept aiming it at her and she tried to move but not too quickly for him to shoot quickly. He shot first as she ran upstairs to Cyan’s apartment but unfortunately as she got there, Reeds shot her in the legs and then as he came closer, he shot her again in the kneecap as she screams bloody murder, loud enough that Cyan heard it from the front door.

Kai also heard the scream, too, and Cyan was getting bad vibes as she wanted Kai to hide in the underground room that no one, not even MAK, knows about. Reeds entered the room, barging in without warning, but Cyan grabbed a bat from the wall and went to bash his skull in the head but as she did, the bang felt more metallic as if he got a metal plate in his head. “Yeah, it’s amazing what technology can do nowadays.” Reeds then grabbed the bat from her and then he grabbed Cyan, only to rough her up a bit and it really got malicious as he throw her down and kick her in the sides. A car was pulling enough, “Aaahhh, my company’s here. You may remember Rick and Dice don’t you?” Both of them waved evilly and then they dragged Cyan from the ground and tape her mouth shut, as well as Seiki and they left the house without knowing that Kai’s underground. But before that, Reeds decided to tanker with something in the building, plus leaving a message and then they left, putting a bloody Seiki and a roughed-up and screaming Cyan in the trunk and left.

As they left, Tomoki & Loyuka followed MAK into Cyan’s place to warn them about the police, “OK, We need them to warn them quickly as we don’t have time on our side.” But as they almost went in, part of the place blew up in an explosion that takes up Cyan’s apartment space, leaving MAK thinking she and Kai are still there but in there, Kai ducked behind the washer and dryer with a fireproof tarp. MAK screamed in anguish in seeing the apartment that his girlfriend and her sister were in but Loyuka checked the damage to get heat signatures from dead bodies, “Tomoki, signs show that they are no dead bodies in there. Don’t worry, MAK, your girlfriend is fine. Chances are that she might be under the floorboards of the house.” Then suddenly, something from the floorboards open up and it was Kai, as she was coughing from the smoke and getting away from the flames.

“MAK!!!” she screamed at him to get his attention.

“Kai?” MAK questioned as he turned to her direction as they both hold and embraced him, “MAK, you’re here!! (she was starting to cry) It was terrible!! It was Reeds, that detective who we saw earlier at the ceremony. He’s working for Rick and Dice. They came in here, shot Seiki and brutally beaten Cyan only to kidnap them and he just blew the place up.” Tomoki analyzed the burnt remnants of the place, finding a USB memory stick and a laptop with instructions that just say “H1EO” (meaning Hybrid’s eyes only), and insert the stick, finding a video in there, recorded earlier and it was Reeds on camera, “OK, MAK, we all know your identity by now and you erasing that bounty won’t do shit for you. It’s already in the system. Oh yeah…..say hello, bitch.” And there was Cyan tied down on the ground, “You see, man? Your very existence is part of the reason for her coming demise.” She then tried to speak but felt too weak but Reeds decide to help, “Oh? You got something to say? Well, spill it!!” Cyan looked straight into the camera and said, “MAK, I don’t blame you for getting me in this. I should’ve known Reeds was a dirty cop from the beginning. (She begins to tear up…) but please if I don’t make it out alive, take care of my sister and to tell her I’m so sorry I might not be around and that….I…love the both of you very much.” She was really crying after that but Rick and Dice then taped her mouth again. “So, you need to turn yourself in and maybe she can be reunited with her sister again. Got it? Good.” The video ends after that.

MAK was shocked, disgusted, and pissed at that video as he really felt he was responsible for this whole mess. As his anger build up, his powers start to act up with him glowing blue in a fit of rage and he lets it all out, with an internal fire brewing inside him. “THAT’S IT!!!! NO MORE BULLSHIT SAFE PLANS, NO MORE RUNNING AWAY, AND NO MORE HIDDEN SECRETS!!! It cost me my sanity, my life, affected my friends and girlfriend and now my girlfriend’s sister!?!?!? I want Rick and Dice’s heads on a silver platter to feed the fucking dogs!! I want those motherfuckers dead!!!” The anger in MAK was frightening Kai so much, she had to step away from him, getting behind Tomoki and Loyuka and after MAK calmed down, Tomoki explained to him, “MAK, we will make Rick and Dice bleed for what they done.” Then she went to Kai and said, “We will get your sister back alive. We Hybrids swear it on our lives.” Then Cassie showed up late, “Hey, I’m back…Whoa! What happened here…Well, anyway, I bought somebody that might help us.” And it was Murasaki that was riding on back with her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a fucking minute;” MAK said pointing a gun at her, “She was with the Darksiders. They tried to kill me, too.” And speaking of them, they showed up with guns cocked behind MAK, “We heard the whole thing and despite what you may think of us, we’re not some common gang members……although you might hear that a lot in TV shows but still.” MAK lowered his gun at Murasaki and the others lowered theirs, too. Murasaki explained to all of them, “Rick and Dice also got half of our team down there and if any of us tried to go down there, we’ll get thrown in there, too……but I’m willing to rescue everybody including your sister and her friend and I think we need to settle this beef.” Aka then said, “Saki does have a point. I mean, the reason why we chased you is because of that bounty and Cain did screw us…..but fuck it, we’re going to screw him now.” Then the rest of them looked at her weird for her weird phrasing, “NOT LIKE THAT!!” and soon they have 18 hours to rescue their loved ones.
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(Reader Discretion is Advised)

PART 6: Calm Like a Bomb (The Finale)


There was a warehouse near the coast of the Parish River; it’s also the same place with the Rail Gate scandal took place at. Inside the building, Reeds, Rick & Dice along with a few of their own men (not associated with the police) guarding all around the place, and we see Cyan, Seiki, Lex, Aron, Rolo & Nola tied up in the room with someone guarding it, making sure no sneak attacks to come. We see Cyan the only one bound and gagged with Lex saying, “What’s that, detective? I can’t hear over the sound of gibberish.” Seiki, who regained consciousness after being shot twice, said, “You know, you don’t have to be such a dick.” And Lex snapped back with, “And yet you being sassy is what got you shot and dragged here in the first place.” Then she followed back with, “You know I can still break your hand, right?” Lex then decided to shut up. Rolo said that he wondered why the only person bound and gagged was Cyan and why they are spared but Aron said, “Because Cain is trying to toy with MAK by putting her in the worst positions possible and as for us…..well, he can just waste us anytime.” But Nola wasn’t hearing all that, “Why do you got to say that? The guys will get us out of this one way or another. Plus, I know Saki and she wouldn’t take this any of this lightly.” Cyan kept looking discouraged even more than ever, thinking if MAK is going to actually go through with turning himself in so she can live, but the more she thinks about it, the more worried and concerned she gets.

Now at 5 minutes until the deal happens, Reeds’ men round up them to head upstairs and outside of that, the rest of the Darksiders were discussing the plan to get over them with the Hybrid girls and MAK, “Everybody know what to do?”, Tomoki asked, “Now me, the girls and Kai will be watching from on top while the rest of you will do the negotiation as planned.” And so they split before Rick and Dice came to the door, “So, you got the prize?” Aka said, “Yes, he’s right here.” She showed MAK with a bag over his head, “I thought the bag would be a nice touch.” Rick laughed at her for that, “Cute.” And then he grabbed MAK only to have him and Dice pushed him into the spotlight.

Cyan’s eyes widen as she saw MAK like this and she call his name, albeit muffled. “Well, I see somebody has been missing you a lot,” Dice said and then after that, he went to ungagged Cyan so she can speak, “MAK!! MAK!!” She screamed out his name a couple of times, “Bitch, don’t make me gagged you again!! (As MAK was about to strike Dice) Don’t you even think about using your damn power or else, Sister-in-law gets it in the membrane.” He was pointing a pistol aiming at Cyan’s head and his trigger finger was getting itchy, “WAIT!!” MAK said, “Please…don’t shoot her or hurt Seiki even more. Please?” Aron then said, “Um….what about us?” Rolo then told him to shut up and whispered something to him, as in Rolo knows something’s up. Dice then cut Cyan and Seiki free and as she carried Seiki from her bloody knees, she ran up to MAK with a hand on his face and silently said, “Please tell me you got a plan brewed up.” MAK gave a wink at her without them noticing, meaning there is.

“WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE HERE!!” Reeds said holding a shotgun aiming at MAK, Cyan & Seiki, “Why are we letting them escape? We already got the money but they know all about me. They know I set up this and I’ll get kicked off the force. We shooting these bitches right here right now!!!” Rick then got a little angry and got up in his face, “You dumb fucker!! You have any idea what the hell I went through to make this deal? My boss is not having this shit once he’s through with you!!” Reeds did slapped Rick and said, “Fuck your boss!! My boss will have my ass on a platter.” Then Dice started to point his pistols at Reeds, “N---a, don’t make me shoot your ass now.” Reeds then pointed his shotgun at him, “I don’t think you want to pull that trigger…..n---a.” So the Cain’s and Reeds are at a Mexican standoff position, giving Aka the signal for everybody to unleash everything they got.

So first came Tomoki, who used a large piece of steel to break the building ceiling open and it took out of the men and then she, Loyuka & Cassie jumped in there out of nowhere with her green aura glowing, “I’m afraid that your deal will be null and void…..permanently.” The henchmen then begin shooting at them as they zigzag and moved swiftly from the bullets and attack with their own weapons, especially with Tomoki using her panda traits to grab and give a bloody claw beating at him. Soon they were a ton of smoke and mist in the air and that’s when the Darksiders made their attack. Aka took out the first round of henchmen, Magnum went hand to hand combat with some of them and Nanashi and Devo did a team tag round with a lot of shooting coming from them. Saki went over there to free the others, while handing Lex a pistol and leading Aron, Rolo and Nola out of there quick. “Get me the fuck out of here!!” Aron screamed as he and Rolo escaped while Nola was running and saying, “Saki! I told them you would come to us. I just knew it!!” And then she kissed Murasaki deep on the lips for rescuing her as she blushed.

As the shooting commenced, MAK had to figure a way to avoid getting shot but loads of bullets came flying at him and then he remembered he had some leftover Blue Leaf in his pocket. He had no time to inject it so he drank it quick and as that happens, Cyan and Seiki fought off some henchmen to get their guns and began shooting at all of them, especially at Reeds, but he kept running away from the bullets, “Reeds, you fucking bastard!!” Seiki said with rage in her body. Cyan got one bullet in his arm and Seiki got him in the legs, “Owwww……oooohhhh……AH! AH! AAAHHHH!!!!” Reeds kept limping away from the gunfire but Rick and Dice tracked him down to outside but when Reeds got out there, Kai was aiming to shoot him right at that moment, “OK, look, don’t make me do what I was going to do with your sister. Yeah, I could’ve just raped her there but you….you hit on my scale.” She kept aiming and said, “Move another muscle and I will fucking end you now.”

Rick and Dice was about to grab Kai but they were pulled back telepathically by a certain type of force and then a pipe just came to life and it beat Rick’s ass silly and out of nowhere, Dice has been shot in the knees and he screamed from the pain as he fell down and then to add more pain, a sharp piece of steel was impaled to Dice’s leg and he screamed even harder at that, and as it turns out it was MAK that was behind all of that. Dice was shouting beyond pain with, “MAK!!! You son of a bitch!! You did this to me!! Aw, shit!!” He walked on by staring at Dice as MAK pulled his gun out of his pocket and he checked for bullets and as he put the gun at his head and said, “Yeah, feels familiar, doesn’t it?” But in the last minute, Rick grabbed MAK out of nowhere. Kai kept aiming on Reeds and Cyan and Seiki were watching the whole thing, “Kai!!” she shouted at her but then got distracted by Reeds and she got decked by him and he grabbed her with a blade near her neck.

Rick was holding MAK to the ground but he disappeared from there and uses a brick at him and MAK kept beating Rick with a brick. Then Rick throws some dirt at his eyes to blind him and get a few hits at him. Rick roundhouse kicked him to near the river.

Reeds is on the very near edge to slit Kai’s throat as the others watched her in peril. ”You see,” Reeds said, “You’re just a damsel in distress. Your only job is to be captured and wait for your boyfriend to save you and fuck. You are nothing special and you never will be.” Then he grabbed her ass to make it even worse. Those words caused a nerve to go off and making Kai furious as Reeds got distracted a bit, she nearly escaped from him and punched him one-two in the face, in the torso, kneed him in the groin and then head-butted him. “Like one wolf girl I know told me, I’m special because I’m normal and you will pay for hurting my family, you rat bastard.” Then Seiki went in to take over for Kai, “Kai, I wouldn’t waste my last punch to this fucker. I’ll take care of him.” Then Seiki got a shotgun and aimed it at Reeds’ face and said, “You know, you’re right, I never did like you….” Then she shot him in the legs, the torso, and for the finale, the head. Near the river, it looks like Rick has the edge over MAK as he was about to throw him into there and as he did, MAK did a move of reversing the throw, grabbing Rick, throwing him in the air and then body slamming him down the ground. MAK got up, brush some dirt off his shoulder and spit at Rick, and he then said, “I finally did what I should’ve done after all these years, you cocksucker!!” And then he kicked him in the sides and stomp on him as he left.

So now MAK, Kai, Cyan, Seiki, all of the Darksiders and the Hybrid Girls have to make a run for it as the police sirens came from the calls they were getting about a loud ruckus in the warehouse, so the Hybrid Girls took him somewhere to hide away from the public in an underground fortress unknown to the public. While there, Cyan talked to MAK and Kai and how they need to explain everything to her and what they have been through and from everything to a secret protected house, the anime reviewing, the roommates known as Angel, Akuma & Kurai & the hi-jinks going on around there; some that Cyan even laughed hard at, especially the story of MAK being gender swapped….twice. Hell, the male members of the Darksiders felt pity for him while the rest of the females either squee or laughed at that, but Cassie definitely squee for that part.

After hearing all those stories, Tomoki told all of them that even though they can’t go back to their regular lives due to the consequences that they might have, but she said that, “However, with most of you being either half-human/half-animal/half-beings and normal humans like Kai, Cyan & Seiki being our allies, we reveal to you about our secret underground society, but we haven’t thought of a name for it yet so that’s classified for now.” As Tomoki and the girls are about to set course to there, they went back to MAK to wish him and Kai luck the way back home. Then the Darksiders got to say their goodbyes starting with Lex, “Hey, we’re sorry that we got off the wrong foot and almost ended up killing you.” MAK accepted their apology, “No worries, bro. I’ll get over that thing….among others.” Lex knew what he was talking about, “Yeah, I know it’s weird that you’re talking to your girl’s ex but I have decided to move on from that. I just want to say I wish the best to you both.”

“Sorry about shooting you back there,” Aka said, “I know he did for us but I was pretty crazy back there.”

Aron and Rolo even offered their services to them the next time they are in some trouble and Magnum gave him his props to his fighting style earlier. Nanashi and Devo even gave their own apology but MAK offered his first, “Yeah…..sorry about that thing I swear I won’t mention to anyone and——“Devo then said, “Look, don’t worry about it. That stuff is all in the past.” And Nanashi added, “But, seriously, never mention that again!!…..and I’ll be happy to see you and your girl again. You’re actually one badass mofo there, MAK.”

“Shit, I can say the same to you, girl,” MAK said, “Devo, never leave that girl….EVER!!” Then Devo smiled at Nanashi and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t.” Then he went in to kiss Nanashi and with success and last but not least both Murasaki and Nola give their thanks to everyone in the room, “I just want to thank you all of you for helping rescuing everyone including my Nola.” She went to hug and hold on to Nola.

Then Seiki decided to say something, “I knew there was something that I really like about you two and after today, it made me think of you as my own family, just like Cyan herself.” Then she hugged both MAK and Kai as their train ride came. However, one more person came to say their goodbye to them, “MAK, Kai, I really hope we meet again another day.” And to show her gratitude, Cyan hugged both MAK and Kai and kissed them on the forehead and their train is taking off and is going back to Kakurega. As for the others, Tomoki transported into their Hybrid Society without looking back, except for two people that come to know and love.

On the train ride home, MAK and Kai got their own room courtesy of Tomoki and Cassie as they thought they really needed some well-deserved alone time. “Man, I didn’t think we had enough money to get a larger room and who would have think that…..that…..oh…..oh my….” That last statement was describing the fact that Kai was wearing the lingerie she wore earlier back at Cyan’s apartment. “A second try?” Kai shook her head in a positive manner, “You know when I said you being my true best friend made me fall in love with you? Well, this is me proving it.” So Kai deeply kissed MAK on the lips and then deeply gazed in each other’s eyes in blinding romantic lust.

“Well, this is definitely taking my mind off the stress and to think we got one more day of that vacation.” Then MAK suggested, “How about we just spend the last day making love on the train?’ Kai then said, “I don’t think we can do that.” Then MAK questioned with a slick smile, “Oh and why not?” She answered and laughed at the end, “Because I don’t think I want to be spotted by an attendant and seeing my naked ass.”

Then MAK and Kai wondered about another thing once they get back home……how are they going to tell the others without mentioning Rick and Dice or the whole Hybrid secret underground world?

“You think we should explain the whole Rick and Dice thing to the others when we get back, MAK?” Kai said as she was in the bathroom, doing something different with her hair. “I don’t know,” MAK said, “I don’t think they would care enough about that….well, mostly Angel. She might want to hear about how we kicked their asses though.”

He then laughed at that last remark as did Kai, but she followed that with, “MAK, I know Angel wants to hear about that part. Believe me, I know…….and stop stressing yourself with this, we’re going back home stress-free.” Then Kai came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head and got close to MAK.

She then said, “Rick and Dice are no longer going to be a problem. That bounty is long-gone and your slate is clean and you got nothing to worry about anymore.” MAK thought about what Kai said and he began to smile at that and said, “You know what? You’re right. Everything fucked-up that happened is behind me and I think things are going to be better from here on out…….especially with……you know…” She then gave MAK a hug and kiss on the lips.

“So you get what I’m saying now, don’t you? Plus, I got a surprise for you.” She then unwrap the towel from her head and now she got blue streaks in her hair, “TA-DA!!!” as she said as MAK glazed at her new look, “I decided to do a little experiment with my hair and I always wanted to have it done like this. So, MAK……you like?” She then showed off her hair, saying either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in a very flirty way. MAK was still gazing at her hair and all he kept saying was “Pretty. It’s so very, very pretty.” He was mesmerized with the look and said, “You just got more attractive to me, girl…….even though I always find you like that.” Again, they both kissed and proceeded to lustfully make out in the room……again (actually, it was the 5th time they did that. However, they were told to quiet down the last 3 times).

Meanwhile, in Parish Heights Medical Center, there lays Rick and Dice Cane in intensive care, and by the looks of it, they are never, ever, ever going back into the bounty hunting business again, not even if their wounds ever healed up. However, one person was watching them outside the door and then she got a call. “Listen up carefully, those two fools failed their job to capture the Hybrid and that bounty! Now, he’s just roaming around with those damn wolf girls, that infuriating lynx boy and of course, his little girlfriend in that house.”

The unknown female assailant said, “Well, I did do some research for them by unknowingly hacking into their security systems and monitoring their various activities. I think this can be a piece of cake.”

“Excellent!” the voice said, “Now, go on and do me proud, sweetheart……and please don’t fail on this like your brothers did.”

“Roger that……..”

© 2013 KI2 / Studio Katana / Beautiful + Deadly Project. All Rights Reserved
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Kakurega: True Blue Beauty / Chapter 1 / の教区ハイツクエスト (The Parish Heights Quest)

(Reader Discretion is Advised)

In the dark of the night, around 1 A.M. or so, we see Kai in the bathroom washing her face as she’s about to head to sleep (with MAK, obviously). Ever since that trip to Eastin City and all she’s been through especially putting her sister Cyan through this, she recently been thinking about her and how in the past the two would often get into such petty fights and they wouldn’t end as well. She then got into bed with MAK sleeping and she woke him up to ask him something.

“MAK? Baby, you awake?” She said as MAK was groggily waking up to her as he turn on the lights, “Huh? Kai, it’s 1 in the morning. You’re not asleep yet?”

Kai then explained to MAK, “No. It’s just that……I’ve been having some night terrors lately. They’ve been keeping me up and I can’t get back to sleep.”

MAK sort of knew what she was going through. “Oh, I know it’s been a hell of some weeks with us and what happened to the rest but I think that part, for us anyway, is over. No one is going to hunt me for a bounty anymore, everyone from Cyan to Seiki to the others are safe within that Hybrid faction and we—-“However, she interrupted MAK with this, “I know my sister is safe. Good thing, too, but those terrors made me think a lot about when I was 15… know, that time I had to move from Eastin City, my dad relocating jobs, saying goodbye….” She took a pause and look into MAK’s eyes, “… you.” As she showed affection by touching his shoulder and chin, “I don’t know if you notice, MAK, but I’m not this angel (AUTHOR’S NOTE: no pun intended) you fantasize about and idolize, although I really think it was sweet of you. I was a total bitch when I left Eastin. If I ever met my teenage self, I would slap myself silly for what I did.”

MAK didn’t know what to make of that but said this, “Well, I don’t know what I can do for you about that, but that’s the past. You got move past that.”

Kai looked unsure of herself but soon enough MAK was getting drowsy again and he fell fast asleep. She then lay on the bed while running her fingers through MAK’s full head of hair as she’s reminiscing about her past.

TIME DATE – December 6, 2006 – Moving Day to Parish Heights

So, it’s around this time that the Barrett’s are making their way into Parish Heights with the father, Bryan Barrett, moving on up to another police department that can guarantee him better pay and possibly a better home with his wife Mami and his two daughters. Cyan Niko Barrett, 20, was already enjoying the life in Parish Heights on her own when she moved out a year ago and steadily working her way into the police academy. She was digging her new life here but as for Kai, who is 15 years old at the time, she was less ecstatic and had a mix of being pissed and depressed about this although she appeared to be acting out. “Well, we’re almost there.” Bryan said, “On our way to a new life. Mami, it’s going to be smooth sailing from here on out.” As he said that with determination, Mami did said to them, “Bryan, don’t try to get too excited for this now. It’s just our first day here. Who knows how long we stay here?”

“Come on, Mami!!” Bryan said, “This is a chance of a lifetime! I’m working with the best police force in the Eastside Area. I think everybody wins in here.” But Mami pointed out Kai, “Well, almost…..” Bryan noticed Kai staring out the window with the sad sack look she had since she left Eastin City, thinking about how she can’t see her friends from home anymore, especially MAK since she was on the verge of confessing her love to him. So Mami spoke to Kai and said, “Kai, I know this is tough for you moving away from all your friends and I can sympathize with that, but hey, you might make some new friends there.” Kai just stood there in silence, not wanting to say a word to her mom and if she did, they wouldn’t be kind words and she really wasn’t in the mood to talk anyway. “Come on, Kai-Kai….” Her mom said as she groans at being called that name since she was a child.

Bryan, on the other hand, wasn’t having it her acting that way in the car. “OK, Kai, you’ve been mopping around ever since we left Eastin City, but you need to stop with that shit now.” Kai then rolled her eyes at him, not giving a damn whatsoever but then he retorted that and said, “You know you’re not too old to get an ass-whupping in the car, right?” Her eyes widened at the sight of that and said in a normal yet still uninspired way, “OK, sir.” “I’m still not happy about this.” She said in a silent way. “Huh?” Mami wondered what she said. “Nothing.” Kai said.

So they arrived at Eastin City around at noon to 1pm but their home isn’t ready to be moved in yet, so they went to stay at Cyan’s place for the holidays and for Kai, this is the one thing that’s she’s actually glad about as she and Cyan often been getting along as of lately. “Well, it’ll be good to see Cyan again,” Mami said, “I know she’s been training hard at the academy and I guess she’s pretty swamped from all that.” As they arrived at Cyan’s apartment, they notice the door was ajar as if somebody came there earlier. “OK….” Bryan said awkwardly and the first thing he noticed coming in was Cyan sleeping on her couch in her underwear. “Cyan?” Bryan said waking her up by poking her but failing since she wasn’t getting up. He checked if she was breathing. She was but it was Mami’s turn to wake her up. “Um, honey, I know actually how to wake her up.” So she got a cup of ice cold water and just threw it on her and it woke her up instantly. “AAAHHH!!! It’s the Dark Pool all over again!!!” Cyan screamed as the cold water woke her up and notice that it was Mami who did that. “Mom? Dad? Kai? What are you doing here? You were supposed to be here in the afterno—“ She then checked her watch and see what time it is (it was 1:30 pm) and notice that not only she overslept (again) but she got to get ready for academy training at 3:00. “SHIT!!” So she quickly put some pants on (ones that she found on the floor) and show her mom and dad around the place. Kai, on the other hand, sat down on the couch going back to her usual mopey self.

She thinking to herself, “sigh How in the hell am I going to survive here for the next 3 years in this new city? A new home? New school, having to find new friends, and…..fuck, should I be angry towards mom and dad? I shouldn’t be? I know they mean well for us having a better life and everything. I just can’t help to think that I’ll never see….” She knew who she was thinking about not seeing again, especially hearing that he’s going through a rougher time than she was and the more she thought about it, the sadder she gets.

Cyan shows up to her and said, “Kai, what’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy seeing me since it’s been about 2 years since I left the house.” Kai said, “Cyan, it’s not you. In all regards, I’m actually glad to see you…’s just that…….this moving thing is really abrupt on me and it left me on an incomplete mode.” Cyan did knew exactly what she was talking about. “Oh…….you mean you never confess to your friend that you actually like him more than a friend?” Kai’s face then turn red and blush at that moment. “Well….” But then it went down after her realizing the situation. “…..I never said anything to that about him. I mean, you told me yourself that he liked me, too, and I was hoping he would say something about it to me, but he never did and now not only that I lost a friend but possibly a soul mate.”

“Kai, as your sister, I could tell you that you might see him in the flesh again but that would be getting your hopes up and I definitely don’t want to do that.” Cyan said but then she then continued with, “But you just can’t mope over him all the time. He wouldn’t want you to suffer too much here. He’s probably going through the same phase as you, he misses you just as much but he realizes that he has to move on and so do you. I’m not saying forget about him but just remember the good times you two made for each other and who knows, in time, you might see each other again someday.”

Kai then began to feel less depressed from her sister’s words. “Yeah, maybe you’re right, Cyan. It’ll be hard at first but I know he would want me to enjoy my life even though we can’t be together. Maybe in time……” However, Cyan interrupted her, realizing that she might be late for her class. “Oh shit! I got to run. I don’t want to be late for the session. MOM!! DAD!!”

She called them out of the room and tell them she’s got to run and told them to make themselves at home while she’s gone. “Anyway, guys, I got to make way into class. I hope you enjoy yourselves until the 27th, or whenever you get your place.” And so she went on her way to class.
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(NOTE: Takes place after this story -

- New Ferret in the Hideout

A week past from MAK’s birthday and his ankle made a fast recovery just in time but he was still contemplating on what to get for Kai’s birthday, so he took a walk around town looking for what to buy her. “Two days before Kai’s birthday and I still didn’t get her anything!!” he thought to himself as he was walking by some stores. “I mean, I got the money to buy her something but what?” As he walks, there was a white and brown ferret roaming around outside the area and the ferret was noticing MAK pondering on what to get her. “Maybe some jewelry? Nah. I only got 2/3 of what they charge. Plus, with that, I have to sell an arm and a foot for that…..mostly Kurai’s.” The ferret took a good look at MAK and thought that he was interesting to follow around.

As the ferret went around the shopping annex to get near MAK to surprise him but she had to be careful as Animal Control are hunting down on wild animals. She soon was spotted by them and she had to make a run for it, as she was running through crowds and those noticing a loose animal in the premises freak them out. While that happened, MAK went into the local anime shop, looking what to buy for Kai. “Hmmm? She likes Blue Exorcist…..Hell, even more than I do, but damn, this is expensive as fuck!!!” However, MAK didn’t notice the crowd screaming as he was listening to his music on his MP3 player, then he took a glimpse of what’s going on outside, “Hmmmm, what the hell is going on out there?”

The ferret was still being chased, having to maneuver her moves to lose them but then as they begin to get close to her, she just vanished. “Huh? Where in tarnation that did motherfucking ferret go!! Crafty little bitch!!” As that happened, MAK got out of the store with the purchase of the 2 Blue Exorcist Blu-ray Sets. “YEA!! Kai is gonna love this!!” And as he was walking out, the ferret got inside MAK’s bag, without him noticing and leaving the hunters confused and lost. “Forget it. That damn ferret probably escaped out of here fast. Good thing, too. I was gonna shock that fucker to death.”

The ferret was soon relaxing in MAK’s bag and she was noticing the picture that MAK had laying around in his car, with him and Kai hanging out and the ferret took a good glimpse at that pic. She seemed accustomed to her surroundings and as MAK arrived at Kakurega, the ferret had to hide so she wouldn’t be noticed by him. She got out of the car and sneakily found a vent that leads inside the house. The ferret got inside and crawled her way into the vent to found whatever room she sees.

And speaking of that, the unnamed ferret happened to landed into Kai’s room, but unfortunately for her, Kai was in here taking a nap but she seemed too tired to notice the ferret. She recently took a second job to help around the house more and it made her more tired than before and it was also how she paid for MAK’s birthday gifts, the more reason why MAK went to get Kai the stuff he felt she deserved for her birthday. Then Kai noticed something in the closet as she saw something moved there. “Huh? What was that?”

She opened the closet door and saw something white and brown and that’s when she noticed the ferret but yet she didn’t felt scared although the ferret was a little frightened. Kai actually felt more fascinated to know more about it. “Awwww, I’m not gonna hurt you, little guy.” She said in a calming voice and although she was irritated that Kai thinks that she’s a male but she didn’t know as of yet. “Hmmm, you’re actually kinda cute…..oh, and you’re a female. Sorry if I didn’t notice earlier.” The ferret chattered back in her own language that she was finally glad that she knew that and went to cuddle with Kai and also went under her shirt for some reason. “OK…” Kai said as she was fidgeting from the ferret tickling her from the inside, “…and I thought MAK was the only person to ever done that.” The ferret heard that name and squeak at her about him, “Wait, do you know MAK?” She shook her head to Kai. “And you said that he brought you here?” The ferret shook her head ‘yes’ again and kept chatting about one last detail. “And he doesn’t know about you yet?” But soon after that, the ferret went back under her shirt to hide.

“Um….you can get out of there now,” She said to the ferret, “I think my bra is starting to get loose from that.” The ferret then sighed in sadness, “But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it anymore. Besides, I don’t want to spoil you as a pet owner” She smiled again at that but realize that Kai wants her to be her pet. She chatter at the response to that and Kai responded, “Why yes, I want you to be my pet and I promise to take care of you, feed you, and love you like any normal pet owner would.” The ferret smiled at her and went in to hug Kai. “But now, the only remaining question is….what should I name you?”

“You know, I have always like the name Cristina and I had an old friend with that name once…..That’s it!!! I’m going to name you Cristina……that is, if you like the name after all.” The ferret responded positive about that name with a smile. “Then Cristina it is.” As Kai felt more comfortable with the new pet name, Cristina once again hugged her new owner and once again went under the shirt, but this time it was to hide as MAK happens to enter the room and said, “Hey, Kai? I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

“No, no, MAK. I’m fine.” She said while it looked like her shirt was moving by itself. “Kai, what is going on with your shirt?” She panicked as she doesn’t want MAK to find out about Cristina yet and so she quickly thought of something. “Oh, I just needed to change my shirt.” And as she did that, she also threw a comforter at MAK to avoid him seeing Cristina. “And don’t try to use that power on me. You know you really should’ve told the others about that power.” Kai put Cristina somewhere outside and kept her in a recognizable place. “Don’t worry, Cristina, I’ll bring you back inside the house once the others are gone. Okay, sweetie?” Cristina chatter uncomfortably and wasn’t sure about this but she was hopeful to Kai, “OK. I’ll be back for you.”

Then Kai went in the bathroom to change out of her T-shirt and white bra into a sports tank top.
“Um, Kai?” MAK said as he was standing outside the bathroom, “Why did I get a comforter thrown at me?” He would have come earlier but he had to find his glasses as her throwing the comforter made him lose his glasses. “Oh, sorry about that, MAK. I was kind of jittery today from work.”

“Oh, well, I can help you unwind from that.” MAK said offering to help Kai relax and then he noticed the scratches from Kai’s body, “Did you get those scratches from work?” Luckily for her, they aren’t that noticeable but she managed to cover it up by saying it was only from a small incident from work. “Yeah, these are nothing but it’s sweet that you cared though.”
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