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Posted 7/31/13 , edited 8/1/13
The year is 2022 and a new Virtual Reality game has been released. The name is Terra Online and you've been waiting for this. It is state of the art technology and it has extremely high graphics, which look just like real life. All Characters in this game are actual people playing and there are almost no NPC's. When the game went into BETA, 100 people were allowed in, and that's when videos of gameplay surfaced and you began planning your character. Everything in Terra Online is made by users, weapons, appearance, etc. Now that the game is fully released there are Admins and Game Masters that can be contacted for help. BETA Testers are some of the most well known and powerful players in the game, so they usually guide the level 1's and are generally nice people. Recently the game has hit 2 Million people online in a day, which is a record for Terra Online because it has only been released for about a week. When a corrupt admin tries to take over Terra online, one of the best games around, will you fight alongside your friends to save Terra?

- No Metagaming, Godmodding, or Powerplaying
- My Word is Law, Respect Moderators
- Keep violence and romance PG-13
- Special Abilities are a somewhat weak ability, keep it within reason
- Ultimate Abilities can only be used once per battle, and its effect must be within reason
- A Characters Ability can only be changed when a Mod says so.
- Level Ups are given by mods
- Eat some cookies
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