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Posted 7/31/13 , edited 8/1/13
I have a question for everyone. can you tell the differences between beef, pork and chicken meat? how about human? just saying because you don't know what restaurants serve nowadays...are you sure those are cows, pigs and chickens?
Lives are really precious. It is true that human have the brain and the strength to be on top of all animals, but who stands upon us? The answer is each other. I became a vegetarian a year and 5 months ago. It was really horrified to watch animals slaughter right in front of me. Learn it through biology, cows are 80% genetically similar to human. Chickens are 60% genetically similar to human. Pigs are 20% genetically similar to human.
I just read a article on PETA about humane meat. Is there really one? No. What happen you are served with human meat? There are too many inhumane humans living in the world. But to tell the truth....only human can do such inhumane stuff. We should probably take 3 out of 7 days to be a vegetarian. Save animals, save lives. is not hard because there are a lot of fruits you can eat other than those meats. egg plant lettuce sandwich-enjoy-
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