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Posted 7/31/13 , edited 8/1/13
Game Information

- Leveling System
The maximum level is 250, which makes it sound like a level up is easy, but really the leveling curve is pretty steep at around level 70. (All players other than moderators of this RP must start between level 1 and 20, and level ups are issued by me and moderators)

- Currency
The standard currency is credits. 1000 Credits are equal to 10 US Dollars, prices of items should be reasonable. Example: A Master Crafted Sword would cost about 12500 Credits
The second currency is Platinum Coins. These are a rare currency used for special in game things.

- Guilds
Players can form guilds with others, usually Roleplay NPCs and can attack and ally other guilds.

- Raids
Guilds can go on raid to high level areas to take down special monsters

- Sieges
Guilds and monster factions can attack towns, it is up to the players to defend the town.

- Death
When you die, you respawn in Nala.

- Weapons
You can have almost any weapon within reason. If you have a large primary weapon, you don't get a secondary. If your primary has two functions you don't get a secondary.

- Skills
All characters may have 1 special skill, and 1 ultimate skill. (These can be changed throughout the RP). Special Skills can be used at all times, and drain a bit of energy. Ultimate Skills MAY need certain conditions to be activated and drain a fair amount of energy.

- In Game
Your Terra Online character will look exactly like your normal character, except with armor, etc.

- The Real World
Everyone in this roleplay lives in the city of Kyusa, a city in Japan(A map will be drawn at one point). It is a rather large city. (Don t worry about not knowing Japanese culture, it isn't really important.)

Notable Game Mechanics

- When a player or mob gets killed in one attack or hit, usually feared by players

- Every town has an arena where endless waves of mobs are thrown at the player(s), each round gets harder, and the player can only leave upon death or every five rounds

- Players can challenge others to a fight, large scale fights possible

- When a player attacks and hits multiple times in a row, they gain Voltage, voltage is used to activate Overcharge

- Overcharge is a mode where attacks are much faster and the user move faster as well. Upon using, the Voltage meter is drained

World Tree
- The World Tree is located at the center of the world on an island. This tree is one of the larges structures in Terra, it is also one of the hardest. It is a dungeon which you must make it to the top while battling the game's toughest enemies. It is impossible to get past floor 1 before level 75. Making it to the top rewards the player immensely.

Buddy List
- Players can add others to their buddy list
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