Shadowrun Returns
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Posted 8/1/13 , edited 8/1/13
I just got it on steam and I love it. Anyone else playing right now?
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Posted 8/11/13 , edited 8/11/13
I'm playing it! It's very good! Had to restart 3 times because I can;t build a Decent Character in any RPG (Don't Laugh!)

When I saw it on steam it was a surprise, I like the world of Shadowrun BUT I can't play table top RPGs, I tried once but one member of the group spent 10 mins per turn going "Umm" in deciding on his turn... Even I caught early on what to do inbetween turns! Yeah I was playing more action than strategy, it made sense to me at the time! Oh and the idea of multiple dice is retarded!

BACK TO THE GAME! I'm playing as a street Samurai, Main skills in Melee, Rifles and a nice amount of Magic! No enhancement because that knackers spells! So who's playing as what?
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Posted 8/11/13 , edited 8/12/13
I'm playing it. I really like it despite its many shortcomings. I'm real close to the end, and once I finish the standard campaign I'm going to begin working on some of my own. The only thing that makes the game worth a full $20 is the campaign creator/editor system. I really enjoy the game, but I wish it hard normal modern features, like say, saving. It makes up for those kind of absurd oversights with the fun of the (pretty simplistic) turn-based combat system.


It's missing a lot of, but I like it anyway.
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
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