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Posted 8/1/13 , edited 8/4/13

1.) Do Quote this post!
2.) Put " Batman is epic " below your fill out
3.) Select Payment:
option 1: invite buddies
option 2: 6 pics on Payment Albums
(and add artist sources)
option 3: 5 forum posts & 2 wall posts
4.) Pictures have to be HQ and sourced if not it will be ignored (find the original link to the artwork or credit the artist.)
5.) Do not steal

Fill Out
Text on the pic:
Extras: (ex. brushes, textures, etc.)
Post Payment Option Chosen:
#1 - Invite buddies? (screencap):
#2 - Upload 6 photos? (yes or no):
#3 - Posts? (yes or no)
Spoiler Pic(s) (HQ picture in spoiler):

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Posted 8/23/13 , edited 8/25/13
Username: 2magicgirl
Text on the pic:

Extras: Anything cute/ that suits it
Post Payment Option Chosen: 3
Spoiler Pic(s)

Source: (Links are to where I got the image and then the name next to it is the artist name)
Picture 1 / ana (rznuscrf)
Picture 2 / akino coto
Picture 3 / mog
Picture 4 / kosuzume

Batman is epic

Has not completed the payment option chosen
2/5 forum posts completed. 2/2 wall posts completed.
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