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Favourite Monogatari Series Characters
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23 / M / On the Court
Posted 1/2/14 , edited 1/3/14
After finally finishing all the season, I have to say:

1.) Hands down, Deishu Kaiki.- the best dialogue in the series, and able to stare death in the face and not gives two fucks.
2.) Fire Sisters- because I wish my twin brother and sister was more like them.
3.) Kanbaru Suruga- by the simple facts she loves basketball and being naked.
4.) Oshino Memo- because why not!?!?
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 1/2/14 , edited 1/3/14
...I was going to list the three lolis (Mayoi, Shinobu, Yotsugi) and support it with some loli talk, but I reluctantly decided not to in the end.

1. Hachikuji Mayoi. Her scenes were filled with light comical and somewhat pointless conversation- which is a nice change of pace for the overall dark mood of the Monogatari series. "Flubbing" one's tongue and messing up the protagonist's name after being groped by him is not a development found in many other places. I find her character pretty well developed, and she has that whole "regret, but I'll continue with a smile" thing going like Tsubasa. Only difference is that Mayoi is already dead (a fact we were all reminded very painfully in Shinobu Time). If that doesn't pull the heartstrings, then even Key isn't sad enough for you. Honestly, in Bakemonogatari, I feel like she had one of the strongest endings to her arc- second only to Tsubasa's, but that's because that was the last arc of the book. Plus she's a loli.

2. Araragi Koyomi. Very...unique protagonist. He follows the staple for modern light novel protagonists, but at the same time, his character stands out more compared to the other generic protagonists. He even has a girlfriend! I just think that the way he handles situations in his usual "Araragi Way" is pretty humorous. Although the end result is predictable, the events and actions leading up to it surprise me enough that I almost forget that he'll save the girl in the end. As a side note, the way the anime portrayed both the bath scene and toothbrush scene in Nisemonogatari earn him some extra points in my book.

3. "Kuchinawa-san". A product of Nadeko's twisted imagination. Kind of reminded me a bit about Kaiki- not quite as good a character, but I have my reasons for placing him this high. "Kuchinawa-san's" partnership with Nadeko was like a darker, side-story version of Koyomi and Shinobu. He didn't really play much part in the series as a whole, however because of him, I was able to better see the darkness engulf (or rather, finish engulfing) Nadeko's heart. Unlike Kaiki, his thoughts are not revealed- because he is not real- so while it was possible to start to connect with Kaiki more as a character, "Kuchinawa-san" is a complete mystery. I was surprised Nadeko could come up with such a complex being like him. In the anime version, I found it a little entertaining that he spoke with such emotion while portrayed as an expressionless snake, only forking out his tongue a couple times. Also, he sort of gives off an Accelerator kind of feel...

This is just going off the anime, really. If it were just the light novels, I'm sure the list will be different.
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Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/4/14
Hanekawa has been my favorite since I started the series(anime and light novels) and has become one of my favorite characters in general. She's probably the most underrated monogatari girl which is such a shame.
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20 / F / Aus
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14
Kaiki Deishu has my vote~

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22 / M / Eikou Cram School
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14
Koyomi is basically my god.
2. Karen Waifu<3
3. Shinobu
4. Hachikuji
5. Yotsugi
6. Senjougahara
7. Kaiki
8. Tsukihi
9. Hanekawa
10. Sengoku
11. Kanbaru

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23 / F / Scotland
Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/9/14
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24 / M
Posted 1/22/14 , edited 1/23/14
4. Yotsugi Ononoki - I feel like we all know someone who gets in your face and tells you everything directly. I always liked that about Yotsugi.

3. Hanekawa Tsubasa - I like each and every side of her. Intelligent, mature, and responsible, yet very flawed.

2. Senjougahara Hitagi - Priceless banter with just about everyone she talks to.

1. Kaiki Deishu - This opinion has probably become somewhat mainstream as of late, but at least there's a good reason behind it. The man is an amazing character. The best dialogues, the BEST monologues, and even the best speech all fall under his repertoire. Not to mention, I just love the way he thinks: cold and pragmatically, but with exceptions.
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29 / M / Shiranui
Posted 1/23/14 , edited 1/23/14
1 - Kanbaru Suruga

2 - Kaiki Deishu

3 - Senjougahara Hitagi

4 - Araragi Koyomi
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 12/26/15 , edited 12/26/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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