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Posted 8/6/13 , edited 8/7/13
I was never really a big target for bullying, but I remember talking to a few kids that were. I was somewhat athletic so no one ever really gave me crap because I had some physical prowess. It was kind of funny though because I was still very much a nerd and loved reading books and learning new things. I was an introvert and didn't socialize much, but because I could swing a baseball bat and a tennis racket and put a ball into a hoop I was left alone. The few times I was a target of bullying I embarrassed my tormentor so bad they never came after me again. I used my mind to fight back. I used to watch other kids who were afraid and there were a handful of times where I came to their aid. That's something I am very proud of.

I always cheered for the underdog and I knew a lot of them. I remember always looking at the nerdy girl with the glasses and seeing beyond the smart remarks and the harsh comments about her inexpensive Walmart-bought clothes she wore because her mother didn't make very much money. I remember thinking to myself that this girl, someday, will be so beautiful and successful that the bullies will one day regret all their words. I was right. She went on to meet a terrific man in college and she is now married with two kids and a Master's Degree. I am glad she didn't let the bullies get to her.

I remember the bad days I had when, much like the video, someone had the nerve to tell me to just get over my depression. They have no idea how it can be. They don't know the trials people like us...have to endure. They act like it's a choice to be depressed. They think if I just go to a party and have a few drinks that we'll be fine, but it doesn't work like that. It never works like that. I used to act liked I wasn't offended when people would joke to me I'd "forget to take my meds." They think it's a harmless joke, but it's not. It's hard to accept that I have to take medication just to feel anything like an "average person." Even the doctors tell us that we're different and we always will be.

The words and torment of depression comes at me when I least expect it. The emotion, the sense of guilt for feeling this way and the hopelessness of no cure bombard me like bombshells on a battlefield.

"Did you forget your meds?"

Is that supposed to make me laugh? Is that supposed to make me feel better? What did you wish to accomplish with that remark? If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were bullying me.

Is that the way the world is? Do people often not realize they're bullies? If something is considered socially acceptable does that excuse them from showing any compassion toward people who are different?

I have bad news for you all. The people you made fun of in school....the nerds, the geeks, the emo's, the artists, the introverts...we've won. We've made beautiful music and come up with cures for cancer. We've created the the world's first PC and we've performed in billion dollar movies. Everytime I see someone post something on Facebook, making fun of someone who enjoys things like reading and playing card games or writing, I do not fail to see the they post it from their iPhone.

Maybe they really don't know. Maybe they are nothing like us and maybe they don't think any more than five minutes in front of them. Maybe they don't realize we are all human. We all feel. We all have emotion. None of us are the same. We are all different. They will try to beat you down and make fun of you for being different. Why. They're afraid. It's one of the oldest things in the world. Man is afraid of what they do not understand.

It's been made very clear they don't understand us...and they probably never will.
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