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Memorable Drama Moments
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Posted 10/27/07 , edited 10/27/07
Hana Yori Dango; when Makino's running after Tsukasa whose in the airplane &then the kiss of course! [; & One Litre of Tears: when Asou-kun comes to shelter Aya-chan from the rain at the zoo.
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Posted 11/4/07 , edited 11/4/07
Hanazakiri no Kimi Tachi e:
-the classic "ore wa homo ja nai!" line from nakatsu with the famous homo dance.
-whenever the guys would come in sano ang ashiya's room to ask for shampoo. :blush:
-when nakatsu was doing soccer exercises for the pageant and he was taking off his shirt and telling himself, "I like girls. I'm not gay."
-all those scenes when nakatsu keeps on spurting out his drink.
-when everyone was saying goodbye to ashiya

My Boss, My Hero:
-the fight for the pudding.
-the first scene when makio kept saying no and he lost count.

Brother Beat:
-when tetsuya spent a day off to try to win his father-in-law's favor.
-when tetsuji and mokomichi where riding his bike and he banged his helmet on his brother because he was getting angry.

Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2:
here's a lot..but these are my favorites...
-that classic scene when makino punched domyouji.
-the first date
-when domyouji tried to save makino from that witch of a classmate of theirs.
-makino running after the plane
-when domyouji lived in the apartment next door to makino's
-when they destroyed the building.
-when they went out on a date after shigeru left.
-everything that happened in the ski lodge.
-the proposal

ah..there's still a lot..
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Posted 11/5/07 , edited 11/5/07
In hana kimi taiwanese when jiro gave ella his umblical cord that was really disgusting but it was too funny, my cousin almost wet herself watching that part haha
Posted 11/5/07 , edited 11/5/07
in one litre of tears when ako yells at the little brother for thinking lowly of aya. and when aya was in teh wheelchair and was by asou-kun and said something like i cant see you anymore. dont exactly remember but it was so heartbreaking.

in full house when they were in teh tent and finally confessed to each other. ohh and the three bears scene. HEE-LARIOUS.

taiyou no uta- when kaoru went out of the house in the sunlight to run after the dude. forgot his name, but real name is yamada takayuki.

nobuta wo produce. when yamapi and kame were pretending to kiss and then the teacher saw and slammed something on the floor and surprised kame and yamapi. the teacher got the wrong idea and said that he wouldnt tell anyone their secret. and then either kame or yamapi was like "nooooooooo!!!!"

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Posted 11/5/07 , edited 11/5/07
coffee prince episode ten when he ran back to her and kissed her like once...but then she kissed him more ! hehe

And my girl when they find out that he found the cousin..and they are outside and he kisses her on the forehead and asks her if shes disappointed...and she says yes hehe xD but then he kisses her and said i love you. that was so cute ! <3
Posted 11/7/07 , edited 11/7/07
all i can think of right now is hana kimi's nakatsu (ikatu toma) singing "ore wa homo janai" with the undie on his head and d bra on his chest lol isnt that the cutest thing ever?
devil beside you- when mike he kisses rainie yang HARDCORE that was absolutely awakening.LOL
sapuri when kame told the girl that he doesnt want to be his younger anymore ( they were in the vineyard right? and then he hugs and kisses her even though he was like covered with dirt, sweat and mud and the girl kisses her back!

ahh theres alot but i cant think of any ritenow..DRAMA OVERLOAD . LOL
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F / Johnny and the JE...
Posted 11/7/07 , edited 11/7/07
Nobuta wo produce- I expected a lot of ending, but the ending itself. I love Akira more and more for running after Shuji.
Anego- Tell me that scene where Jin Akanishi was crying when they were in the karaoke bar because he was afraid he lost Anego wasn't memorable. I wanted to make him feel better so bad it actually hurts.
Hana Kimi- ORE WA HOMO JA NAI! (really, no other scene can beat that)
GTO- Oguri Shun wearing underwear. Hehe.
Dragon Zakura- When Yuu hugged Masami.
Kurosagi- I liked the whole "rich boy image with the hat and sweater" i couldn't stop laughing.
HYD- "Hummingyay"

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M / Valley Of The Sun
Posted 11/7/07 , edited 11/7/07
This is from a movie Maundy Thursday when the deceased's mother visits the killer. OMG this is such a good movie.
I'm getting the same sense of sadness as when I saw 1 Litre of Tears.
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Posted 11/7/07 , edited 11/7/07
Hanazakari no Kimitachie e

When Nakatsu hugged ashiya from the behind and professed his feelings for her. and said this heart wrentching lines
"depend on me. I don't care..I don't care who you love.. I love you.." - nakatsu suichi

Hana Kimi Taiwan
When they were walking along the railroad. Quan was carrying RuiXie piggyback style and he said to her "ruixie, I think I like you" and at that exact moment the train passed by.

there are so many unfrogettable moments in hanakimi taiwan!!
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Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
i think any scene in where the lead actor and actress
gets to have their first kiss makes it an unforgettable one...
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in limbo
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08

kyonkichi wrote:

Honestly? The first thing that popped into mind was Full House, when Rain did the three bear dance to make Ji-eun feel better. I think mostly because I remember him giggling during the outtakes and I thought it was the cutest thing in the world.

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Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
Nobuta Wo Produce - When Yamapi surprises Kamenashi in the end
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Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
my lucky star- when ah xing throws the earing!
ISWAK- the surprise kiss
ISWAK2- the honeymoon.[awww]
Devil Beside You- When Mike he Cried!
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30 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08

suikofan07 wrote:
Nobuta Wo Produce
-When Nobuta does that Nobuta Power thing

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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
ISWAK season 1
After Xiang Qin woke up and she asked Zhi Shu to accompany her until morning because it is very unrealistic for her. (ep 19 after kissing scene)

My Bratty Princess
When the king found out that Situ Jing is actually a girl. (ep 10)

Hana Kimi (jap version)
Sano kiss Ashiya at the airport (last ep)

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