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Memorable Drama Moments
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30 / F / Somewhere
Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/19/08

Daisuke4288 wrote:

Nobuta Wo Produce:
-when Nobuta asks Akira how to get power and he says "Nobuta Power...Chuu-Nyu!!"
-when Nobuta does the Nobuta Power thing
-at the end when Kame transfers to new school and Akira is there

Hana Kimi (Ikemen Paradise)
- the last episode, when she was saying her goodbyes to the school I cried so much
-all of Mizuki's talks with the other dorm 2 members (Sekime, Nakao, etc.)

Hana Kimi (Taiwan)
- when Julia comes to Rui Xi's school and Jiro's going crazy cuz he thought they were a couple "I'm Gay!! G-Y-A!! Gay!!"
- when Jiro puts Ella as #1 on his friends list, crossing out Wu Zun

Hana Yori Dango
-pretty much the whole series..

1 Litre of Tears
- the last scene when Aya was alive talking to Ryo about snow...
- the last scene where they show the basketball game her team won and then the blinking light next to her name that said she was dying..omg i cried nonstop for 15 minutes..
-the whole series!

My Girl
-when the Joo Rin is at the party for the tennis player and all the couples were kissing and Lee Jun Ki and twirled her around...I died..

1st Shop of Coffee Prince
- the scenes where Eun Hye would put her "power milk" on Gong Yoo's doorstep!
- the last scene in episode 10, where Gong Yoo goes back to the cafe, sees, Eun Hye and just grabs her and kisses her...dude man...that was hott! :)
- when she said goodbye to the other workers in the cafe...i cried so much! :(
- the Coffee Prince concert!!
- pretty much the whole series!!

100 Days w/ Mr. Arrogant
- when she had to do Sailor Moon i couldn't stop laughing

DBSK Mini Dramas
- Dangerous Love: all those "gay" scenes w/ Hero and Yunho omg sooo funny!!!

a lot of others...maybe i'll add more later :)

i like ur hana kimi ones
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29 / F / Osaka, Japan
Posted 3/19/08 , edited 3/19/08
kissing scene in Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru..

Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
xiang qin and zhi shu's first kiss !! :]]
also their quarrel in tka wherein xiang qin was crying in front of the door where zhi shu is behind.
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26 / F / Japan/Korea..*sig...
Posted 5/26/08 , edited 5/26/08
Hana Yori Dango- Domyouji & Makino Kissing & the suns setting
It Started With A Kiss- Suprise Kiss
Nobuta Wo Produce- When Yamapi surprises Kame iin the end
100 Days with Mr. Arrogant- It was just overall funny & good
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31 / F / Philippines
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
1 litre of tears - when aya heard the complains of her classmates and she went out then haruto (ryo nishikido) help her. when they are in the bridge aya say thank you to haruto,then when aya will move the wheel chair and haruto will help her aya says "bye bye" then haruto knelled down and cried.
- when the younger sister of aya yells at the brother
- when her classmates sings for her when aya decided to leave the school

200 pounds of beauty - when hanna confessed that she is fat and when she cried and hugged her father
proposal daisakusen - hallelujah chance....nooooooooooooo! when ken confessed his love in front of the visitors and in front of the groom!

and many more!!!!!
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28 / a LittLe Red Dot...
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
hmm... mt memory not gd... but one thing i can rmb clearly is de scene in Attention Please... when one of de stewardess is sampling n commenting on dee wine... Aya accidently ''shoot'' a snail shell she was tackling into her wine glass... lol... that was reall funny... i was like roaring with laughter.... haha...
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33 / F / Silang,Cavite
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/24/08
The Three Bear Dance of Full House (After rolling on the floor I memorized the dance...and that was like 3-4 years ago and I can still remember)
The very hot kissing scene in Goong... it looks so reallllll!
The Sailor Moon scene in 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant (In the name of Justice, I will not forgive you!!!!!)
in ISWAK, the time when Zhi Shu confessed in the rain, that was so touching!
When Yoo Rin sung the "Dang Gun" song for Gong Chan, she was so cute! (My Girl)
When Dal Ja shouted to Tae Bong, "I miss you, you jerk!" and then covered her mouth after realizing what she had said...with Tae Bong looking so elated after hearing it...

and many more!

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25 / F / canada
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/30/09
when mizuki from hana-kimi japan writs forever in my heart on the window
that scene was so sad but in a good way cause it means that she will never forget that school and the time she spent there
i don't know if it's the scene or the line "forever in my heart " but it always makes me cry
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23 / F / evergreen state
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/30/09
^agree w. "forever in my heart" in hana kimi
- when nakatsu hugged mizuki and confessed to her
- when nakatsu and sano accidentally kiss
- when nakatsu, mizuki and sano shared the same room
- when mizuki and nakatsu danced
- ep 11 battle between nakatsu and sano

- when yoon eun hye talks to herself while planning what to do w/ her money since she's already filthy rich
- when yoon eun hye is on the top of joo ji hoon
- when they slept together on yoon eun hye's house
- real, full of love and second marriage of yoon eun hye and joo ji hoon

- under the full moon? scene
- when sho accidentally kissed chisato
- when takeru reveals that sho kissed chisato
- on ep 6? when fuu, sho, masaru and satoru are on chisato's room, when satoru said "chisato-san's....bras and panties"
- when they were completing the 10 mothering goals

- when choi woo hyuk were teasing moon geun young how cute she is
- under the rain scene(when they were young)

- on ep 11, when ayumu told manami that she was happy that they become friends
- when manami gave ayumu an omelet during lunch
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27 / M / land of the risin...
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/30/09
kenzou's conffesion from propozu daisakusen
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29 / F / philppines
Posted 6/29/09 , edited 6/30/09
For me it's in 1 Litre os Tears Special...when Haruto tried to Calle Aya and he sat down and cried after not hearing Aya's voice, that scene was toooo sad for me...
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26 / F
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
mine is...

1.) 1 LiiTER OF TEARS..>> OMG! when my haruto confesses his love to me! haha joke! to AYA i mean when haruto said this...
"is it okay if i say what im feeling right now
i dont know whats going to happen in the future
but right now
what im feeling is 100 % no lie
i can say that with confidence
for me
as long as its u saying it
it doesnt matter how slowly u say it
ill still listen
if u cant talk over the phone
then ill come to see u
just like this
im not a dolphin
ur also not a dolphin
if u want to walk
no matter how slow it will be
ill walk with u
right now
i might not be reliable
one day
maybe ill be able to help
things cant be the same as they were before
but there's this kind of feeling thats linking us together
i dont think that were living in different worlds
with regards to u,
i like u,
i like u maybe,
(with the background song "konayuki" playing) :DD

2.) my name is kim sam soon..>>SHET! the part when CYRUS said this to samsoon..
"i like u, i keep on thinking of u and its driving me crazy, y so u keep on invading my head and why do u keep on bothering me? why?.. why cant cant u just leave me alone?"
(with the song "she is" background song playing).. ahihihi :D

3.) boys before flowers..
when gu junpyo said to jandi these >> "do u see my heart?" when they were riding in an helicopter seeing the heartshaped artificial island of gu junpyo :DD
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
operation love

1. kenzou grabbed rei and kissed her
2. kenzou telling the sensei he want to change seat coz he can't see properly from the back. he claimed that from the seat he is seated at, sensei looked like tom cruise, and sensei told him his eyesight is perfectly fine.
3. kenzou love confession at rei wedding

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28 / F
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 7/1/09
Hana Yori Dango Returns
-the part where Rui got angry with Tsukasa about him disregarding how tsukushi felt while he was away.
-when tsukushi was lost in the snow storm
Hana Kimi
-the photoshoot, Sano was acting like a father to mizuki
-the battle between Sano and Nakatsu
-when Mizuki was saying her farewell to everyone
Proposal Daisakusen
-Kenzou's confession on Rei's wedding
-graduation ceremony for the managers
-when Tada-san was holding two buttons in his hands
Ryusei no Kizuna
-when Shizuna was being questioned why the children were away during the crime, she answered," Because of the shooting stars".
-when Kashiwabara was admitting his crime
Nobuta wo Produce
-the double date, with Akira following them
-when Akira realized he likes Nobuko
-the last episode, when Nobuko was saying that shuuji was the one who is lonely.
Zettai Kareshi
-in the SP, Night realized that even if he stayed with Riiko, it wouldn't work out.
-the scene when Night was spraying water on his body, as fake sweat, saying,"ore wa sexy?"
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