Battle Royale
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Posted 8/6/13 , edited 8/7/13
Okay here is the game. You are one of those unfortunate souls waken up and found yourself in a Battle Royale game on a small island (for those who haven't heard of it, you have to kill everyone to survive and leave the island). Before the game starts, you were issued a small backpack, inside of it are map, compass, fire-starting kits, one-quarter canteen, and 1 day worth of food. you are also given the opportunity to pick four items of your choice. If you pick firearms, say for example a pistol, your ammo will take up one of the three remaining slots. you can pick anything from firearms, to clothing, to food, "anything" you can carry with you.

there are three ways to win this game, you can do one or do all three.
1)kill everyone.
2)find the host and kill him LOL.
3)find a mean of taking the beacon off, and escape.
(it is up to the next poster to speculate your intentions)

(the tracking beacon embedded with you are explosive, and will detonate in 3 days, unless you are the solo survivor)

EDITED: you start off with clothes you are wearing.

list your 4 items, reasons, and next poster will rate your survival rate from 0%-100%, and why.

Let the Game begins!!!!


1. Beretta 9mm pistol, reliable, easy to use, good self defense.
2. 20 clips of ammo.
3. A camo windbreaker, it keeps your warm, it is water and wind resistant.
4. A machete , after food ran out the first day, the machete is useful in everyday activities from sharpening the sticks to cutting foods to cleaning a path.
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Posted 8/7/13 , edited 8/7/13
60% (It's a tough world and you gave away your position when you shot your first soul :3 )

Uhm, clothing? What about if you just wanna wear what you're already wearing? Or do you start out naked? If so you have no pants.

1.) A nice sharp combat knife, because why not make it personal? :3
2.) Silenced 9mm Glock (Lighter weight, can get wet and still fire, silenced for a reason)
3.) Ammo
4) Trench kit (Trench shovel, and camouflage cover so you can dig a small hole and sleep in it)
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Posted 10/25/13 , edited 10/25/13
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