Post Reply General Rules
Posted 8/7/13 , edited 8/7/13


Respect them, or else.

- You must respect all these rules at all cost or it will end up with banning people.
(and creator-chan doesn't want that QQ)

- Respect the moderators, the creator and all other members.

- No max. in character creation.

- Wait for your character to be approved before roleplaying.

- PG-13 ONLY. In the guestbook, RP and in other forums.

- No bullying or harassment are tolerated out of RP.
(If any member does bully you directly, take a screenshot and send it to the moderators.
We'll take care of him for you C<)

- No quote snakes PLEASE-- it takes up space.
Delete or use the spoilers.

- If you're leaving the group, inbox a moderator. We will take care of the rest for you.

- Don't jump into other people's RP out of the blue. Ask first.

- You cannot kill another character unless you have permission, you can kill some random NPCs. (Vendors/Merchants/etc do not count as random NPCs)

- You do not become a criminal from just killing someone or stealing something and write it off in your character form. You must fill in the Criminal Form in the Criminal and Bounty Hunters forum.

- Avoid "First", "Last", "Best" in your character form.

- More rules will be added over time

- If you have any questions, ask here. Quote if needed.

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