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Posted 10/26/13 , edited 10/27/13
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Creator: popstar-arai

Name: Mizu

Race: heron

Alignment (Good, Neutral or Evil): neutral

Sex: female

Age: 14



Eyes: blue

Hair: blue

Place of Origin: (are you from an Island or from the surface) Island of Cath

Loyalty (A specific group, religion, faction, or neutral): ( you may create your own but pm me the details) water users

Special Abilities(powers and abilities your character is born with): controling water

Weakness: (can only be nothing or mortality, if your chara has absolutely no special abilities. Literally, your chara has to be no better than an average soldier or average citizen. Beyond that, powers require weaknesses.) fire,ice

Skill Sets(skills you acquire in your lifetime) : controling water

Weapons: sword,magic

Equipment: (Vehicles, guns, weapons, or anything that the charcters keeps on his person) sword,magic testment book

Like: water,candy,flowers

Dislikes: fire,ice

Good Qualities: hard worker,nice

Bad Qualities: stuborn and a bit of a mean streakand a bit selfish

Quirks (if any):

Job: she goes and get's things that other's need or that is stolen

Family: none

Goals: being the best water user

Additional Info (Optional) : she's a bit of a selfish person

BIO: Mizu is a water user,the last of her kind,she can control water and make it appear with out having any water around but that takes a toll on her,she will coallpse after awhile of doing it. she rarely does it since that would make her valunable to people. She isn't that nice of person,if she senses you are weak ,she will not even bother with you.
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