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Site Rules

1. Please refrain from linking to websites that share Anime, Manga or Drama illegally.
2. Crunchyroll’s forums are PG-13. Please keep this in mind when selecting your avatar as well as sharing information in your profile, forum threads & groups.
3. Adult content of any kind has no place in the forums. This includes avatars, user profiles, photos, forum threads & groups.This content will be deleted and can result in account deletion as well.
4. Multiple accounts are not allowed.
5. Trolling, flaming and flamebaiting are discouraged. Participating in these activities is looked down upon and generally results in deletion of the offending post.
6. Don’t Spam (including chainletters). Chainletters are not to be circulated.
7. Please be respectful of other users. Common courtesy, “please” and “thank you” go a long ways.
8. Please try to use the appropriate forum for your thread. Please refrain from creating duplicate/personal/help/VS. threads.
9. Type legibly. Avoid posting multiple images, double posting or creating quote pyramids.
10. Always report bugs you experience on Crunchyroll to the Staff
11. Only Submit Valid Information To Crunchyroll’s Library
12. Only Premium Members can suggest Anime/Drama/Music
13. When in doubt, use common sense!

Infringements on these rules will result in a temporary ban. This ban varies upon the infraction & can include deletion of your account.

Please know that the Moderators and Customer Support team are here to help you at all times. If you need help with anything, you may:
- Reach us from our Contact Form.
- PM a staff member, whom you can find listed on the Staff page.
- visit the Help Forum for assistance with any of your site related problems.

* For more details view the extended rules:
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1. Inappropriate Links
Links to sites (commercial OR personal) that have:
~ Pornographic, racist or illegal materials
~ Profit sites or referral link games. These are sites that earn the poster a profit/commission or sites that give points for incoming links.
~ Links to sites that host potentially illegal content. This would include direct downloads and streaming sites that have videos and music that were uploaded without consent of the copyright holders.
~ Advertising for profit or personal gain. Links to youtube videos that the poster has monetized, crowdfunding projects to pay a person to make a series of webisodes, or any other form of link that gives personal profit is not allowed. Links to crowdfunding sites are allowed as long as they break no other rules (scam/adult content) and are for smaller independent companies creating an actual product. Links to music or other art you create is also allowed so long as there is no purchase links/pay for hits involved.

2. Appropriate Avatar
~ Must not contain nude or offensive images.
~ Can not be any larger than 200 pixels in length and 200 pixels in width.
~ May not be taken/stolen from another user.

3.1 Nude/Naked
~ Any form of nudity, regardless of whether or not the subject is covering their breasts or genitalia will not be tolerated.

3.2 Breast Exposure
~ Exposure of more than 1/2 of the breast, exposure of the areola, and exposure of the nipple will not be tolerated. Fondling of the breasts (i.e. grasping the breasts either by the character or by another character) will not be tolerated either.

3.3 Genital Exposure
~ No form of genital exposure will be tolerated. This includes fondling with undergarments, extremely low exposure (such that more or less 1/2 of the mons pubis is exposed) or visualizations of the genitalia beneath the underwear (where the labia majora is discernable).

3.4 Sexual Connotations
~ Any picture depicting sexual undertones, such as sex, masturbation, or any of the sort will not be tolerated.

4. Multiple accounts (aka Alts) are not allowed
These have to be reported to administrators and moderators, with a reasonable explanation as to why it was created. This is a serious offense, failure to do so may result in account termination.
Multiple accounts that are used to spam, harass/deceive other users, get around a ban or break any other rules, will be deleted on sight with absolutely no warning.

5. Flamebaiting/Flaming/Trolling
Do not insult others. Even if you strongly detest the content of a post or individual to whom you are replying to. Swearing is only allowed if the swear word does not directly insult any users. This will be dealt in a case by case basis.
PMs are not moderated. However, you should respect the privacy of others and refrain from quoting Private Messages in a public forum. Consider bringing issues up to any moderators if you feel harassed by any individual though.

6.1 Spam Posts / CR Points
Posting things like Forum posts, photos or comments earns you CR points, but it is not what the site was created for. The points are supposed to be a reflection of how much you used the site but also has no direct relation to how experienced you are on this site. Trying to abuse the system to gain a lot of CR Points is a punishable offense.

6.2 Chainletters
Any message that tells you to send the same message to other people or else something bad will happen, is fake.

DO NOT SEND/FORWARD any random messages you get or see which contain words or phrases similar to the following examples:
- Forward this
- copy and paste
- send to all your friends
- pass it around
- copy and paste it on 10 other videos
- your will die
- press f4

If you happen to see messages like these, please mark them as 'SPAM', and a moderator will eventually delete it.

7.1 Be Respectful
~ Do not yell, i.e. type in all caps.
~ Once is enough. Don't post the exact same message multiple times.
~ Type what you want to say in an intelligible way - avoid l33t, shorthand, and related internet atrocities.
~ Spamming smilies is unnecessary. Nobody needs to see 99 smilies in a post. One will suffice.
~ Use a title that describes the content of your post. Don't use annoying caps, special characters, or titles that have sexual innuendo just to draw attention. They will be edited if someone has time.

7.2 Assume Goodwill
Internet tone is easy to misinterpret, hence unless the evidence highly suggests otherwise, take sometime to think - could the post you just read could be interpreted in a friendlier fashion? Give them the benefit of doubt.

8.1 Appropriate Forum
Make sure you're posting your topic in the proper forum section.

8.2 Do not create personal or help threads.
When making a topic refrain from making personal threads or "I need help" threads. Personal and help threads will automatically get locked. Whether you receive your answer or not.
Here's a list of threads you can post in instead of creating help threads:

The general help thread
The anime help thread
The manga help thread
The drama/movie help thread
The music help thread
Game Help: Cheats, Hints, Tips, etc

9.1 Type Legibly
Illegible posts that don't make sense are easily misinterpreted as spam, and therefore are subjected to removal without warning.

9.2 Avoid Posting Multiple Images
Not everyone has high speed internet, therefore, do put a note before submitting a new thread that is image intensive. It would also be wise to limit the number of pictures per post to 2 and refrain from posting a lot of pictures in one post. This does not mean you can double or triple post right after wards with 2 more images per post. If you must put a lot of images in a post, try linking to the url instead of embedding the image with the IMG tags.

9.3 Avoid Double Posting
When you make a post immediately after your last post, this is called Double Posting. If you post three times in a row, that's Triple posting. Post any more than that, it's Spamming. You can use the edit button found on the upper right-hand corner of your last post to add on any additional comments you'd like to add, instead of posting again.

9.4 Avoid Quote Pyramids
Refrain from quoting excessively. When quoting someone, use only the portion of the quote that is absolutely necessary. This includes quoting pictures! Chain-quotes are just an annoyance for everyone and they are easy to prevent. Anymore than 3 quoted extensions will be automatically deleted by moderators.

10. Report all errors/bugs/glitches/exploits/flaws with the site to the mods/admins
Any coding errors that you notice should be reported to a moderator. Failure to do so will not get you into any trouble but if you exploit a flaw with the site instead of telling a moderator about it, you will be banned. Length of the ban will depend on the severity of the action.

11. Library Submissions
If you edit Article pages in the Crunchyroll Library and continually add invalid information, you may be warned and banned for doing so.

12. Join the Premium Members Forum to make Suggestions
If you are a premium member and want to suggest some anime/drama/music to be uploaded to Crunchyroll, just use this thread:
What series/movie/music would you like to see on CR?
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