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The Bounty Hunter HQ set near portals of the Valdim, Netherworld, Earl and Kristten Realms. You can only enter with the Bounty Hunter License.
This area is at a time a quest board area and an RP area.
Quote this post whenever you take a quest-- you must fill in the form for it too.

Form and Extra Info
Quest Name:
Quest Area:

Quest/Criminal Difficulties
✰✰✰✰✰ : No star
Very Easy : Usually Solo tasks here and there.

★✰✰✰✰ : 1 Star
Easy : Easily done alone

★★✰✰✰ : 2 Star
Normal : Usually Delivery tasks to another Realm or for trapping Criminals

★★★✰✰ : 3 Star
Hard : Information Scouting or Criminal Catching, preferably done with Party.

★★★★✰ : 4 Star
Very Hard : Criminal Assassination/Catching/Retrieval, preferably done with Party.

★★★★★ : 5 Star
Extreme : 3-5 Star Criminal Assassination

Every Criminal will have a set amount of difficulty as well.
1 Star being the weakest and 5 star being the strongests.

Quest Board

Difficulty: ★★★✰✰
Quest Name: Retrieve the Countess Painting!
Quest Area: Corpse Garden [Netherworld]
Requirements: None.
Objective: Retrieve the 'Countess Painting' from criminals.
Requester: [NPC] Butler Damien
Reward: 2 500 Hel (if intact), 1 000 Hel (if damaged)
Status: Open.
Quest Info:

3185 cr points
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Quest completed.

Ayame and Grimm receive 1 000 Hel, each. (August 9th 2013)
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