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Posted 8/10/13 , edited 8/11/13
Changes may happen.
The lottery! Gamble away your life savings for a .5% chance of winning Hel~
One lottery ticket is 300 Hel.
Current jackpot is 200 000 Hel +300 for every ticket bought.

You may buy up to 3 tickets/day. This limit is so you don't like buy 200 tickets and like auto-win. This is tickets/user, not tickets/character.
Days are counted 24 hours from your post. So, you can't post at like 11:59 and then wait a minute and buy more tickets.
No two people can claim a number.
You can share the winnings with someone after you win, I really don't care what happens to the Hel after it leaves the Invisible Intangible Tasteless Mod Bank. Just like, don't say you're buying the ticket for two people, Hime-san will get confused.
I really don't f*cking know how you could manage to cheat but don't cheat.

How it works:
Quote this post and pick a random number 1-200 along with which character of yours is entering the lottery.

In 3-5 days depending on how forgetful I happen to be at the time I will randomly pick a number 1-200 and they will win the jackpot.

If you win, I will quote your post and tell you which number won and add the Jackpot to your stats.

Don't add the money to your stats yourself, one of the mods will do it because we're cool kids.

Also pole dancing bunnies are allowed in the lottery area.
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Posted 8/10/13 , edited 8/12/13

Himerosa wrote:

jack cross.. number 115, minus 300 hel for one ticket

roxanne number 172, and 95 minus 600 hel for two tickets
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Posted 8/11/13 , edited 8/12/13
Sid - Number 3, minus 300 hel for one ticket.
Posted 8/12/13 , edited 8/12/13
nanao: 45,176 minus 600hel
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