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Posted 8/10/13 , edited 8/11/13
I need a bit of help. 8D To start, I'm not the greatest writer, and I want to make a character who is evil and can create ingenious actions that the protagonist has a hard time to solve? Sort of Light Yagami, and how he finds ways to kill for justice. I wouldn't mind some kind of brainstorm of who is a great antagonist to you and what he/she did, what anime they came from and why them. I just need some inspiration. XD
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Posted 9/1/13 , edited 9/1/13
So you're looking for a pseudo anti-hero to be your protagonist? Or a well intentioned but star crossed antagonist who means well but who's efforts end up with the worst possible outcomes? Plus since you are writing your story with your characters do not be afraid to expand your search for inspiration beyond the scope of anime into all media formats as just because a concept comes from a western live action piece doesn't mean it wouldn't work in an anime setting.

Ultimately rather than starting from a pre-existing template try first making a rough outline of the actions and attributes that you want your character to have or engage in and then start be expanding on those elements and building a framework of a character to be able to fill those requirements. You mentioned ingenious actions that cause the protagonist problems, what type of actions? Psychological games (Death Note, The Silence of The Lambs), complex morality choices (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, The Dark Knight)? Once you decide how you want your antagonist to act or exist it will become much easier to determine who that person is.

start with this method:

1. What is the character's name? (Just randomly assign one if you are not sure you can always change it later)
2. What can you see? (what is obvious to everyone?) age, height, physical characteristics, etc.
3. What can you not see? (what is not obvious to everyone?) dreams, wants, desires, favorite food, etc.
4. How do 2 and 3 affect each other? Do they affect each other? How do the elements of 3 affect the character's outlook, personality, actions, etc.
5. How does 2, 3 and 4 affect everything outside the character? How and why does 2, 3 and 4 influence the character's outlook and interactions with the outside world? In what ways to each part of 2, 3, and 4 color these interactions? Do they affect these actions? Why or why not? If one element was added or changed about 2 or 3 would the character change? Why is this or why wouldn't that happen?

Like I said this is a hastily written template but at the initial phase of character creation the writer is often starting only with a single element for each character and then as they are able to better envision the character these points can either get expanded or changed during the character evolution process. You wanted to have your antagonist play games with the protagonist, well first figure out what your antagonist is, then proceed to who they are, and then the games they play will become more of a logical progression of that character.

Sorry I was probably super wordy there.
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