Dayz Stories and how long you have played
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Posted 8/11/13 , edited 8/11/13
I was just wondering if there are any Day z players on these forums and what kind of stories people have from playing this game and how long people have been playing for.

Me i have been playing this game since august 2012 just 3-4 months after the mod first came out and i have played it pretty much every week since this time, through this game i have met so many really cool people who i talk to via Skype and steam and i am confident enough to call them friends.

Many different stories have been told through my days playing this game such as getting a grenade thrown at you on accident by a team mate or getting trapped on a hospital roof by snipers and spending hours at a time flying in helicopter that you worked hard to find fix and keep, getting yourself known on a server as the resident bandits or even going around giving people guillie suits and rifles that you have multiple of. Well i do have more stories but i could be here all day what are your stories or situations that you have been in?
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Posted 12/4/13 , edited 12/4/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been months and no new posts. Locked.
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