Doppelgänger Visual Novel
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Posted 8/11/13 , edited 8/11/13
Ok, I'm not even a big fan of otome games, or at least visual novels that star a female protagonist, but I must say this VN game was such a surprise! Never had I imagined that I would get as engrossed into the story of this game as I did! Truly, unraveling the mystery was the main focus of this visual novel, and for me, it was an extremely entertaining and suspenseful ride. For myself, after I finished 1 ending, I always wanted to continue playing to see more of the game, more of the mystery, more of the characters, more of everything. In particular, what motivated each individual to act the way they do in the game. This game is seriously like a jigsaw puzzle that requires many play-throughs to get a complete understanding of the whole mystery.

The story is pretty cleverly written and is loaded with tons of plot twists, moments that'll shock a person, and at the same time, (if you're lucky!) heartwarming scenes that will make one perhaps even shed a tear or two!

Here is the synopsis straight from the Lemma Soft forums (

Storyline: After her sister Bertha's death, Lucia Nicol is struggling to follow in her footsteps. She becomes a self-centered person who will do anything to replace Bertha's position in her family. Her actions made her schoolmates loathe and bully her, thus leading to an unexpected event. One by one, the schoolmates who bullied her were attacked and suddenly she became the main suspect. After those events, she found out that she was able to see people who can’t be seen by “normal” people, and uncover the dark, insane truth of an entity called “Doppelganger”. Her life is suddenly in danger, and those people she normally trusts suddenly don’t look so kind any more… Play as Lucia as you struggle to escape your fate; dying or living a life where you will certainly wish you are dead…

If interested (or for more info), u can grab this free VN game at the aforementioned link above. For those that have played this, lemme know your thoughts on it! And please don't forget to spoiler it if it's spoiler-worthy! xD

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