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Death arena

Death arena guidelines
1: there are two different matches, knock out and death, knock out matches go until a character is wounded, or is unconsciousness. death matches go until one character is dead
2: if two people play a death match, you already have agreed to put your characters life at risk so dont complain when your character dies cause you already knew what you were getting into when you agreed to fight to the death
3: matches don't start immendantly, for the purpose that other people can bet on who's going to win, and the winner gets about 20% of the bet earnings while other players get what they deserve (but the death match betting is different but ill explain later) . plus theres another reason, me (mungo-zabnism), is the annoncer, so i announce fights, so don't start before i announce it.
4. if you are in a fight in an arena please remain from just leaving it, i understand that things happen and you may have to go, but i ask could you please finish this as soon as possible, for there are a limited amount of rooms (there are three) for people to fight in. so please be aware of what time you have in case you decide to fight someone here.
5: in a death match you get better prizes, and more money, in death matches you get 50% of the betting pot, instead of 20%, and you gain more on your bounty for doing this cause i mean, murder even in the arena is unaccepted heheheh...
6. when criminals go into death matches, even if your a bounty hunter, there bounty money comes back to us in the arena for we calim the body, but we give you a small portion, it all depends on the bounty.
7. there are no particular ranks, but were willing to give certain fighters nicknames and list them here, we even put our own bounty on them so if you defeat or kill them, you can claim the cash on there heads

special fighters
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