Anime (Again!? >_> -mauz- )
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Posted 6/21/07 , edited 6/22/07
Well, I think I just addicted to anime. I love all anime, but to choose one, I have to pick Gundam. It has the best storyline and the theme songs are awesome..
Posted 6/21/07 , edited 6/22/07
HAHAHAHAHAH CHRIST..... This is basically another whats your favorite anime thankful to me (god) if mauz doesnt lash out @ you for such a thread esp considering there have already been 3 threads like this tonight lulz!

EDIT: OOOHhhhhh MAUZY CLEAN UP IN THE ANIME SECTION! (id post the proper thread but i know how much you loooovvveeee doing your job esp for threads like thse )

Trevor (OP)
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