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18 / Over Here !!
Posted 8/12/13 , edited 8/19/13
HERE IS THE FORM PLZ FILL OUT..(make ur own character if role is already taken.i will post roles in the info page)

Good things about them:
Bad things about them:

Ok i start:

Username: Animeruler22
Character: Bossun
Abilities: shooting with sling shot, and concentrating
Good things about them: he can draw good, and make good oragami
Bad things about them: none that he is aware of.
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20 / F
Posted 8/17/13 , edited 8/17/13
Username: fushinesaku
Character: Kibitsu Momoka ( Momoka )
Abilities: acting , singing and voice over
Good things about her: kind , helpful , considerate and a hardworking person , shy ..
Bad things about her: nothing's bad about her
Appearance: wears long knee length skirt and a jacket . - tangerine blonde hair

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