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Posted 8/24/13 , edited 8/24/13
Well in my case I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s so we had no anime or manga clubs though we certainly read enough comics of the day
but it was an activity to be discouraged especially at my parochial high school. So I really like Genshiken even though i never went to
college but a bunch of technical schools and they were all about studying and training. I like lots of other manga about even HS manga
/anime clubs, about manga artists and their struggles which can go far beyond Genshiken and Bakuman. I do most of my writing and posting
on the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.manga and rec.arts.anime.misc which is where about 11 years ago I started learning about anime and manga. The first manga I bought was the old VIZ graphic novel version of Maison Ikkoku by the renowned mangaka, Takahashi Rumiko. You can get the original Genshiken manga by the way in 3 volumes in one version nowadays so you don't have to do piracy to catch up with this series.

Enjoy your reading and watching of manga and anime.

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Posted 8/24/13 , edited 8/24/13
I started watching this without having finished the previous seasons. I liked them I just never got around to buying the DVDs I needed to watch the rest of the 1st and 2nd seasons. Genshiken Nidaime made me really much more interested in Genshiken as a whole so currently I have every Genshiken DVD that was released by Media Blasters. I am starting on Genshiken 2 right now. I do agree that you can just jump into the new series by itself but it helps to have a bit of background on the former club members who are really all side characters in Genshiken Nidaime. This show really centers around Hato-kun quite a bit, which I find awesome because we rarely get crossdressing characters who are possibly transgendered as focus characters in anime. We really need to see more of this trend, rather than the usual cheap, gag humor we typically get from traps or gender benders.
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Posted 8/31/13 , edited 4/28/16
Written by SlayerNatsu

Nerds, otaku, cosplaying.....cross-dressing!?

Yes, I must be watching "Genshiken Second Season." It's been six years since the last time Genshiken was made into an anime. Genshiken is short for the clubs name "Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenhyukai" or "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture." In other words, the series is focused on the otaku lifestyle. It covers everything from anime, manga, videogames(Guilty Gear!), eroge, and cosplaying.

The new president of the club, Chika Oguie, must find new members at the start of the new year. Enter three new recruits: Rika- loves fujoshi and is super hyper, Merei- she too is a fujoshi but is the complete opposite of Rika in personality,and Kenjiro- also a fujoshi (catching a pattern here?) , but also a cross-dressing boy. They join already established members Kanako, Susanna, and Manabu who bring their own wackiness to Genshiken.

Being new to the series, I discovered that oddly enough "Genshiken Second Season" is in reality the third season. In the beginning the members are just go to the same "circle" , but eventually they grow to become best of friends. There is a little special treat for you "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" fans that you simply cannot miss! I quickly grew to love the characters and all their quirks. There are no action scenes, explosions, or giant robots; in my opinion is a good thing. The theme is friendship in college and beyond.

Now for the downside. There are a few problems I've had over the series. The animation is really the standard fair, nothing really eye-catching at all. Also the extreme amounts of "fujoshi" could be a turn off for some viewers, but shouldn't be a problem to those with an open mind. In spite these gripes, overall, the good far out weighs the bad.

Don't be afraid to jump into this series because it's the third season. You need to give Genshiken a try,especially if you are in an anime club or have been in the past. It brought back so many joyful emotions and memories of my past. Not every anime has to have involve a "save the world" mentality or a harem for one lucky male character. Now excuse me while I watch the previous seasons, as I wait for the next simulcast episode on Crunchyroll!
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