What is Crunchyroll
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Posted 8/16/13 , edited 8/17/13
I can think of some possibilities:

Some eggrolls are crunchy
a cabbage roll ... maybe
some fried Mexican foods, most of them are called 'burritos' and not 'rolls' however
rolls used to be what we now call 'books' because they were parchment 'rolled' on sticks, not exactly sure why you'd eat it

What else?
Posted 8/16/13 , edited 8/17/13
As much of a mind-bending question as that is, I'm afraid you've posted in the wrong area, as well as started a personal thread. This does not apply to site support or minor questions pertaining to CR.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to lock/close this. You are more than welcome to start a poll or open a topic for discussion in the General thread.

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