Membership Cards
Posted 8/17/13 , edited 8/18/13



Username -
Name of Your Character - (go to step one)
Age - (not your real age your character)
Gender - (as your character)
Species - (look at it on step one when you enroll)
Level - (don't fill this out. the creator and game master will find out what level you are in)
Photo - (has to be an icon you can make one for yourself and post it here. But CANNOT BE ANIMATED GIFs)

Simple Questions

Are you willing to use that for special occasion like events and contests? (yes or no, if yes be specific 100 max. words)
Uploaded 6 pics on the Membership Card Payments? (has to be proof with links only with spoilers as well)
What do you think about the group? Is it Boring? Lame? Awesome? Cool? What do you think? (pm to Game Master Em as in me) -
Are you willing to take risk to be as your character? (yes or no) -
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