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Chapter 2- I’ll be in your heart forever.

Mikan woke up rather early that morning. Glancing at the wall clock which reads five am, Mikan got up and headed straight to her bathroom, and do her usual morning routines. Sighing, she turned on the television and watched the early morning show. Getting bored, she ran downstairs and went to check if her dad is at home already. “Dad?” no one answered. So dad’s not home yet. Oh yeah, I remember, dad will be arriving tomorrow. Mikan thought. Feeling a little sad, she went outside and saw her manager’s car parked besides a tree near their house. Mega? Why’s she here so early? Walking stealthily, she approached the red car and saw her manager and her boyfriend Toby making out. Yuck!!!

Disgusted, Mikan ran back to the house and when she closed the door, she can’t help herself but… laugh hysterically. After a minute or so of laughing, Maxine, Mikan’s cousin started running down the stairs and asked her, “Mikan, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Mikan answered, wiping the tears from her eyes, due to laughing so hard.

“If it’s nothing, then why the hell you laughing so hard?”

“Well, your prayers have been answered.”

“What prayers?”

“I’m breaking up with Toby.”

“Why?” she asked me, happiness found in her voice.

“It’s because I just saw him making out with Mega. Imagine? Of all the girls he could make up with, he choose that ugly tramp.” I answered laughing. Maxine looked shock, her mouth gaping open. “Close your mouth Maxine, or a fly might come through it.” Who does he think he is? I never liked him anyways, so who cares? He can make out with every girl he sees on the street, he can even do it with my neighbor’s dog. The hell I care. As usual, I’m right, guys are all traitors. I hate them. You can never trust a guy. All they do is make a girl fell in love with them, then cheat on her. Guys are bastards.

Getting irritated at Maxine’s still open mouth, Mikan grabbed the pillow next to her and threw it hard to her still shocked cousin. The pillow hit her with such force that Maxine was thrown backwards and hit the wall, two seconds flat. Mikan stood amazed. What the heck did just happen?

Groaning, Maxine stood up, touching her bleeding head, and hissed, “What the hell? Why did you that?”

Mikan, snapping back to reality, ran to her cousin, and help her to sit at the couch. “You okay?” Mikan nervously asked her.

“Do I look like I’m okay?” Maxine snapped.

“No. Maxine, I’m sorry.” Mikan can’t look straight to Maxine’s eyes. It’s my entire fault. I could have killed her. But, what the heck did just happen? Tears started falling down Mikan’s face. She feels so guilty. Maxine is her bestest friend and she could have killed her just a moment ago. Stupid me. I’m so darn dumb.

“Yeah, whatever. Just fetch me some medical kit so you can treat my wounds, and fetch me an orange juice in my favorite glass with an umbrella on it. Okay?” Maxine ordered, smiling. She pulled Mikan to her and said, “Don’t worry. I’m just kidding. I’m okay. It’s just some bruises. It’s not lethal.”

“Okay, I’ll be back. I’ll just fetch that darn medical kit.” Mikan said, also smiling.

I ran back to my room, and started looking for the medical kit. Now, where is that kit? I looked for it at the bath room, but it’s not there. Getting irritated, I kicked my cabinet and the box at its top fell on me.
“Ouch. That hurts.” I touched my forehead and I could feel a bump on it. Darn! Stupid box. Wait, what’s this box anyways? I don’t remember having this box at all. I opened the box and saw my old things here, such as my old baseball hat, my old umbrella, and my old photo album. Curious, I took the album out and saw my pictures when I was younger. I saw my first baby picture with my mom and dad, my first birthday pictures with my grandpa; I missed him so much, my first day at school, first graduation and my pictures with Hotaru. Hotaru… I trusted you, I thought you really care. Crying, I shut the book and threw it on the wall. Bam! There’s a crack on the wall. Oh shit! Running towards the wall, I checked out the crack. Whew! It’s small. Relieved, I sat down and noticed a glistening thing that’s dangling from the album.

I picked the album up, checking the glistening thing. Shocked, tears started running down my face. It’s the necklace Natsume gave me when I was 11. Sobbing hard, I didn’t notice my cousin Maxine knelt near me, stroking my hair. I embraced Maxine and cried my heart out. “I loved him... trusted him… but he… cheated on me…”

“Hush, Mikan, everything will be alright. Stop crying please.” Maxine whispered, crying. Surprised, I looked at Maxine; she wiped her tears and said, “Well, you crying make me sad, too… so I’m also crying.” She answered. What? I smiled, and embraced her... grateful that she’s with me when I needed her most. “Thanks, Maxine.” I whispered. She mouthed you’re welcome. I guess I have a reason to be happy, too, coz Maxine’s always with me, making me happy, and showing me that she’s really my friend. I’m thankful.


Nightfall. Getting bored, Mikan went to the roof to gaze at the stars. The day has been a blur for her. Even though Maxine tried her best to make her smile, Mikan still felt lonely. Memories with Natsume, Hotaru, and the gang kept flashing on her mind, making her sad all day long, always in the verge of tears.

Sighing, Mikan gazed at the stars, wishing she could make the loneliness go away. Why is life so cruel? She asked herself. Why did I have to have everything every girl would’ve wanted, yet I was still… lonely? I guess time never really does heal the pain. Glancing at her wristwatch, she noticed that it’s midnight already. Heaving another sigh, she got up and jumped down, but slipped. Screaming for her life, Mikan waved her hand and felt herself floating in the air. Huh? I’m flying? How and why? Motioning herself to land, Mikan collapsed, felt her knees weakening. What did just happen? She looked up. Okay. I just landed on land, without any bruises after I jumped from a four storey mansion? How the heck did that happen?

Shrugging off, Mikan tried her best to walk back into her room, pinching and slapping herself, and convincing herself that it’s all a dream. It’s impossible. My Alice is nullification. So, what the heck just happened?


Mikan woke late that morning. She quickly fixes herself up and headed downstairs. It’s the last day of her vacation (she took a one week break from all that singing and acting she’s doing) and the day her dad was arriving from Paris. Excited, she dashed to the door, and ordered their driver to take her to the airport alone since Maxine’s still sleeping.

Arriving a minute late at the airport, since her dad’s plane landed already. Mikan ran as fast as the lightning. And I mean it literally. Surprised, Mikan pulled into a halt and hit a wall suddenly. Falling backwards, she expected to hit the hard, cold, tiles of the airport, but instead, she saw her dad who caught her just in time. “Hey, love, be careful next time.” Mikan’s dad said, smiling at the surprised look at his daughter.

Mikan hugged her dad, and smiled at him too. “Geez, dad, thanks. You arrived just in time. I almost hit the floor.” She answered, laughing.

“Well, you are late, love.” He reprimanded, although Mikan could tell he doesn’t mean it. Grinning sheepishly, Mikan answered, “Sorry dad. I woke up late this morning.”

“And why is that?” he asked, and picking up his bags, and they started heading the airport’s exit.

“Well… you see I was so excited that you’ll be coming home so I couldn’t sleep.” Mikan lied. Her dad looked at her, and Mikan began to tense up. Oh men! Dad knows that I’m lying! “Anyways, let’s head home, I’m sure Maxine’s awake already and she wants to see her souvenirs that you bought.” Mikan smiled, obviously trying to change the topic.

Mikan and her dad, Kaito, headed to the parking lot and rode off. While in the car, Mikan and her dad share their past experiences in the last few days. Mikan enjoyed the things her dad was telling her, getting excited because her dad was teaching her new languages; testing her knowledge, she used the her newly learned languages to comment and give remarks to her dad’s stories and corny jokes.

It’s night time already when Mikan and her dad reached their house. Despite the fact that Kaito is tired and that Maxine’s waiting for them, Mikan and Kaito couldn’t help but enjoy the day at the mall. Carrying new clothes and accessories, Mikan headed toward their front door, but paused because the whole house was dark. Knowing Maxine, she would never leave the house with the lights switched off, nor would she never ever stay in the house with the whole place dark. “What’s the matter, love?” Mikan’s dad asked.
“The house. It’s dark. Maxine’s afraid of the dark.” I answered. Turning the knob, I could sense that something was wrong, like everything is wrong. Walking stealthily into the house, I gasped in shock when I saw Maxine tied on a chair, her mouth taped. I ran to her and desperately tried to remove the ropes from her hand. Setting her hands free, I removed the tape from her mouth, and I heard her scream, “Uncle! Behind you!” turning my head, I saw a guy hit my dad who fell unconscious to the floor. Fearing our lives, we took steps backwards but someone from my back grabbed me. I screamed and Maxine looked shocked. Not knowing what to do, I kick the guy’s crotch and he screamed in pain. Using the moment, I struggled and was able to free myself from his grasp.

I ran blindly to the stairs, wishing to get the gun in my room. But before I even reached my room, the other guy (who hit her dad) grabbed me and threw me to the wall, making me dizzy, and my vision blurry. I desperately tried to open my eyes, and I heard the guy laughing while saying, “Come on, Ms. Mikan chan, and join us.” He stretched his arm.

“Join you?” I asked, my voice hoarse. I coughed and spit blood. Damn.

“Yes, Mikan Chan, join the AAO. Your powers will be useful. Besides, don’t you want to be with your mother instead of this weakling dad of yours?” he said, mocking me.

“My dad’s not a weakling!” I screamed, and felt my anger rising. Fire and water seemed to come from my body. Glaring at the guy furiously, I raised my hand and pointed it to him. The water and fire attacked the guy, and hit the guy square in the chest. The guy looked shock, pain evident in his eyes, and later he coughed blood. But to my surprise, he smiled. He said, “You’re just like your mother, Yuka-sama. Join us, with you and your mother’s powers we can overthrow the Academy and rule over the world.”

“Overthrow the Academy?” I asked. Why would mother want to overthrow the academy?

“Yes, the academy. Now, join us, or else, I’ll use my Alice on your dad and kill him.” He said, while grabbing my unconscious father. His Alice, the ice Alice, made a dagger and the dagger was pointed straight at my dad.

“No!!!” I screamed, and hell seems to break loose. My powers were unleashed and they attack the guy when I heard Maxine screamed, “No! Mikan!” and I could feel myself being pushed away. When I turned around, I saw Maxine getting hit by a bullet, from which the other guy fired for me. “No!” I screamed. I ran towards Maxine and held her in my arms. “Mikan, you alright?” she asked me, smile can be seen in her lips. “Yeah. Thanks.”

“I’m sorry for being such a fool. cough, I’m sorry cough for not being able to take care of the cough house when you’re gone.” Tears started rolling down my face. “Please, Maxine, don’t say that. You’ll live. You’ve been great…” I pleaded her, tears falling to my hands. Maxine laughed. “I know that I won’t live much longer, but always remember, no matter what happen cough, cough, be happy. cough. I won’t leave you… because… I’ll be in your heart… forever.” And with that, Maxine’s grip seems to loosen, and life left her. Sobbing, I screamed her name and my cries echoed. “Maxine!!!”

Glaring at the man who killed Maxine, I muttered, “Please tell my mom that I love her so much… and that she could rot in hell.” I screamed and burned the man, but making him live still. “Now, go to my mom, and tell her my regards.” The man crawled, and made a portal, which he entered with much pain.

Approaching my unconscious dad, I tried to wake him up, but failed to do so since I collapsed.

A month has pass since Maxine’s death. Mikan and her dad have recovered… physically. But Mikan never smiled since Maxine’s death. She blames herself for what happened... for being so weak. For not being able to protect her. For being such a failure. Yes. Mikan feels all of that.
Ever since Maxine’s death, Mikan started having training to improve her Alices. She has discovered that she’s a multi Alice user, having the Alices of Copy, Erase, Steal, and the Alice of Nullification. As of the moment, she has mastered 100 Alices.

Mikan had just visited Maxine’s grave. She’s about to meet her dad in his office. Jumping from trees to trees, Mikan entered her dad’s office through the window.

“Mikan, why did you have to go through the window?” Kaito asked.

“Just want to.”

Kaito sighed. He missed his daughter, the old Mikan, the Mikan who always smile, the Mikan who’s caring. Not the cold hearted Mikan in front of him now. “So, anyways, what do you want?” Mikan asked.

“Oh, yeah, right. I called you here because I want you to meet Persona. He’ll be your new trainer.” Kaito said pointing to the man beside him. The man had a jet black hair, and dull gray eyes.

“Persona? Persona of the Alice Academy?” Mikan asked, unsure if this is just a dream... or more like nightmare. Why the heck is Persona here?

“Yes, Sakura san. I’m your new trainer.” Persona answered, smile on his lips. Persona? Smiling?

“Yeah. Whatever. Just make sure you’re competent enough.” I answered. Persona looked surprise. Is this really Mikan Sakura? Persona thought.

“He’ll be your trainer since you’re going back to Japan.” Kaito butted in. Japan?

“Japan? Why the heck am I going back to Japan?”

“Since the Academy needed your help.”


“Yes. It’s been discovered that your mother,” Persona started. Mother? That bitch is not my mother. “…will attack the Alice Academy and your father has decided to sent you back to stop your mother and the AAO.”

This is my chance. I could avenge Maxine’s death. I could finally make Yuka pay for all the pains she caused me. This is my chance. I smirked “Fine. I’ll agree, but only if I’ll be in a disguise.”

“Of course. We can’t afford you to be discovered.”

“Fine.” I smirked. Revenge will be so sweet.

Chapter 3: Kaname Chiaki.

Spoilers: dark Mikan… heheheh

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awesome story!!!

quote: "Yes, Mikan Chan, join the AAO. Your powers will be useful. Besides, don’t you want to be with your mother instead of this weakling dad of yours?” :D

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update plz!
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