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M / White House
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8.World (Characters is from):

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M / White House
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1.Name:Ace Maou

2.Age: 16


4.Personality:Calm, Meticulous, Kind at times, can be distant, Observant,Arrogant



7.Other:It is seen he gets stronger in certain situations involving people

8.World (Characters is from):Ente Isla



(SSC) Side Story Character

1.Name:Zak de Valcuz



4.Personality:Sadistic,Taunting,Prideful, Malicious, Observant




8.World:Le Valzinz



1.Name:Lelouch vi Britannia



4.Personality:Calculating,Manipulative,Observant,Meticulous,can be Kind

5.Background:Was betrayed by his family and lost his mother

6.Powers/Abilities:Geass Control





1.Name:Ze lex Duxsus



4:Personality:Prideful, Observant, can be twisted, Calm


6.Powers/Abilities:Magic and Dark Arts

7.Others:Has a cane. This cane has no real value Ze simply carries it around

8.World:Le Darzants

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Heaven Shikawa

Name: Heaven Shikawa
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Background: unknown
Powers abilities: He can teleport that causes time to freeze for 3 seconds and fast less than a second. Instant regeneration but only a couple of times in a while. He also has super strength and super speed and that can pakour.
Personality: when stuff gets bad he always keep his cool but he tends to show no mercy on the titans and enjoys having friends. Helps the weak, he acts sometimes a little rebel but always makes it. Can do a X-ray on someone [supposedly damage someone's body parts by fracturing them breaking their spine, arms, legs, and skull with brute force.
Home World: Requiem

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21 / M / Future Gadget Lab...
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1. Jones LeBlanc (aka: Jonesey the Eye)

2. 27

3. Male

4. Serious, intelligent, insightful, a little snarky, but warm and protective to those he knows well. Keen and perceptive; a strong figure; a little introverted and distant at times, but is never afraid to speak his mind if he's passionate about it. Has a strong sense of justice; nonviolent except in desperate situations. A little cynical on some subjects, but also reflective.

5. An incredibly skilled Private Eye who searched for the "flawless truth" and will stop at nothing to uncover it. He also works as a bounty hunter to hunt down criminals that he's proven to have committed the crime. He was abandoned on the streets as a kid with his younger sister. His sister was killed in a shooting, and the same criminal who killed her also took his right eye. His has a false eye that is technologically advanced enough to let him see. His false eye also contains a concealed bullet.

6. Remarkably skilled with a gun, wields two revolvers and a handgun for backup, all kept in his trench coat. He has trained himself to shoot so that he can only immobilize his target and not kill them since he doesn't believe in killing. Is a duel wielder with excellent agility and aim. He also carries a mirror to allow him to make more precise backwards shots and also gives him a keen eye to all 360 degrees of his surroundings at all times. He also has a concealed bullet in his false right eye for desperate situations.

Hidden ability: Is capable of opening and closing portals at will, however, he doesn't know he has this ability yet because he gains it unknowingly when he enters the City of Xlzar.

7. He is nonviolent for the most part, and so he doesn't fight with his guns unless if he absolutely has to. He's also has a soda addiction and is old fashioned for the most part (compared to his time, at least)

8.World: Earth sometime in the far future. The world is mostly polluted except for some areas, and is separated into three dominant superpowers: Anglo-Asia, or also known as the Anglo-Asian Federation (Encompasses both Americas, Australia, and all of Asia excluding Russia); the EU, or European Union which contains all of the European countries, Iceland, Greenland, and Russia); and the United African Republic (encompassing the entire continent of Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica -- which is partially inhabitable due to technological advances -- and the Middle East).

9.Appearance: tall and broad, tan skin, short brown hair with a bristly five-o-clock shadow on his defined face, perceptive hazel eyes, bulky in muscle mass, wears a brown trench coat and matching fedora, white button-up shirt with red tie, tan khakis held up by suspenders, nice leather shoes.
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F / x_x
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4.Personality;a sadist that acts cruel to most though she can be kind

5.Background:unknown to others but her family was murdered she lived a horrible life due to being a "halfbreed" she lives her life by the belief no one will ever help her.She gives the feeling that shes rich though shes been poor most of her life.Her personality makes others think shes young especially since shes not tall.Despite her appearance she is a professional assassin that likes to fight long distance using her gun pumpkin.

6.Powers/Abilities:mostly unknown

7.Other:shes very secretive

8.World (Characters is from):Asakusa

9.Appearance;pink hair and pink eyes




bio;little is known about her besides she dosent have a heart and is cold to the touch she often takes the form of a cat.

powers/abilities;healing singing songs to affect reality and using knives

others;usually very quiet even main didnt know she can take human form


Appearance; human




bio;a nobody thats half demon and half angel.She lost her family on her 5th birthday and her twin ferio died in her place.Scared afraid and alone she was able to use magic to go to the world Asakusa and met general esdese. Esdese trained her and still takes care of her so she is loyal to her.She was assigned to help eliminate a group of assassins opposing the empire called the Night Raid which mein is a member of.

powers/abilities;mostly unknown but very powerful

others;manipulative and a sadist she can be kind but is also ruthless



--------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------



Bio;mostly unknown but he is a professional assassin that will do any job if hes paid enough.

abilities;Enhanced strength,Immense speed and reflexes,Enhanced pain resistance,Torture Expert,Master in swordsmanship

others;relentless and has alot of speed and stamina even though he is short


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20 / F
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Name: hana



4.Personality:kind and careful unless in her monster form

5.Background:not much is know about hana apart from a curse has changed her to a ever changing creature which can leech otheres energy if not careful

6.Powers/Abilities:able to change form and use diffrent abilities but basis is a leech attack which drains energies and sometimes powers from other creatures

7.Other:she has two main sides one is her careful side but the other is her powerhungry monster side

8.World (Characters is from):unkown

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Name: Pyrrha

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: A very naive, yet knowledgeable person whose life changed after being sent to a new world. She is quite expressionless and unapproachable due to her being a witness on both of her parents' death. Pyrrha is also stoic and has a calm demeanor. She is quite strong and firm while fighting.

Background: She is currently a mysterious girl who keeps her life in low-profile. She often wore a dark red cloak, and her hair is mostly short. But it grows larger whenever she wanted to. Due to her hiding her enormous hair was because if her hair was cut, it could lead her to an instant sickness. Regardless, she was born in a world where they train children on using nature as their power such as manipulating weather and earth around them. Though, it's not much of an incredible skill. There population slowly reduces until their power has no effect anymore. She was currently the last user who was given this power. Pyrrha is physically strong but can still be defeated.

Powers/Abilities: She is able to manipulate nature around her such as weather and earth manipulation. Though, due to her being physically strong, she tend to use her hidden scythe in fight instead of controlling nature. She is incredibly quick with blurring speed and accurately slicing away nearby opponents. She is capable of evading, dodging and countering attacks.

Other: Whenever she's on a fight, she don't tend to use her scythe right away, and would prefer doing close combats. She sometimes end her fight with a finisher attack by absorbing heat around her and causing her to grow a large, wood-made hand. It gives her a more powerful impact on opponents.

World (Characters is from): Vyltro

Appearance: Her eyes glows red with circular patterns when angered or raged. But her eyes became multi-colored as a means of enhancing her abilities.

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1.Names:Lucien and Alex

2.Ages:17 and 18

3.Background:there twins that god has abandon.faternal ones. yet they like people suffering and hunt people down. they like scarying people. what they hated most was the fact that there family was dead. there ffather skye. dead. everyone they knew disapeared before there eyes. the rest is unknown to them

4.Personality:rude,vicious,humor,scarying people


6.Powers/Abilities:spititng fire, illusions,puppet master,controlling shadows

7.Other:hates reflection

8.Weakness:glass reflection

9.World (character is from):satans den

12.Appearance:Lucien Alex

3.backround: shes a servant. shes a quiet but firece demon and will lead on an army is she has to. she dosnt listen to rules and follow what people say. only if she is a servant she must obey or there is consequences. she hates talking about her past because she lost everything she owned.
4.personality:mean,rude,sweet, trickster
6.powers abillites:summoning,singing a song that tricks people,flying and spreading black magic
7.other:she hates talking
9:from:satans den
human form:
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1.Name: Ryuu Caster

2.Age: 17

3.Gender: Male

4.Personality: Ryuu is a friendly yet sarcastic person and likes to joke. He can be the exact opposite if you anger or upset him and could be capable of anything.

5.Background: Ryuu was born into a vampire family, with parents as ex-assassins, hoping one day to follow into their footsteps, he is smart and knowledgeable yet sophisticated. He was trained at a very early age by his mother- who taught him undercover OPs, acting and emotion. His father taught him- fighting, H2H combat, martial arts and wielding weaponry which underwent vigorous, hard training

6.Powers/Abilities: Ryuu has the ability to control the elements, including his vampire attributes but is not invincible and does not have healing powers and can be killed. His abilitiy to control the elements has a limit, which means each element can only be used in battle, attack etc. which means he cannot freely control his powers for personal gain


8.World (Characters is from): Volterra


Vampire Form: UNKNOWN
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