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F / lost in the city...
Posted 10/1/13 , edited 10/1/13
*gets lost in the conversation as she ponders whether or not to wear something that has been worn by a man*

*suddenly realizes that Otae looks threatened*

*flashes right in front of Otae and blocks her from Gintoki and Isaburo while drawing out her sword*

Oops, I think I got myself get carried away there, so please excuse this action. I was merely surprised that Tae-chan seemed to be threatened. We are supposed to be talking about the maintenance of peace and order of Kabuki-chou, right, Yamato-san?

*looks around in search of Yamato-san*

Hmm.. he must have gone to look for another banana suit...

*spots an odd-looking person instead*

*glares as she tries to figure out who he is*

Oh, Yamato-san-- I see you've found another banana suit!
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29 / F / FRESNO
Posted 10/30/13 , edited 10/30/13
*pats Kyuubei's shoulder* Everything seems fine now, Kyuu-chan. ^^

*looks around*
Tho, its looking very quiet. Maybe its because everyone likes Yamato's idea.

*pauses and realizes something...*


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