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What anime should we watch this week in our Group Viewing? 8/23/2013-8/24/2013
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Posted 8/20/13 , edited 8/21/13
Choose what anime you want next week for our anime group viewing! We are using mumble this week! Please have the program installed ahead of time!
The rules for The group viewing are:
1. Must have push to talk feature turned on. Background noise during an anime is EXTREMELY annoying.
2. We will be watching the entire show unless if it is more than 15 episodes, then it will be watched the following Saturday night.
3.We will start the show at 8:30 cst.

Any other suggestions for shows suggest them below.

Mumble Server Information:
Port: 64738
Where to download Mumble:
I will offer assistance for those who require it setting up Mumble. It uses a lot less bandwidth than Skype so those of you with fair internet have no problems! Also there is a mumble app for IOS that lets you use push to talk!

To add a server to Mumble:
At the top click on setting and press connect. A window should open up. At the bottom of the window click add new. The label for the server is whatever Title you choose for it. Enter the Address and Port in the appropriate boxes. The username at the bottom is whatever you want it to be. Warning: You can't have spaces in your name or you will get an error. Click ok and your server should be under Favorite. Click connect join our room (To be decideded) and your good to go!

To set up push to talk in Mumble:
At the top click on settings and under audio input there should be a box with the word transmission as it's title. Set that to Push to Talk then click ok. To configure what your button is to talk you then have to go under setting and go to audio wizard, keep clicking next until you get to a part titled "voice Activity Detection" . You should have the Push to Talk bubble darkened. Click in the box next to it and press the key you want to use as your talk button (buttons that have worked for me in the past are left ctrl or the middle scroll mouse button). Then just keep hitting next and finish. Your push to talk is set up!
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Posted 8/20/13 , edited 8/21/13
Yeah, this is going to be my first weekend at the college, not to mention they have a lot of stuff planned out for us between Friday and Sunday, so I probably won't be joining the Skype viewing this time around.
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