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M / ミシガン
Posted 8/20/13 , edited 8/21/13
I just saw an article on the CR Homepage ( about an AoT Character Ranking poll and was thinking that would be pretty cool if CR could, every once in a while, create their own poll on the CR homepage (since it would be seen by a whole lot more people than if it were made on the forums).
A cool series of polls that we could do at the end of every season, is one where we vote for our favorite CR show of the season, and we can have people vote for a week or so, and then change the poll to favorite main characters of the season, best support characters, best animation, best story, favorite OP/ED, etc. etc.
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Posted 8/22/13 , edited 8/22/13

Will point this out to News. Could be fun to try out!
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