║East Blue║
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Special Events
Marine Bounty Awards! Pirate hunters are more active now!
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Law sighed. I've been played, he thought as he gritted his teeth. Mugiwara-ya had me in his pace again. Strangely, it did not feel as bad as Doflamingo's flow.

Law gave another sigh and fell back on his deck chair of his submarine ship. Leaving the Grand line for a short break was a good thing with his face on the 'Wanted' poster after the incident at Green bit. Hunting a few pirate hunters could improve his mood. The latest rumors flying around the Grand line had his head turning towards the easiest sea in the world - East Blue.

He thought about how a certain port in East Blue gave clues to the Fountain of Youth. He grinned slyly. Now, let's see how Mugiwara-ya will fit into this...
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24 / F / somewhere in the...
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It's dark.. my body feels like on fire.. why? I can't move my body.. Where am I? Is somebody out there? Where am I? This salty smell.. Sea?

Ace suddenly realize something. The memories at Marin ford slowly replay in his head. He died right?

Luffy?! Oyaji?!! Where are you guys?!!

Ace shouted! but only an echo reply him back. It was dark.. And he's alone...

Where are you...?
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