Rules & FAQ
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- Respect all members

- No spamming

- No quote pyramids. Erase first post, and/or keep it in spoilers

- Be active; post at least once a week

- It is strongly advised to keep updated with us

- If you get 3 strikes, you will be removed from the group. However, cheating with character stats will not be tolerated and you may very well be immediately banned, depending on what the act was.

- No God modding. Everybody is equal.

- You can create up to 5 characters.

- PM me, or notify via the guestbook of this group If you decide to later create another character. Include it into your first post, and I will approve you via PM.

- You can come back and re-edit your character any time you want.

-Cursing to an extent is okay, just know the limits and don't over do it. No Cybz or ERP or whatever kids call it these days PM for "Dirty" RP

- Your character can die, but it is up to the owner of that character. (this feature is if you get tired of a certain character.
Try to make the death creative!)


- Please be semi-lit and use grammar. No "text talk."

- Have fun!
Posted 8/25/13 , edited 8/26/13
FAO: Super important


Learning new moves and transforming!:

All characters can fly, and all characters can do the instant movement where you move so fast you disappear and reappear like teleporting, however this is based off of both speed and technique. So keep that in mind. But regardless of what either stat is at you can still do it.

The Dragon Balls!

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