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Posted 8/26/13 , edited 8/28/13
Hello welcome to the store! Here we have lots of nice things to buy

"I'm launch i'll help you with buying things."

"Here you can buy all sorts of things, armor, weapons, tools, mounts, houses, scouters! every thing!"


The young girl sneezes and her appearance and her attitude changes.

"Alright you better get to buyin!"

"Here's a list of what i got check it out, but if you didn't come here to spend money then get out before i shoot ya!"

Currently for sell.

Basic Saiyan Armor:

+20 to Endurance 10,000 zeni.

Basic Scouter:

Lets you read the enemies power level and strength +20 to reaction. 10,000 zeni.

Board Sword:

15,000 zeni. Allows you to start training in sword techniques.


Its a staff its better used for dexterity type fighters, it grants the ability to learn staff techniques.

15,000 zeni

Dragon Rader: Once per day use only, locates a dragon ball let a mod know when you use this and they'll tell you what you have to do to get the dragon ball.

100,000 zeni.
Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/28/13
Scouter for Kirei bought on 8-27-13.

-10,000 Zeni
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Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/28/13
Basic Saiyan armor for Kenzaki Kazuma on 8/27/13

10,000 seni
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13
Scouter purchased by Sanaa on 8-27-13

10,000 seni~
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