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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

Sanaa raised her arms in defense, pushing back at his strikes and turning to Kirei.

"Take one side, double-teaming should give an advantage."

She wasn't hurt badly or bothered by the hits, though her jaw ached from the kick.

I could take the damage if I use that move... but there wouldn't be enough power...

The only way for it to be strong enough to take this guy out on its own would be for her to heal Kirei of a bad injury and use half of that damage...

Of course she wouldn't let that happen, but there was no one else to use the injuries of, and it wouldn't work on herself...

Of course, Kirei was fighting as well, so she wasn't worried about trying to beat the guy on her own. As such, she kept up a barrage of punches at the enemy's side while Kirei attacked from the other.

"Kirei! Try one of your ki attacks while we have him cornered between us!"
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

Even tho we both were attacking him side by side he was dodging and every time we slipped up he hit us, it happened countless times before Kirei jumped back as you told him to use a ki attack.

He begin charging a kamehameha in one hand... and then... It started sparking and jittering, as it glowed, he charged forward with the kamehameha in hand.

"Whatever you're trying it wont work!"

He actually grabbed you're fist as you were attacking and tripped you up.... you fell right infront of Kirei as he went in for a blow, with this technique

(ill let you figure out what happens rather you're hit or not if you are hit i'll let you know the outcome)
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13
((Well, if I get hit while evil guy is holding my arm, he has to get hit too, and since endurance is the only stat I have an advantage in, I think taking the hit to damage him is a plan for now xP I can worry about dying later xD For now, let's continue.))

Sanaa sent a punch at the thief right before Kirei jumped at him. Perfec- She blinked, looking down at her arm, which was trapped in the man's grip as he tripped her, almost using her like a shield in front of him. So you want to play this game, huh? With a smirk, she grabbed his arm, crushing his wrist in her grip so he couldn't avoid any attack he was trying to get away from. Human shield, meet saiyan trap. She figured with his speed apparently his top attribute, his endurance couldn't be much higher than her own, and since he'd taken a bit of damage, she intended to keep him in the line of fire. Go for it~!
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

Success, after you defeated him, Piccolo slowly got up and looked around.


"Hehe... tell our ally i said good job... take care of my boy piccolo."

Goku takes his last breath and that was it.

"Wh....what happened? Goku! Goku's dead? hmph."

"Ha....hahaha... even if you defeat me... 2 more saiyans way more powerful then i am are coming here... and when they do they'll crush you... the device on my head isn't just a power level reader, its also a commucation device! ahaha.."

He coughs up blood, and then dies.

"Damnit... two more? And far more powerful."

Before piccolo even takes notice of you again you disappear and reappear in you're time.

"Welcome back... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!"

She states after seeing you're beaten state.
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

Kirei couldn't stop himself any way, as soon as it hit you..... it was like a knife being driven through you, it completely rip through you're chest, and while it did hit the guy behind you... it wasn't as bad as you wanted it to be, it wasnt his endurance... rather it was the fact that the technique Kirei was using was ment for single use only. He was badly hurt with a huge burn on his chest, and his clothes ripped he screams in agony as he backed up.

You on the other hand are far worse off.

"..... Sanaa.... SANAA!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kirei nearly collapses at this sight.

"You damn brat, you and that stupid girl!"

Kirei completely loses focus and the enemy is really pissed, he grabs Kirei and knees him in the stomach, and then begins to punch him in the face several times, he smashes Kirei in the ground and then tosses him, and fires a ki blast, Kirei falls on the ground in smoke.

it looks like its over for both of you.
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

Coming back to his normal time was like waking up from a nightmare. Kenzaki sprung upwards,breathing heavy still. He frantically looked around him before looking at Bulma. "I uhh...fell.Down a hill,a very large hill..." He gets up and wipes the sweat from his forehead "What the hell happened next? I need to know what happened next!" He shakes his head trying to ease the thoughts before speaking to Bulma again "Why did you want to test out your time machine anyways?"
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"To see if it worked obviously, well... i am guessing there is some bugs to work out if you got transported some where you fell since you can fly i can only assume it was a bug now i know.. ill work it out. So how was the past?"
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13
Sanaa froze. She'd never been kit by that strong a ki blast, and for a moment she was in shock.
This actually hurts... a lot...

She turned and looked at the man, who wasn't carrying the wounds she'd hoped. He swam in and out of focus as she shook her head in confusion.
Finally she noticed Kirei, fallen and being attacked mercilessly by the thief.

"Bastard... It's over for you..." San gathered all her ki, charging her special attack. Kirei's injuries disappeared, every trace of them pulled into the red glow of her ki along with any peoples' wounds she could reach with her power other than the thief's.
Taking a deep breath, she absorbed the half of the damage that it took to summon the attack, combining the rest with every ounce of strength and ki she could muster.

"Shattering absorption wave!!!"

She wasn't able to hold herself in the air any longer, and began to float to the ground. The blast of red ki was inescapable as it rushed over the area, passing over Kirei harmlessly but locked onto the enemy with killing intent.
It crashed into him a moment later as Sanaa landed on the ground, smiling as she panted, "Game over, bastard."
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

"The best thing I ever experienced in my life" He thought to himself trying to contain the excitement. He puts his hands in his pockets as usual"It was alright I guess. Everything seemed normal to me" He lied to her. He couldn't say that he actually interfered with a fight and killed two men
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

Jumping out of the smoke.... was without a doubt the enemy while he seemed like he was severely injured he wasn't giving up.

"I'll kill you first then GIRL!"

He stomped on you're face, causing a whale of pain, it looked like you were about to push the daises, until a very odd ki was felt, you knew who's it was but it didn't feel quite right... it was... darker, more mad, almost as if you were feeling a rage.

"Blood..... MORE BLOOD!"

The voice you knew all to well had a slight change. appearing out of the smoke Kirei face was slowly changing, and so was his skin, it was growing outward a bit almost beast like, he was producing fangs... his skin was growing some what redish and darker. But that was as far as it went as his blue aura changed... with a tint of black to the blue, and it swirled more like fire now then it did.

"What the hell?"

You're scouter was reading Kirei power level had actually went up to 925....


as he flew at the battered enemy he slammed his fist into his stomach, it was direct him, he spit up blood, he kicks the man's feet from under him, as he fell on the ground he grabed his leg and swung him and threw him into the air.

He disappear and reappear behind him as he flew, and put his hands together and slammed into him like a hammer he flew smashing into the ground.

"You.... bastard..."

Slowly getting up again... the man still wasn't down for the count. He held his hand up and fired off a huge violet wave. Kirei didn't have much time to react he slammed both his hands into the attack but you saw him struggle then it seemed like it was over as he fell back, as the blast was about to over take him, you're scouter goes off the hook as some thing behind you, a large red ball hits the large ki wave and destroys it. canceling it out.. Kirei falls down next to you, he seemed like he was back to normal he wasn't that injured compare to you.


There was now 5 aliens, besides one looked human standing in front of us.

"Who.. are you guys."

AS you see them... they do some sort of odd silly poses.


They all say together.

And the large purple one speaks.

"And your under arrest! For thief, assault, attempted murder, destruction of property, and hit and run."

While both you and Kirei were defeated it seems some one else reinforced us.

"Ahahahahah! And what are you suppose to be?"

"We are the Ginyu force, the elite crime fighting squad of the west city police force! And were going to take you down!"

You're scouter actually read that most of there power levels were about 1100

"Forget it i am not dealing with this any longer."

As the man tries to run, the big blue tall alien was right infront of him as soon as he turned... what speed, and with a quick punch the guy was knocked out.


Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

"Right.. well here's you're pay for assisting me."

She hands you... 40,000 zeni and then dismisses you.

"Come back any time alright! And you can test more!"
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13

He nods to her as he took his pay and left "I'll be most definitely coming back for more! I have to tell BOTH my friends about this" He seems even more excited as he takes off looking for Kirei and Sanaa
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13
Kirei?! What the-? Her gaze was torn between the still-standing enemy and her friend, who was changing into something she didn't like... Sanaa held a hand to her abdomen, distracted a bit by pain, and called to Kirei.
"Don't! Kir-"

Once again she was cut off as the thief fell and more people appeared. Sanaa was lost.
What the hell just happened...?

She stared at the strangely goofy aliens whose power levels seemed 10 times their IQs as they struck ridiculous poses.
Then San watched in a daze as they took down the criminal, admittedly stronger than their appearances.
"Thank you... six...Er, five... seven?"

With a shrug, she shook her head, then realized something and asked Kirei worriedly, "Wait, where's Kenzaki? And Koto-chan?"
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/29/13


"Help her, PLEASE!"

"Calm down kid we got this."

He kneels down and feeds you a sensu bean which heals you're body completely.

Kirei starts crying as he hugs you.

"I'm sorry i couldn't stop myself, i'm so sorry please don't hate me."

Hes buried his face in you're shoulder and holding you're neck crying, he doesn't even seem to realize what he just did, his power level went back down and so has his appearance turned back to normal.

Suddenly you realize this kid is very attach to you then he is even Kenzaki.

He doesn't even answer you're question hes so upset.
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Finally arriving on scene he sees something he didn't expect at all. Being highly confused he flies down to everyone's level. "What happened here? Is she alright?" Referring to Sanaa Kenzaki looks among the strange group of guys, a knocked out man on the floor and Kirei and Sanaa on the floor. " He kneels down to the two "Mind filling me in"
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