Metal Gear Solid: Amazing Game
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Posted 8/26/13 , edited 8/26/13
Yes, Metal Gear Solid is a very wonderful and amazing game. I myself enjoy playing through this series all the time.. Never ceases to become boring or annoying. I mean like who would sit down at the beginning of metal gear solid four when snake is killing his epic speech "War.. Has Changed.." And be like YO! I AINT ABOUT THIS LIFE.. Nah, No one in planet earth has ever had that view on that wonderful and amazing speech. But yeah, post here for some great stuff about metal gear solid and give me your opinion on it.

I even made a sorta let's play on youtube myself, just enjoying VR Missions, check it out

Post away people
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Posted 9/3/13 , edited 9/4/13
I love metal gear i remember it was the first game I got for PS one I cant wait for 5 it just sucks David hayter not going to be coming back
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Posted 9/12/13 , edited 9/12/13
I actually only ever played Metal Gear Solid 4 since I was pretty late with the franchise. However, I can say I loved it so much it's the only game I recall playing through 5 times. It had so many memorable moments to me that I didn't get bored. I'm also really looking forward to Metal Gear Solid 5, it looks brilliant from what I've seen so far.
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Posted 9/13/13 , edited 9/13/13
I am a huge Metal Gear fan. The first time I played MGS1 was from a demo disc (I was from 10 to 12 years old). It was the first game ever that made me want to sit down, shut up, and listen to every single detail. They made want to understand everything and it was just an awesome experience.

My favorite character is obviously Liquid Snake. Ocelot is right up there too. I just hope that when (I don't want it to for now) the trilogy ends, I want it to finish with freaking awesomeness!!!
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Posted 9/23/13 , edited 9/23/13
Metal gear is one of my all time favorite game franchises.
So much work put into the story, characters, gameplay, and music.
MGS1 blew my mind, just like when mario did all those years ago, thats hard to do.
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