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Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/27/13

The neon sign outside my apartment is on all night. It flashes 25 cent Peep Show. Sometimes I sleep between the flashes, a few seconds at a time. Tonight, I cannot sleep. I watch the cockroaches start and stop, tossing tiny shadows on the wooden floor. And when the broom in the closet asks me to dance, I accept out of politeness. It was only yesterday, that my shoes stared walking without me.
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Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/27/13
I was walking home from a party with my 3 good friends... As we cross the road and their was a cemetery on the other side. Sure I was scared while we approached the cemetery, but I didn't want to look like a coward infront of my friends. So I continued to walk right beside it, oh and it was around 3-4am; So it was really dark. As we continue to walk their was a red car at the end of the block of the cemetery. We passed the red car then door suddenly open, I was really shocked and when I saw that their wasn't anyone in the car. My speed power level went from 15 to over 9000... That is my ghost story
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Posted 8/30/13 , edited 8/30/13
Sorry it's so long. Things got out of hand. Also, it's a little graphic, but that's just my style.

I pull into my driveway from another late night. I enter the house to find all the lights are out, as usual. My wife must already be in bed and asleep. It's late and I'm tired, so I figure I might as well go to bed too. I don't even bother turning on the lights anymore, I can navigate my way through this house blind. Besides, I don't want to wake the wife. The bedroom door creaks as it opens and I inch my way to my side of the bed and crawl in. I move close to my wife and wrap my arm around her. I know she's asleep, but I somehow feel her embrace as I hold her. I slowly drift to sleep, with the love of my life asleep in my arms. I slowly begin to wake up when I find my love is no longer in my arms, or in the bed for that matter. I open my eyes to see her entire side of the bed is covered in dried, crusty blood. I panic and look to the floor to see bloody footprints and drips of more blood leading out of the room. I frantically get up to follow these footsteps and search for my wife. As I approach the door, I decide to take one last look at the room. As I turn around, I see my once beautiful wife sliced open and mutilated, nailed to the wall behind my bed. Beside her, painted in her blood across the wall were the words, "Thanks for holding me, but maybe next time you should turn on a light when you come in."
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/24/13
Kenji came in late to class today, like usual. The teacher made Him stand in the hall as a result. Since class was going on, it was quite quiet in the hall. He'd been late enough times that the school had called his mother about it, and she was starting to get mad at him for it, but it wasn't that he liked being late or anything, he just wasn't very good at waking up. He looked around the hallway, covered in a milky green paint. His eyes rolled over to the class billboard, where the teacher and my classmates would post the schedules and other notes. Strange... somebody posted a photo. It looked as if it was a picture of the class, with someone standing in the middle. He couldn't really see who it was, so he looked both ways to see if anyone was coming, and walked over to take a closer look. He couldn't recognize the girl in the picture, because her hair was in her face. Even her uniform was different. Did she go to another school? No, she couldn't, because the school crest was still just above her breast. This must be an old picture. Homeroom was probably pretty close to being over. He sighed, and kicked the ground a little bit. His foot hitting the ground made a squeak that sounded unreasonably loud. He wondered, was it always this quiet in here? He wished that he hadn't been late. "I'll do everything I can to never be late again", he thought to himself. Suddenly the sound of something crashing could be heard in the room, and he turned and rushed in, only to find that no one was there, with the exception of one person. A girl, standing in a strange uniform was in the middle of the room. She raised her head, only to reveal a warped face, as if someone had tried to create a human face, but failed miserably.

"Let's never be late again. Come and play with me, Kenji-kun."
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Posted 10/10/13 , edited 10/11/13
I had never slept well alone and hated the idea of spending the night in my first flat, I had been too use to living with my parents and the animals. Dinner wasn't anything special, just a takeaway pizza and some cola while watching whatever was on the horror channel, I think it was a haunted house film. I turned the telly off, made sure the taps weren't dripping, all the sockets were off at the mains and I prepared for a shower before bed. After I got out to dry myself I walked over to the now foggy mirror to wipe it, when I did a tall, pale handsome man was in the reflection leaning against the door. I turned sharply but no one was there but I remember his features, long shoulder length dark hair, a slim but athletic figure, he had been wearing a dressing gown navy blue and exposed a dancer's chest waxed for perfection. I tried to forget what I saw and settled down in the double bed, checking the time, just gone ten past twelve and turned off the light. An arm came over the quilt and pulled me into a embrace and a softly said.
''Hush now, you're never alone. Pleasant dreams.''
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Posted 10/11/13 , edited 10/11/13
there was a girl who floated through life ... never feeling like she belonged anywhere ... she went to and fro always looking for a place to anchor herself down ... but, no place ever seemed right ... she like to move through the air at night ... never actually touching the ground ... lightly she creeps into the deep ... when a night bird calls out to it's family, she must sit down and weep ...

the girl moves through the days and the nights of a calender as if it were just a moment in a galactic year ... time has no hold on her, for she never allows it to grab on to her ...
the girls garments are like ethereal fabric made out of the clouds themselves ... her immortal being is clipped as she moves closer to the sea ... the waves crashing upon the empty shore remind me of you ... her soul sores above the crashing and she is mistaken for a raven ... this girl who no one knows and no one misses is alive and dead ... a mere ghost ... a shell of what could have been but never came to be ... it is a ghost that stands before you and behind you ...

there once was a girl who floated through life ...
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Posted 10/16/13 , edited 10/16/13
I lie in the grass next to my girlfriend, gazing skywards on a mild autumn evening. The sun is just starting to set, its final blaze of the day catching in the reds, browns and oranges of the leaves all around us. We're both smiling, revelling in one of those perfect moments that come along oh so rarely, both of us just listening to the breeze as it whispers and winds its way through the fallen foliage. Above our heads, a lone leaf struggles to break free from its earthly grip, the branch swaying slightly in the soft wind. The leaf finally escapes, spiralling gently downwards, drifting and dancing, and I hear my girlfriend sob a little, saddened at the end of the season. "Don't cry" I laugh, reaching upwards, "they always grow back next year". She doesn't reply though, as the leaf drifts and dances through my hand...
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Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/17/13
A boy moved into a house in the country from the city. The boy had a serious heart problem and any little thing could make him have a heartattack. He used to live in the city which made him have a attack very often so his mother made him move to his grandparents house. The house was old and creepy and gave off a weird vibe. Once the boy was moved in he spent most of his time in his new bedroom alone. His grandmother checked on him only at meal times and he rarely saw his grandfather. One day the boy was in the house alone while his grandparents were away. He had left his bedroom door open so he could hear when his grandparents got back. He was just staring out his window like he always does the he saw a reflection of something in the window and snapped his head to the door. There was a girl with long black hair that was all over the place. She was in a old style weddingdress that was torn at the ends. She had ropes and chains hanging from her arms and legs. When the boy looked into the girls eyes all he could see was bright red. The boy blinked for only a second but when the boy looked back at the door the girl was gone. The boy thought to himself that he must be seeing stuff. He turned around to continue looking out the window and the girl was staring him right in the face. "How dare you! You left me for dead! Was it for Emily? I'll make you pay for this Victor!" The girl grabbed the boy by the neck and lifted him up to where he was looking straight into her red eyes. The boy could see blood coming from the girls mouth. "You will know the pain that you put me through when you left me in the woods on the way to our wedding!" Then bugs came out of the girls mouth and her eyes rolled back. The boy's heart started beating fast and a pain over toke the boy. He grabbed his chest and bent over in pain. He wanted to yell for help but nothing would come out of his mouth. The boy then fell back dead his eyes rolled back into his head. His body wasn't found until a month later when his mother came to take him back. His grandparents had died in a car accident on the way to the store.

It turns out that Victor was the boy's grandfather and Emily his grandmother. The boy looked just like Victor so the girl thought the boy was him. Victor was going to marry the girl but had fallen for Emily. Victor toke the girl out to the woods where they were to get married. He then hid until the right moment and hit her on the back of the head with a branch, knocking her out. He then tied her up with ropes and chains. He left her bleeding and alone in the woods. He then married Emily and forgot about the girl.
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Posted 10/18/13 , edited 10/18/13
(Writer's note - I'm taking liberty with what paragraph means here, since you're supposed to take a new one every time a character talks, so these guys have all taken their own liberties)

I try not to look out of my windows anymore. Not because there's something there or a reflection of something else in the room is waiting to be noticed, no. Those are trivial compared to what I experienced some time ago. Something so distressing that I can't barely bring myself to open my curtains anymore.

My cousin visitied two-hundred-and-forty-six days ago and only stayed for the day. The day of his visit, he was trying to catch something through my third-storey flat's window that was being passed down from the floor above so he could finish making his dinner. He leaned out too far and I swear he fell but when I went to look he was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly my cousin was gone and I had no clue where he went. Even the upstairs neighbour saw him suddenly disappear. I called the emergency services and was forced to repeat my story to three different representatives as they scoured the building looking for some sign of where my cousin went. Their search turned up empty but I wasn't convinced, certain that they had missed something. I threw back the window which I had last seen my cousin leaning from and checked the metal of the window first. I was losing patience towards the end but then, right there in the lower left of the window, I saw it. A single globe of metal that at first glance looked like a ball bearing. Then I saw a tiny dot swivel around and focus on me, like it saw I was there.

In that same moment I felt my vision begin to blur and my shoulders weaken. It was only because my legs went numb that I managed to regain control over my senses and by then it was too late. I reached up to touch my face and was horrified to discover that a chunk of it had somehow been removed, my cheekbones exposed and the flesh around it apparently sealed. I was rushed to the emergency room where a skin graft managed to fix part of the damage done but I was unable to answer any of the questions on how this had happened - no one would've believed that my window ate my cousin and tried to eat me.
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