NYCC (New York Comic Con 2013) Booth/Room
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Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/28/13
Hey guys, who's going to NYCC 2013?
We have a booth if you want to buy in, and a couple rooms that we want to fill.

First, my friend has a booth in the dealer/exhibitor's room and wants to sell half of it because it's too expensive for him. It's a huge 10x10 booth in a great location, besides the fact that all the booths are sold out. You'd get one of the tables to display your wares, plus a dealer's badge, which has VIP priority including a special badge, entrance to the Thursday night kickoff concert, Separate entrance to the Javits Center (bypassing the lines), etc.

As for the room, we have two rooms right near the con, one is girls-only, the other is co-ed. Thing is, we don't want to overcrowd the rooms, but each person has to pay a bit more per share to keep the number of people down.
We have the room Thurs-Sunday, so it might be expensive, but we guarantee no one will pay more than 200, even if we're short on people, and will probably be less than 150 anyway.

PM me if you're interested in either, and hope you guys have a great NYCC this year!
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Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/28/13

DevilofParadise wrote:

Hey guys, who's going to NYCC 2013?!

Hi there! Sounds like a great time, though I won't be going.

We do already have a thread for NYCC 2013, so I'm closing this one, and suggest you join the discussion there:


However, please review our Site Rules first, as some of what's in your post isn't appropriate for the forums--specifically the part about selling booth space. The whole thing reads a bit more like organizing things for money than arranging a friendly meetup or sharing the con experience.
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