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Epic moments in gaming history
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
For anyone who has played video games there are moments that will forever be remember as epic.

Here is my most epic gaming moment.

I was playing the game MAG. For those who have never played MAG it is a first person shooter that has a 256 players (that’s not a typo…256 players…damn) mode.

In domination mode (the 256 mode) you are either attacking (a team of 128) or defending (another team of 128) an oil refinery. In order to destroy the refinery there are eight pumps to activate that will cause it to explode is they are on long enough. If you are defending you have to protect the eight pumps for thirty minutes.

So picture this in your head.

I’m on the defending team and my platoon of 32 is in charge of defending pumps C and D.

Even though the enemy only need to hold a pump for a few more second to win, we only had one minute left on the clock and we had manage to beat them back.

Then the opposing team decided to go for broke.

Three different enemy platoons join forces and attack our pump station all at once.

While we were trying to hold them back our platoon leader yells on voice chat asking for backup.

The fighting is thick. Gunshots are going off everywhere; poison gas is so thick you can’t see a few feet ahead of you, enemy APCs slam into our base, bombs go off, and grenades are thrown, there still 30 seconds left.

Through sheer numbers the enemy team slams into our base and captures pump C.

20 seconds left. If they hold it for just a few more seconds they win.

I with several other teammates storm the pump room. We make it to the controls and my teammate is deactivating the pump.

Then the enemy comes.

We see it.

We hold them off just long enough for our teammate to turn off the pump.


We win.

As it goes to the victory screen I can hear the voice chat of the other platoons.
Victory never sounded so sweet.

What is your epic moment?
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
That sounds insane! might have to check it out :)

for me I have a few.
The ending of Metal Gear Solid 3 was insane in my opinion, It was just so tense (when you have to blow up the bridge), I think it's easily one of my favourite.

Also as they say, graphics doesn't necessarily mean the game's good, you are lying if you say your first pokemon run wasn't the most epic thing you had to face at the time. when you thought you'd done it after beating Lance, and have like 2 fainted pokemon, 2 paralysed and 1 frozen and what not and you walk in through that door and have to face that was an epic moment. the tension was unbearable!

i'll post more when i remember them!
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
My personal epic moments? I guess most of these would be when I did something near impossible, or did something at the skin of my teeth.

My personal all-time epic moment is when I beat Luigi's Mansion. I was like 10, and I

Nothing to write home about, but for me, that was a winfest. I cried and feasted that day. It was also the very first game I beat. I never knew what I was doing when I played Pokemon as a kid, and so I beat the GBC, and GBA ones probably after I got a GameCube, because by then I was older and more knowledgeable.

I had a ton of epic moments in Pokemon games. Specifically Mystery Dungeon ones. Half of the battles I fought in those games I possessed no Reviver seeds, no buff seeds or berries, no items, just two Pokemon barely over the recommended level for said fights, and a shitton of luck. Mob battles like the one in T, D, and S, with Dusknoir and the Sableye, had me sweating, and yelling "FUCK YEAH!!" at my DS when it was over.

Also. Purity Forest and all the other level-one dungeons. In Rescue Team R/B and Explorers of T/D/S. Yes, I beat them. Now go hide in a corner and question your worthless existence you mortal fools. Without cheating, before anyone says.

Last but not least. Beating Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, or any Shin Megami Tensei game for that matter. Just beating the fucking game is an epic moment. If you haven't played it, I highly recommend you do. Granted, you could argue that the difficulty of it is artificial at best, and disappears when you know how to work the system, but the very same can be just as quickly said for any childhood NES game, so don't go there. And if you feel the difficulty isn't what you expected, bump it up to hard. There is no easy mode, and if you play on hard mode, it's near impossible to run from a battle, enemies get extra turns, and they exploit the everliving fuck out of you. Normal by itself is a pain in the ass. Hard is the wettest dream for any hardcore masochistic gamer out there.

EDIT: For clarity's sake. On top of level-one dungeons I did the other hard ones as well. I did Purity Forest, but I also did the ninety nine/ hundred floor dungeons that weren't level-one dungeons, and places like Zero Isle North, which are just crowded with tough enemies and nothing else.
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
If we're going for a gameplay event that's unscripted I have a few. One was in Battlefield 3. My team was pinned down and I just walked out into the open and gunned down 7 guys with my LMG single handedly walking slowly like the Terminator.

In Bad Company 2 I came across a bunch of guys as a sniper and took out all 5 at close range with my handgun.

Going back to the days of Tekken 4, both me and my brother were playing as Yoshimitsu. He threw an attack and I accidentally rolled between his legs, stood up, stabbed my sword through my stomach and out my back and got him.

In Colin McRae's Dirt 2, I did a drift in my car that went around one car, missed a telegraph pole by about a millimetre along with just missing a bunch of buildings by that much, continued drifting and went through a gap between two tree's and ended up back on the track.

I also had a point in a fighting game recently where me and my opponent kept throwing and avoiding each others attacks with one bit of health left each for 10 seconds before one of us landed the final hit. I think he won but it was epic nonetheless.
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
My friend and I are ten and we are playing Serious Sam: the first encounter.
So, we're deep down in them dark sewers for the first time, and it's all quiet and disgusting - we have to jump into the black water to continue. I am steering, and with shotgun in hand I hear a faint, startling sound from the deep. I stop and look down. Nothing... My friend is like "Whatever..." THEN A DISGUTING AND HUGE SCARY FISH COMES OUT OF NOWHERE "AAAKHAWARRRRLIAGYRHGRRRMLPLOPP" And it shoots lightning at us. We both scream and jump backwards to the floor. My friend Goes "MAAAMMAA" and starts crying.
That was an epic gaming moment.
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
Just a note, mag isnt really 128 v 128. Its sets of 16 v 16 maps stitched together. So really isnt that much different to a normal scale console shooter.
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
I had a couple memorable ones in counter strike.
down to two terrorists vs me and 1 minute to deactivate the bomb.
I was armed with a silenced pistol with one clip left in the gun.
I spot a sniper standing on top of a wall look for me at another entrance.
I sneak up to the wall underneath him and use all my bullets to shoot his foot off.
he dies.
His sniper drops on top of me and I auto collect it.
40 seconds left.
I run over to the nearest bomb site and hear it beeping.
I pass the corner and the other one jumps out of hiding.
20 seconds left.
I disarm the bomb with 10 seconds to spare.

In another round both teams have a shoot out on opposite sides of a bridge.
I sneak around and flank them.
Sprayed and prayed.

I had a check mate in two before as well.
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
My most memorable moment was in an RPG turn-based grid game. All but one of my units was left alive with very low hp and no healing items to speak of. The rest of my allies had died earlier in the battle and now my last unit was up against two wounded enemies. I managed to kill the first enemy unit fairly easily as he didn't have very much hp left. Now it's one vs one. Moving towards my enemy I attack him and he does the same thing to me. Taking note of the damage caused at minimum I would need three more hits to win. Unfortunately, the enemy only needs to hit me once before I die. I attack the enemy once more. It's over...

Except to my surprise my character manages to dodge his attack. Well that still means I lose because I need two more hits to kill him. I attack once again and land a critical strike dealing 2x damage, completing the mission. Possibly one of my greatest moments in an RPG game.
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
My epic moments of gaming are all on Youtube in the form of montages.
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
All in action RPG's

Where you're on your last leg, no pots, low HP, no lives or revives, out of time (some games). You take that finishing blow and left with 1HP, feeling like kirito vs. blue eyes demon after you win.

Just recently I was playing dragon's dogma dark arisen, out of pots, revives, low HP, on the boss at bitter black island, barely took him out.
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
when the mount off the fisrt boss in Kara dropped after a year of farming it I almost had a nerdgasm
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
I have so many from all the games I used to play back in the day (even though I'm only 19) but they're probably things that pretty much everyone experienced so for the sake of differentiation I'll use more recent examples from two games that I consider to be front runners for 2013 GOTY, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us. The ending to BI was insane as I never saw it coming and I don't want to put spoilers here but I'd argue that it has one of the best stories ever told in a video game (especially that ENDING!). As for the The Last of Us you are playing through what I'd consider a pretty cliche trope of the main character begrudgingly taking an important teenage girl to safety through hordes of zombies and as they trek across the land they end up actually caring for each other but the way the presented the world and the characters really stood out (especially with where everyones morals lie) however it was the accumulation of all this plus the scene right before the end credits rolled that made my eyes tear up and jaw drop. Even after a month of beating that game the ending music still haunts me.

And picture is there just cause of I love Joel and Ellie so much
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
In Forza 4 I was at one time ranked 69th in the world on a drift map. Not even joking. Other than that, back when I was playing MW2, my aiming thumbstick broke about halfway through a match, so I ran around with a shotgun for the rest of the match and still went positive.

Edit: Completely forgot this but it was probably the most intense moment ever: Playing Mario Kart 64 at my friend's house, and I was on Rainbow Road. For some reason I picked Mario that race, but anyway I was winning coming up to the final straight. All of the sudden Yoshi and I think Donkey Kong come right up next to me and basically it turns into a drag race down the final straight, me and all my friends were screaming (we were around 11 or 12 at the time), I almost broke his N64 controller from pushing the A button down as hard as I could, and I end up winning by 0.01 seconds over Yoshi.
Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
I was playing some snow-boarding game when I was 10-11. I was leisurely sliding down a slope when I decided to use a fallen log to jump. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I somehow managed to set an airborne record in height. In-game, my peek height was at least thirty feet, which shouldn't have happened with my speed. I assume that it was a glitch. Nonetheless, it was awesome.
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