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Epic moments in gaming history
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21 / F / The land down under
Posted 9/28/13 , edited 9/28/13

MeiBlossoms wrote:

LOL when I was playing Left4Dead, we were like in a room up high, and deciding how to get to the safehouse. Then my sister's friend was explaining something (I was still new to the game) and I think he was saying something like "yea you wouldn't do something stupid like jump out the window" but I didn't hear the first part so I was like "what? jump out the window" so I did just that LOL.

And then yea I jumped down, hit a car, the alarm went off and all the zombies came. The other guy playing with me had to jump down too along with the rest of the team and it was just a HUGE massacre LOL. Everyone died including all my teammates... except me... the cause of the problem LOL. And after it calmed down, I just casually walked over to the safe house LOL END OF LEVEL.

That is by far the best way to win a level on co-op. Get your teammates killed and finish the level on your own. I love it XD
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 9/30/13 , edited 10/1/13
Mine would probably be in Gta: San Andreas, 3 star wanted level at the airport in San Fierro, I start up a plane and about to take off when a beat cop on a motorcycle crashed into my wing. ( No Damage Done). Anyways the cop bails forward off his bike and lands on my wing as I take off. Still lying on my wing in the air, He slowly gets up and I'm like , walks toward the cockpit, opens it and proceeded to busted me. After I was like
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Posted 10/1/13 , edited 10/2/13
My epic moment in gaming.. .

Two things..
Playing a match in dota when suddenly 3 teammates decide to rage-quit.. So the remaining 2 of us then proceed to thrash the 5 of em on the other team..

Me playing as Zeus and my teammate as Venomancer.. we get completely buffed out with agahims, heart of tarreaque, bkb and me with a refresher..

total pwnage which ended with us winning the game..

Second epic moment

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M / Pennsylvania
Posted 10/9/13 , edited 10/9/13
Can't think of anything right off the bat but i'll just say that If you haven't played"The walking Dead" (TellTales one the one that looks like a comicbook not that other shitty one about the hillbilly brothers)
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Posted 10/9/13 , edited 10/10/13
I would have to say the last boss fight in MGS4 was straight nostalgia for me.
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30 / M / Alaska
Posted 10/12/13 , edited 10/13/13
I forget the name of the game, but it was one of those shake 'n bake asian games during the beginning of the MMO boom.

In order to do many of the trick required you to do double hit the arrow keys, doubble hit -> to dash right, 2x <-- to dash left, 2x down keys to lower down from the platform, 1x up and 2x <--/--> to dash either right or left in mid air, 1x up+space and 1x down to quick land, this could be combined to do some mad mid air dashing and dodging. so to jump and dash and as you land to go down a platform for look like this, ^-->-->vv

In certain events, like being petrified or other rooting effecting, required you to do RAPIDLY hit left and right keys, and it HAS to be left right left right or right left right left etc. the more mistakes like left left right left right right the longer the effect lasts.
Usually took 5x left and 5x right to break through. may not seem like much, but trust me it sure feels like it in the heat of battle.

Next up, there was monsters that became elite monsters, and they gain abilities, as you can imagine, elite monsters are faster, smarter, and harder to kill than the normal monsters. In certain times, since the elite abilities are random, there are times where it is damn near impossible to kill, even with a full army going full force on them. Making the boss of the stage feel like a weaker version of NORMAL monsters.

Anyway, there are classes and these classes have abilities and tricks that also require certain combos to work, inputted incorrectly they do not work. not only that, in many cases the input window is VERY short, all expect the charge up abilities, those were easy, all you had to do was hold a button and not get hit while charging.

ok, now to the meat of the epic. I only played the game for about 3-4 weeks, when I decided to try a challenge, beat one of the bosses I had trouble with on my first few days, with a lvl 1 character, problem was, by the time I got to the boss, I was lvl 3 :(, still good considering the boss was like lvl 25-30? I pretty much broke my arrow keys down from this whole fight. strum your fingers as fast as you can on your keyboard. that is the sound my apartment was filled with, and it was loud. My roommate thought I was angry till he saw the fight in progress. This was NOT easy. After it was done, I laid back, and yelled a triumphant YES! A many amount of yes's. Much liek this video here.

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Posted 11/16/13 , edited 11/16/13
Beating the secret boss in Digital Devil Saga.
Digital Devil Saga is a turn-based RPG like Final Fantasy X except, unlike Final Fantasy X Intl's Penance boss, the secret boss of Nocturne is much much harder and takes about 1/3 of the time to beat.

Just knowing how to fight the boss requires back tracking into random dungeons like a goof or looking up how/when you fight him. Being a masochist when it comes to gaming difficulty, I ignored everything from the guide I looked up except the general area the boss was in.
About an hour of running around an early level maze, the characters fall unconscious in a gas chamber, then you fight... The Main Character of Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne. Excited by the notion, my entire team was killed instantly by an attack that does 10x their max hp in damage. What?

So, I gave every character I had every immunity to elements/physical attacks that I could think of and a skill that allows them to survive ONE fatal attack per fight. And.. he kills my team of lvl 99 characters in one turn by doing 10x their health in damage TWICE IN A ROW. Frustrated, I started changing my team's skills, and then decided to go all in and just equip each character with the strongest physical, stat changing, and healing skills in the game (and hoped the boss had to be beaten in one turn.)

Then.. the boss stopped using his super deadly attack. Of course! You can't be immune to anything or the game will punish you. So, I destroyed all of his allies quickly, hoping that if just the boss were left that he'd be much easier.. Turns out that the boss has a team of 6 different allies that he summons, and then he does the impossible to survive death attack and summons the first two again..

"The jerk," says I after replaying the boss for a fifth time. So, this time, I made sure to kill all of his strong allies and leave the two weakest ones (Pixie and titania) and then focus on the boss. But then.. after a number of turns, the pixie kills herself, heals the boss completely, and then the super death attack happens again.

I was so frustrated that I stayed away from the game for a week

So, the next time I decided to tackle this game, I was absolutely serious. I brought a piece of paper and noted the boss and his allies' attack damage each turn, their patterns, how much health the boss' allies seemed to have, how many turns go by before the boss' allies sacrifice themselves to heal him, and how much damage my characters do (so I don't accidentally leave one of the boss' allies too long or get murdered when he brings back his first ally back.)

After figuring it out, I set everything up so that I'd cycle characters out when one made more sense against certain demons and every character had the exact skills I felt they needed.

I won with my main character at 100hp! I was so excited that I took TONS of photos with my phone of everything that happened after the fight to show all of my friends and brag about how awesome I am! .. And quickly realized that nobody I know has played the game before
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Posted 11/20/13 , edited 11/20/13
I was playing Halo Reach and on Hemorrhage (Blood Gultch remake) and I had the rocket launcher. Two falcons, one on my team, were fighting above me while two wraiths, a revenant, and mongoose, as well as about 4 other people from each team, fighting with ARs and DMRs, were fighting on the ground. I locked onto the enemy falcon and fired. It hit the falcon and it crashed into my team's falcon before exploding and they both blew up. After that, the wraiths blew up because they shot the falcon remains while they fell. Then as soon as that happened the revenant shot the mongoose launching it at me and killing me. While waiting to respawn I see a rocket warthog head into the fight and it blew up killing everyone that survived the crazy firefight. One, ONE, blue spartan survived because he used armor lock.

Best god damn match I ever had.
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23 / M / SRF-003 Calnus
Posted 11/20/13 , edited 11/20/13
fighting organization 13 in kingdom hearts 2 leading up to xemnas
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