Could someone recommend a group for me to join?
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13

I want to join a group or two on here but I'm looking for a few specific things, so if any of you could help me out in that regard, I'd really appreciate.

I'm 22 and work full time at a marketing agency, so I'd prefer a group with older members, or at the very least, articulate members.

I'd like to find something close knit and active. I'm a pretty busy person, and subsequently, a pretty lonely person. I'd like to make some friends I can chat with at the end of the day, you know? Not a mass of raving lunatics (well, lunacy is optional).

Those two things aside, I'm flexible. Any advice would be great! Thanks. n_nb
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Posted 8/28/13 , edited 8/28/13
Personal Threads are not allowed.

We have below a section where you can lurk around and join Cr Groups. Feel free to join!

Promote your group

Have fun and enjoy!

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