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Posted 8/30/13 , edited 8/31/13

Name: At least a first name. Middle and last are optional.

Age: Legit age. If you are your own species, immortality can apply, but no god modding.

Gender: Male or female. Or unknown, if you're mysterious.

Appearance: In a spoiler. Can be a picture or a description. ^_^... but i sure do like pictures

Bio: honestly I ****ing hate making bio's but its req so keep it short if you want

Weapon: You can have any number of weapons. keep it reasonable
Magic/Esper powers:

Faction: *city/ group

Extra: Extra information about your character.

Race Ability/trait: go crazy n creative but nothing OP :P

Here is a tip if you new to RP: If your nervous about posting ur first posts just say to your self "hey...yolo i got nothing to lose" then click post
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