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Link to game here

Years have passed since the "Necrobe", a fungal agent capable of reanimating the dead, was released in several cities and small towns. Though Lazarix Pharmaceuticals is known to have studied the dangerous spores for their astounding curative properties, what isn't known is how or why the engineered result was allowed to spread.

As fungus-addled living corpses began flooding streets, other, more blood-thirsty beings emerged from the shadows. Vampires seem to be either seeking to destroy the zombie competition, or to simply feed on the remaining survivors.

Quarantine borders are strictly enforced by a private security company known as "Mantis", and no one knows for sure just what's going on in the outside world. Within these walls, many questions remain. Not least among them is this... What will become of you?
Hellrising is a browser based survival horror MMO where you play as either a human, a vampire or a zombie in a quarantined city. You have to try to fight to survive, maybe band together and make groups or if you play the undead seek to destroy the human population.
Either way give it a try! Its fun, and caters both to hardcore players who want to play for long periods and even those who only wish to play for a few minutes a day. The playstyle is up to you.
Here is a faq in case you need it.
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