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Have you ever lost someone?
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26 / M / SoCal
Posted 9/16/13 , edited 9/16/13
I've lost quite a few people in my life, I've lost blood family, people who were close to me who i would call my family. I do not consider anyone who have died in my life greater than another persons death. I miss them all.
Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/27/13
It happens
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19 / F / Hogwarts
Posted 10/17/13 , edited 1/11/14
I lost my cousin and uncle in a car crash, this is such a happy topic
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26 / M / CR Forums
Posted 10/23/13 , edited 10/23/13
I've lost friends, I've lost a dog. If my current dog died I have no idea what I'd do about it! It would suck beyond all hell.

If my best friend never moved away from his crappy apartment 2 blocks away, he would have hung out with me more. But no, he moved a city over, he was a 15 minute drive away. In that distance he got into the drug scene, and killed someone after a failed drug deal. He was 15, was tried as an adult, and will get out of prison just in time to experience his 32nd birthday. That sucks...and he's rather stupid so I've had no luck making him a Pen-pal.

However, if my dog, my sister, my mom, or my dad died. I'll still probably do what I'm already doing. Life might change a bit, I'll have to get another job, but I'm not going to stop watching Kill la Kill, I'm not going to stop posting on the CR forums, and I won't by any means stop arguing about stuff.

I'll probably be moody for a few posts, and won't enjoy a show or two, but that's a part of who I am.
Posted 10/27/13 , edited 10/28/13
I have not lost anyone yet
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Posted 1/2/14 , edited 1/3/14
I've lost many people I've been close to,and many more I wasn't.It comes with age.
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26 / M
Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/3/14
My dad. He died of liver cancer probably from drinking so much. He was my closest family. I didn't feel so bad and cry so much like everyone else did though. It just felt normal. Maybe it was because I was somewhat expecting something like this to happen, or because I had many other responsibilities to worry about, especially since he was about to leave. The only time I did cry for him was when he was alive in the hospital. We were alone except for the doctors who were draining fluid out of his lungs. I told him how my older brother was scared to see the fluid draining out of him but I wanted to see it. That made him laugh, and then as I started to laugh too, the tears just came. I guess that was the only time I was really sad that he was leaving.

Whatever happens to him after is none of my concern really. I just have to continue living on. I'm pretty sure that's what he wanted too
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M / New york
Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/3/14
My dad is "Unconfirmed" but he's pretty been much gone for 9 years
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19 / F / Hinamizawa
Posted 1/3/14 , edited 1/3/14
I've lost three of my grandparents, one of them has cancer. I suppose it isn't as big of a tragedy as say, somebody losing a sibling, but death is death.
The first was my grandmother on my father's side. She was my absolute favorite grandparent. She was always really nice to me and put up with my weirdness. I used to smash snails with my feet despite my grandmother begging me not to (she had a weak stomach and I was an evil child). I actually called her Oma, which is how you say grandma in Dutch/German. When she died, my grandpa (Opa) was in a nursing home and we would visit him frequently. Eventually she became ill (she had multiple health problems and I suppose it was all too much) and she ended up in the hospital. It had happened before so at the time, I didn't really act like it was a matter of life or death because she always pulled out of it. Well, the last time I saw her alive was in the hospital bed. She had her arms outstretched and she said over and over "I'm so sorry,".
My grandpa didn't seem devastated with her death. He was a bit out of it ever since he had a stroke which put him in a nursing home so I'm not sure he knew exactly what was going on. Eventually he died of pneumonia (I believe) and we had them buried together.
It was a lot to put on a nine-year-old ^^;
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19 / F / Earth
Posted 1/6/14 , edited 1/7/14
A boy I cared for very much killed himself two years ago. I have no idea what happened to him after death and I don't care, wherever he is he's there because he chose to be. Whether the place he's at is good or bad, happy or sad it doesn't matter because he can only blame himself. But I do know he hasn't left, I can feel his presence around me sometimes faintly and other times its like his standing right next to me. Where people go after death is something people can never truly know until they're dead, even if there's something you believe to have happened you can't have any proof until after you've died. You can't find out so don't waste your time thinking about it. Don't waste your life thinking about death.
Posted 1/10/14 , edited 1/10/14
My nan was given only a few days left to live on Wednesday.. He has been battling lung cancer since August been at her house all day since finding and will continue to do so until I go to work on Tuesday..
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18 / M / [Insert Reference...
Posted 1/10/14 , edited 1/11/14
Well, a great-aunt I never knew and a grandpa I never knew died.

Did I feel something? No. I cried at my grandfather's death because my mom did.
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20 / M / new york
Posted 2/2/14 , edited 2/2/14
not really, although as soon as my family finds out that i'm gay, i am certain there will be some who will disown me. still, sorry about your dad
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54 / M / In
Posted 2/2/14 , edited 2/3/14
I lost my brother in-law and best friend I ever had to the IED that took my leg. Losing the leg hurt my body losing him hurt my soul I will never have another friend lie him again
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19 / M / Location
Posted 2/3/14 , edited 2/3/14
Warning! Long passage alert!

1, almost, 2 years ago I lost one of the best friends I could ever have.

It was midday when I found out about it.

I was sitting down on the couch with my brother watching some TV when my sister runs into the room with tears running down her face. She exclaimed, "Oh my god, guys, Caleb is dead!". Knowing my sister I though she was joking. I said, "No way, what happened?". She then fetched her computer and showed me and my brother the news-cast of the incident.

Caleb had been shot.

I was in disbelief, I didn't know what to say. My brother then ran into his room. We didn't see him for the rest of the night. The crappiest part about the whole situation is that we didn't find out until a week later. Me and my brother weren't on good terms with Caleb's uncle and he didn't bother telling us at all. Needless to say, we weren't invited to the funeral, however, the memorial service was public. It was then we found out what truly happened to our friend.

When Caleb went to another state to visit his mother and sister, he was on his way home from a fair with his sister. Two shady looking men with guns then approached them, asking for their money. Caleb and his sister adamantly refused with Caleb standing in front of his sister in protection. One of the men then hit Caleb in the head with his gun and shot him on the ground, afterward, running away.

Caleb died protecting his sister.

Apparently his mother had been in dept with some thugs (she used to abuse drugs) and they came to collect. However, Caleb's sister was regarded as the spitting image of his mother, thus, the thugs thought his sister was his mother.

A month later we found out who committed the murder through a rough sketch.

I would never forgive this man for the rest of my life.

These are some of the events that have changed my view on life, the world, and the system of law in the US.

R.I.P. Caleb Witty.

TL;DR: Totally uber depressing story.
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