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Have you ever lost someone?

Posted 9/22/14 , edited 9/22/14
I lost a friend a while back to muscular dystrophy. Its a genetic syndrome in which the person born with it, their muscles waste away until they die. So he had a shitty life throughout school in a motorized wheelchair and he eventually needed assistance doing everything . As the time came near, he looked like a skeleton, it was horrible. (Its always fatal because the heart is a muscle too). He got the disease from birth because his mother was a carrier (this type of chromosomal disorder is X-linked, and since males only have one X chromosome, its far more common in males) He was 22 at the time.. He was a sweet and kind friend who always cheered me up. When he could still use his controller, he was a gaming whiz; I believe he was the one who got me into Phantasy Star on the genesis all those years ago. I wasn't there in his final moments, and I'm not sure I'd have wanted to have been, but only to hold his hand.
Posted 9/23/14 , edited 9/23/14
Great grandmother and grandfather, and three of my best friends...Not humans but dogs.

But to be honest I've seen more death than a mortician but I'll leave that be for now
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