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Posted 9/2/13 , edited 9/2/13
I hope it's fine to write this in here, just looking for some help here and there are just not enough active writing-related groups on CR and the official forum does not allow ads... So I was really hoping it would be okay to post this here and eventually help, if not feel free to delete :)

I am looking for an uncompensated Assistant Writer for my Novel I started to work on some longer time ago. Why uncompensated? Easily: I will publish my work for free as I think the creativity and scenario I am forming into words should be read by as many as possible and will hopefully will give me a start-up for my future career.

I have the plot, I have the ideas, I have the characters (at least the main characters) and I have the time & will to do this, what I lack: Skills in writing Dialogues. My writing style is more the narrative type and I was never good with dialogues or giving individuals an own way to talk. That is why I ask you, the CR community to help me in form of an Assistant. The job really only covers dialogues (I am aware of the content and way of how the person should talk, but I just need someone with the mind / skill set to write it in an interesting way), whenever I start dialogues most of the characters start to have a similar "voice" and do not differ from each other which is critical in a novel.

Anyway the novel will cover Prologue, 3 Chapters, Epilogue, in total around 100-150 pages, depending on how much dialogues there will be, the end formatting, etc. I plan to make this a short novel because I want it to have some effect on people which makes them think about our time, technological advance, war, etc.

The novel is set for near future, prologue starting around 2013 ranging to 2020-30 as the 1st chapter starts around 2030 and the epilogue ends around the year 2050. so the chapters will each cover a whole different location on earth with different people as each chapter will give a different view on the conflicts & events happening across the globe. There is a 3rd world war which starts at the end of chapter 1 / start of chapter 2 which will end in the epilogue and will leave the aftermath in an open setting for the readers to think and interpret how it could go on.

I can imagine to make prequels / sequels / extended versions of this, if it should be a success and then make a proper book series out of it with the plan to make profit with it. So if you are helping me out now already you might be a good candidate to help me later on and perhaps make your share on it, too!

Also I can imagine to make a future Indie Videogame of the Aftermath (already drafted some ideas for that) as there is a lack of good post-apocalyptic games (not including Zombies, Mutants or Nuclear War Aftermaths)

So if you are interested send me a PM, reply on this topic or write an e-mail to: [email protected]

If you require more information before making a decision please let me tell you that I want then a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signed to protect my idea

Thank you for reading and your interest, I hope to get some awesome and interesting Applications!


Andreas Krewer / Alpha_Duriel

ps: please send some writing samples along and / or a resume!
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Posted 9/9/13 , edited 9/9/13
Good luck to you, Alpha_Duriel.

We're in the process of making the group more popular. When our amount of members increases, you'll probably have a greater chance of getting a professional reply to this request. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I wish you the best of luck.
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