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SakuraHigh wrote:

Elizabeth // IGN: SakuraHigh // 14 // Female // O4/24/1996

Species :: Neko
Classes :: Mage, Healer, Ranger, Tank, Melee
Personality :: kind, annoyed, anxious, adoringly
Weapons :: Death Reaper Staff (Mage), Grimiorie Nature (Healer), Thunder Le Bow & Seraphina Pain Canon Drop Item on Lv. 89(Ranger), Iron Stylusicus Shield & Solari Sword (Tank), 2/1-handed Swords (Melee)
Weapons Skills ::
Likes/Dislikes ::
Appearance Clothing :: Elizabeth's Appearance

Height :: 5'3"
Weight :: 113lbs
Hair Color :: Light Blue
Eye Color :: Sky Blue
Family Members :: T.B.R parents
*Sister: Princess Kakurii - 14, F
*Cousins: Princess Elizabeth - 14, F
Family Background :: N/A
Your Biography :: Elizabeth was born in Ceopia City before the invasion by the Charmelot. She wanted all new born warriors for help to protect other cities from this portal. Queen is living in a palace right behind all the merchandise and item mall and the bank for warriors and guilds. Elizabeth her real name is Sapphire, Elizabeth is just her honor name as a warrior. But she doesn't have a last name just first name. Elizabeth as we all know in love is alive and ready for the new born warriors to kill the Charmelot Bosses. Including the world bosses that appearing around Ceopia City.

Jacob // IGN: SakuraHigh // 15 // Male // O4/24/1995

Species :: Human
Classes :: Healer, Mage, Assassin, Summon Master, Archer
Personality :: kind, nice, caring, loving, anxious
Weapons :: T.B.R.
Weapons Skills :: N/A
Likes/Dislikes :: girls, soft skin, playful / Dislikes: name calls, robbers, bullies
Appearance Clothing :: Jacob's Appearance

Height :: 5'6"
Weight :: 110lbs
Hair Color :: Blonde
Eye Color :: Blue
Family Members :: N/A
Family Background :: N/A
Your Biography :: T.B.R

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Phersu wrote:

Name / IGN Name :: Ronin

Age :: 19

Month/Date/Year :: 07/13/1991

Species :: Corrupted Human. A human toeing the line between human and demon.

Classes :: Melee, Tank, Blood Mage, Healer, Assassin.

Personality :: Quiet, sarcastic, calm, cold, level-headed, and a high-functioning sociopath.

Weapons :: Trinity Edges (Assassin, three katanas), Earth Splitter (Melee, large katana), Smoke Wisp (Healer, old fashioned pipe), Arm of Silence (Tank, armored left arm), Sinner's Knife (Blood Mage, small tanto.)

Weapons Skills ::

Likes :: Women, drinking, smoking, silence, anything sweet, and violence.

Dislikes :: Idiots, small fry, and people interrupting his meals.

Appearance Clothing :: http://th01.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2011/274/3/a/genji___level_4_by_dinmoney-d4bjfz9.jpg

Height :: 6'2

Weight :: 180, all lean muscle.

Hair Color :: Black.

Eye Color :: Blood red.

Family Members :: N/A

Family Background :: Unknown.

Your Biography :: Ronin keeps his past to himself, with rare exceptions. He is a skilled swordsman, able to fight well in both one-on-one and group combat, given that the enemy is in the group and not him. He fights recklessly, using his own abilities to merely increase his physical prowess. What little is known about him is that he is heavily tainted with demonic blood, and after prying it from him some people learn that he willingly consumes such blood to give him power. His body will eventually burn out because of this, but he shows no concern about it.
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Balerion_ wrote:


Name :: Ryuu / IGN Name :: Balerion_
Age :: 17
Month/Date/Year ::06/05/96
Species :: Vampire
Classes (pick 5) :: Mage, Healer, Summon Master, Mystic Dark, Assassin,
Personality :: Carefree, laid back, sarcastic and friendly
Weapons :: Mage- Ancient Grimoire Staff. Healer- Healer's God of Mace. Summons Master- Unbreakable Sword. Mystic Dark- God of Judgement's Spear. Assassin- 2 Semi Activated Pistols
Weapons Skills :: (Left blank since Phersu left it blank and got approved)
Likes/Dislikes :: Reading, writing, manga, anime written work, work and work.
Appearance Clothing :: (Click here)

Height :: 67 inches
Weight :: 130 lbs
Hair Color :: Brown
Eye Color :: Green
Family Members ::Birth Family (N/K not known). Adoptive parents: Karen and James. Step siblings: Kevin, Lilly and Lisa
Family Background :: Birth Family N/K (not known). Adoptive family: Ryuu's step mother is a famous actress and his step father work's CEO at a multimillionaire company
Your Biography :: Ryuu was abandoned as a child, and was adopted by a rich family after being left on their doorstep for currently unknown reasons. As Ryuu got older he wanted to be a fighter, dueler, a combat participator or whatever words he could come up with, he wanted to be strong; not weak. The only job description that had all the traits was an assassin and his parents encouraged him on his dreams and occupation. Ryuu's stepfather hired famous champion martial artist and underwent hard, vigorous training and wielding weaponry which eventually made him a specialist. His step-mother taught him acting and how he cold use it to his advantage, lying, deceit, and deception.
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ShawtyBieber4eva wrote:

Name / IGN Name :: Kakurii // IGN: [GM]Kakurii
Age :: 14
Month/Date/Year :: O5/2O/1994
Species :: Human
Classes (pick 5) :: Assassin, Healer, Ranger, Tank, Melee
Personality :: vicious, kind, lovable, cute, caring, anxious, annoyed, short-temper
Weapons :: TBR
Weapons Skills :: TBR
Likes/Dislikes :: sweets, make friends, be close to Elizabeth // Dislikes: rude people
Appearance Clothing :: click here

Height :: 5'4"
Weight :: 113lbs
Hair Color :: Blonde/Yellow
Eye Color :: Orange
Family Members :: Unknown
Family Background :: Unknown but
Your Biography :: she is also the princess of Sky City. A close friend of Princess Elizabeth of Ceopia City. (the rest are TBR)

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Hoturi wrote:

Name / IGN Name :: Hoturi
Age ::28 as far as humans can see but is much older
Month/Date/Year ::23/9/85
Species :: light demon/dragon
Classes (pick 5) :: Mage, assassin, poison master diplomat anti magic
Weapons :: linka's blade's can chage lengthen and is a smart weapon that can talk also that can cut through dimensions, ring of the gate allows user to jump to a safe place or plane with 5 other ally's but can also be used to gather energy from a safe planefor riturals and much more.

Likes/Dislikes: fun women like minded people hates hot heads arrogant men and weaklings the rest u
Appearance Clothing: http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f170/Cookiesfolly/MEN%20OF%20ANIME%20PICS/Watari.jpg

Height : about 6:4
Weight ::180
Hair Color ::gold
Eye Color ::gold but changed to black and red with a purple star in the middle when he's angery
Family Members ::none their all dead
Family Background ::He had a sister called zina but she was taken from him when a war lord called hikka killed her in cold blood.
Your Biography ::Since then he has training his behind off so one day he can kill the warlord with his own hands, he is a merc but you would never know because he holds himself in toned down manner.

Name / IGN Name :: Hoturi
Age ::30
Month/Date/Year ::23/9/85
Species :: fey which is elf that can teleport/qusi fire elemntal which is a humanoid fire elemental
Classes (pick 5) :: monk Master healer, cooking master summoner, rebuke or destroy evil magic
Personality :: she doesn't get on well with other women as a rule doesn't show much emotion calm and collected and intuitive
Weapons :: physic throwing charka's this weapon can used in chain form but can also be used with out the chain and thrown it also offers some resistance to mind and body type effects
Likes/Dislikes ::confidant men being lied or left in the dark and drunk people
Appearance Clothing :: http://i1099.photobucket.com/albums/g385/xinovert/will_of_fire_by_eternajehuty-d46zzjz.jpg

Height ::6 foot
Weight ::140 lbs
Hair Color ::white and blue when she's angry
Eye Color ::Dark blue and purple when she transforms
Family Members ::none
Family Background ::She training with her family in a shine for many years and cooked for the many people in the local area
Your Biography :: Since leaving the temple she has began to discover many things about herself and the huge world that she has ventured into.
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YumeHagino wrote:

Haruki Fujishima

Ryosuke Fujishima

Fujishima Twins Kei and Mei

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Cure2Silver wrote:

Name / IGN Name :: Ken Minazuki
Age :: 22
Month/Date/Year :: 02/22/1990
Species :: Human
Classes :: Melee, Summon Master
Personality :: Wise, Hotheaded
Weapons :: Bronze Gloves
Weapons Skills :: Energy Balls
Likes/Dislikes :: Training with Allies, Eat healthy foods.
Appearance Clothing :: http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/www.ign.com/13273/2012/10/street-fighter-2-review-11.jpg

Height :: 5'9
Weight :: 1.42
Hair Color ::black
Eye Color :: red
Family Members :: None
Family Background :: Part
Your Biography :An martial artist who desired to help people and he came from a line of summoners but desired to help them with his fists. His parents abandoned him due to this. Yet he summons his own partner to channel rather using it.
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